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   Chapter 48 Vladimir

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Amber was sitting in the wheelchair, her heart was thumping inside her chest with anticipation which was weird because she has no romantic feelings for the Vampire King Vladimir.

He was just a silly crush Amber had kidnapped from his Kingdom. Amber inwardly winced at the memory.

Dark Gods! She was so stupid back then. But why was she suddenly so eager to see Vladimir?

"Should I warn your boy toy that the rules around here had been changed?" Rome asked.

"I would suggest you shut your mouth around him. That will be more convenient for everyone." Amber shot him a glare over her shoulder. Rome was wise enough to shut his mouth.

She peeked at Darach, his shoulders were tense. The lock in his jaw was indicating that he had heard Rome. When his gaze collided with Amber, she looked away first.

It was the second time Rome had blurted something about Vladimir in front of Darach.

Rome and his big mouth~

The voice of growls and hisses caught Amber's attention as she approved her home.

She looked at the Vampire King and her father, both of them were standing nose to nose.

Aric's eyes were flickering from golden to blue in rage while Vladimir was just standing there, giving Aric a dull look.

What the hell was going on?

"Vladimir! father!" Amber called.

Both of them turned towards Amber. A big smile came on Vladimir's face which didn't go unnoticed by Aric.

He stepped in front of Vladimir, blocking his view of Amber.

"She is my daughter you sick fuck! Stop staring at her." Aric swung his fist at Vladimir but as if anticipating the move, Vladimir dodged the blow.

"Father, calm down he is my friend." Amber said in a bored tone.

Men and their testosterone display~

Aric turned toward Amber and gave her a look of disbelieve. "How could you be friends with this vile creature?" Aric asked appalled.

Behind Aric Vladimir winced at the insult.

"You hurt me beast, that's not how you greet your long lost ally." If Vladimir hadn't smirked at the end, it almost seemed like he was genuinely hurt by Aric's words.

"You are not my ally." Aric sneered venomously, his eyes flickered golden again.

"I never thought that you would deny our love like this. I thought we were best friends." Vladimir remarked nonchalantly. His face void of any emotion.

"You fucking betrayed me leech!" Aric spat the accusation at Vladimir.

"Is that so? I thought that I was doing you a favor by siding with your father in law." Vladimir raised a mocking brow.

"It's hard to please everyone in the supernatural world." Vladimir said in a sing-song voice and then he glanced at Amber with a serious expression.

"You didn't tell me that you are the King of Beast's daughter, little one." Amber was taken aback by his question.

"I don't remember that I owe you any information. Last time I checked I don't remember giving you the liberty of questioning me on my territory." Amber narrowed her eyes at Vladimir.

Aric turned towards Amber. His lips curved in a smile as if he was happy that his daughter was keeping the Vampire in his place but little did he know that that's how Amber talks to people when her emotions are not all over the place.

"But you do owe me a favor for kidnapping me from my castle." Aric's eyes widened at Vladimir's comment.

"You bested him?" Aric asked astonished.

"As if it was difficult. . ." Amber trailed off, smirking at Vladimir. Vladimir's lips twitched at her jab.

Vladimir was one of the most cunning, vicious and oldest vampires to ever roam on earth.

And it was difficult for Aric to believe that Amber, his little girl had kidnapped him from his own fucking castle. A place where even immortals like Ari

ad been as vulnerable as a human. That's also a reason why Rome followed her like a shadow.

"Well, congratulations then. If you don't mind me asking Aric's nephew is your mate, right?" Vladimir asks but Amber ignored his question. Because she can sense that Darach was around but strangely she didn't sense his presence before.

When Vladimir sensed that Amber was not going to answer his question he sighed.

"I will leave then. It seems like I have to wait a little longer to meet my bride." Sadness laced his tone.

"Don't worry Val, you will find her. It's just a matter of time. Remember, good things come to those who wait." Amber consoled, using the nickname she had given him.

"I gave up on finding her a long time ago until the damn witch gave me hope again. I have already waited for centuries but never had my instinct nagged me this much." Vladimir's fist clenched.

"If your instinct is nagging you then it's a good thing. Your bride might be close or fate must be preparing the best for you. Why not stay for a few days while you are here before heading back to your kingdom. It's not like someone is waiting for you there." Ambar taunted teasingly.

"Don't underestimate my charms little one. You will be surprised how many women are waiting for me back at my kingdom." Vladimir gave her an arrogant smirk masking his earlier emotions.

"Dark Gods! I don't want to hear about your sexual conquests. I'm currently a very much pregnant sexually deprived female." Vladimir laughed at her words.

"You are unique." Vladimir praised.

"I know right! You can't find a variety of fractions in anyone else. You name it and I have it. But please stay, you will feel better." Amber said the last line seriously.

"I don't think your father will approve my stay here. And now that I know you are pregnant, Aric is going to be a pain in the ass to be around. Not to mention his nephew who was ready to attack me a few moments ago."

"So you are not staying?" Amber inquired sadly. Something within her was telling her to keep him close which was weird.

She didn't wanted Vladimir to leave~

"Of course I am staying! Why would I want to miss a chance of getting on your father's nerves?" Amber laughed at his answer.

Vladimir was a fun person to be around. Amber can't understand why her father loathes the mere sight of him.

Little did she knew at that time how much this fun person was going to be important in her life in the future.

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