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   Chapter 44 I'm Sorry

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A circular portal appeared in front of Amber. It was almost like a door. It shimmered with a translucent glow, which made it impossible for anyone to look at what lays on the other side of it.

Amber was holding her breath while she waited for Emmeline to step out of the portal. Rome was standing beside her, providing her the comfort that she didn't even know that she craved. No matter how many times Amber forbade him to accompany her he won't listen to her.

Amber already felt horrible for the scar on Rome's face. She just wanted to keep him safe.

But Rome had told Amber that he didn't trust her with the protection of his nephew.

He was treating Amber as if she was made of glass, pampering her with shoulder massage and foot rubs. She was never going to get used to the feel of being loved by others.

Rome had been acting like a wingman from the moment he came to know about Amber's pregnancy. He had even forced Amber to eat her breakfast in the morning.

When after breakfast Rome had measured Amber's waist with a measuring tape to keep tabs on his nephew's growth, Amber had cried like a baby, her heart had throbbed at Rome's gesture.

He was doing all the things that Darach was supposed to do. Amber still remembers when Darach had made her breakfast, he was a fucking awful cook but his efforts had touched Amber's heart.

Dark God! Amber craves his touch or the pregnancy was messing up with her brain. She misses Darach's beast more than him. Amber blinked back the tears that welled in her eyes.

Today Amber was going to tie all the loose ends of her past. When her child will be born, her child will only be surrounded by people who will love him. Her child will get the love and affection that Amber hadn't experienced in her childhood. He will get acceptance that Amber had craved all her life.

Her child won't be thrown on the poisonous snow like her. She will slit anyone's throat who will dare to harm her child.

Amber didn't dare to even blink, her gaze was set on the shimmering portal. Amber still remembers the pain that she had felt when her back had burned.

At that time the snow had been cold but it had made her organs boil inside her body, her veins were on fire. Amber shuddered at the memory.

Anytime her mother was going to step out of it... The woman who had turned her back on her own daughter.

Today every single person present in Amber's territory had gathered on the ground to witness a war between a mother and a daughter.

They had gathered to witness something that had never happened before...

Breaking of a sacred mate bond~

Some hope to break their own bonds while some fear to lose the sacred bond they had with their mates.

Amber didn't realize at this moment that by revealing her powers she had given hopes to thousands of doomed Lycans that had been hiding from their mates, living a life of isolation.

While at the same time Amber had built fear in the Lycans that their soul mates are no longer at the Moon's mercy.

She had provided a way out of unbreakable bonds.

The Lycans that had been abusing their mates with a mindset that their mates were bound to them for eternity are now trying to be better persons because now they fear to lose their most prized possessions.

Their Soulmates~

Aric was the Lycan King and by agreeing to break his mate bond he had approved of Amber's power. Now if any Lycan tried to go against Amber or tried to kill her because of her ability he will be going against his own King.

Amber wasn't just the Cold Queen of a Queendom surrounded by the wastelands, now she was the daughter of the King of Beasts and the beast protects his own.

It is said that the beast within a Lycan relishes the thrill of a chase~

Amber had given the female Lycans a choice to put an end on the chase. They now hold the power to get rid of their past and start a new life. No longer they need to hide in fear that the beast will chase them.

Everyone was present around Amber except Rebecca. Amber had told Rebecca to stay away from the mess today. She was already going through so much, the punishment that the Goddess of Nature had implemented on Rebecca was due too. Amber didn't need her to go through any more pain than she already had to endure.

Amber looked at the Oracle, she was standing near the woods, far away from Amber and others. The Dragon had his arms around her, her back against his chest. The feverish look in the Oracle's eyes was almost unnerving.

Amber frowned, the Oracle was smiling at Amber as if she knows something that Amber didn't know. Her smile was more dangerous than her mental breakdowns.

Suddenly, it happened~

Amber's eyes snapped towards the portal...

The Fey Princess stepped out of the portal with her chin up and head high. Even without a crown on her head, she looked like every bit of a Queen.

She had an aura of authority and dominance surrounding her. Everything about her screamed power.

Amber's breath hitched in her throat...

Her Mother~

Amber couldn't take her eyes off the woman standing in front of her. Amber had a sudden urge to run towards her mother and lock her in an embrace. Her eyes watered.

How can she hate and want a person at the same time? Maybe pregnancy was really messing up with her mind.

She can'

nked back his tears while he tried to control his trembling lips.

How could he not touch her? She was there, standing in front of him. Her eyes were shining with unshed tears.

Maybe he should beg Amber to let him touch Emmeline for one last time before she broke their bond. He just wanted to feel the bond between them before it fades away.

Feel the love between them before they part their ways~

Just one last touch that he can hold on to for the rest of his immortal life...

Aric's condition was like a man who had roamed deserts for centuries in search of water and when he finally saw a well he's too exhausted to reach out and quench his thirst.

To hide the trembling of his hands, Aric's clenched them into fists, his claws were digging into his palm.

Sighs were escaping from his lips at the sight of his mate. She was dressed in a sleeveless white dress that touched the ground. Her platinum white hairs were a mess as if she hadn't combed them in months.

Aric still remembers how soft her hairs had felt between his fingers.

Was it possible for an immortal's heart to burst inside his chest? The mere sight of Emmeline was enough to put Aric on his knees.

She looked tired, she was exhausted. There was a longing in her eyes, but Aric knew that the chains of guilt in her feet were holding her back. While the chains of his daughter's love was holding Aric back.

Aric felt that his mate was in pain but he was helpless. His daughter was as stubborn as her mother.

He can't make things good between the two most important women in his life.

How could Aric ask for his daughter's forgiveness? Her parent's mistakes had caused permanent damage to Amber's heart. His little daughter was pregnant, Aric was going to become a grandfather.

Aric didn't want to do something that will pull Amber towards another suicidal plan. His daughter's heart and mind were fragile. Aric didn't want to pull her over the edge.

He can bear another heartbreak but his daughter can't...

Aric gazed at his nephew. He was standing there looking at Amber like she's the most precious thing in his life. He was so young yet so doomed.

It was all Aric's fault... If he had not abandoned his Kingdom then Darach wouldn't have to deal with the responsibilities that he was not born to commemorate.

There were too many ruined relationships in his daughter's life, Aric didn't want to ruin his relation with her too.

Aric knew that it will take time for Amber to heal but he was afraid that it might take a lifetime for Amber to heal.

Aric gazed back at Emmeline, she was blinking back tears, trying to look strong. Aric felt like his legs were going to give away at any time.

So many things needed to be said between Emmeline and Aric but no words were sufficient enough to explain their emotions. It was better this way... Aric didn't want to talk to her only to lose her in the end, he was afraid that if he touched her he won't be able to let her go...

Aric was standing there holding his breath waiting for Amber to step forward and do the deed.

Break his mate bond~ Break his bond before he lose his mind.

'I'm sorry...' Aric mouthed to Emmeline. Tear spelled from her eyes when she read his lips, her body shook violently. His mate knew what was going to happen next.

Breaking his eye contact with Emmeline, Aric turned towards Amber. "Do it.." His voice was low but thick with emotions, his tone almost otherworldly.

The King of the Beast was giving up on his mate bond~

To be continued...

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