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   Chapter 43 Her Soul Will Scream For Mercy

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Curling up in the corner of her room and crying her heart out was not the part of Amber's revenge plan and the worst part about her situation was that Amber was so afraid that someone will find out that she was crying that she was sniffing her sobs by covering her mouth with her palms.

Sometimes it's just hard to stay strong~

Amber's eyes were squeezed shut but tears were still flowing out of them. Her body was trembling with her sobs.

She can hear a faint heartbeat in her silent room but that heartbeat did not belong to her. It was coming from her womb.

Which made Amber cry even harder. . .

She was sitting in the room where Darach had promised to love her, to cherish her. She was sitting in the room where she had bared her soul to Darach only for him to forsake her at the end.

He was like a breath of fresh air that Amber had breathed in and then she had to breathe out. Let him go.

She had begged him to stay, in her desperation she had offered him that she will hide her scars but he had not given a single shit.

After so long of being ignored by everyone Darach had made her feel special. It had felt so good to know that she had a soulmate who will love her but in the end, Darah left giving Amber a new relation she could grieve.

Her stomach felt torn apart as if someone had stabbed her with a knife.

But that was not the sole thing about which Amber was crying about. The idea that made her sob was that after listening to her child's heartbeat she wanted to end her own child's life.

Panic had gripped her heart, she was afraid that the child will be disgusted with her just like Darach.

Or even worse, what if her baby turned out to be a witch? The child will long for acceptance just like its mother.

Amber was afraid to bring a new life in this cruel world. She didn't want her baby to go through the things she had suffered.

She was afraid that if she gave birth to a boy then he will choose Darach over her and if Amber gave birth to a girl than things can turn out even worse.

Amber had blamed her mother for her every suffering what if her daughter started hating Amber for bringing her in this cruel world where her own father will despise the fact that his daughter is a witch.

Darach had told Amber that her kind disgusts him so how can he accept a witch daughter?

Could Amber's daughter be strong enough to withstand the disgust in Darach's eyes?

The things the Oracle had told Amber were the things she was running away from.

Amber didn't want to acknowledge the Fey Princess's reasonings.

After the Oracle had demonstrated things from Emmeline's perspective Amber's stomach had dropped and all she wants now was to isolate herself from everyone.

All her life Amber had refused to think from her mother's point of view. But now when fate had placed Amber in her mother's shoes she came to realize how her mother would have felt when she had felt the witch's essence in Amber.

Dark Gods!

Darach had not cheated on Amber, he had just hurt her and it had pulled such strong emotions within her against her own blood just because the child has the blood of the man who had hurt Amber.

The Oracle was right, Aric had no idea what a woman can do when she's betrayed or hurt.

Amber can't even interpret how the Fey Princess would have felt when she had held Amber in her arms only to come to know that her own daughter was a constant reminder of her mate's betrayal.

Amber felt like she had no one to tell what was going in her head and how her thoughts were slowing killing her.

A part of her wants to forgive her mother but she can't do that because hating and blaming Emmeline had become a part of her personality.

Amber wished she had died in the wastelands. She felt like she was never going to be good enough for anyone.

Two small hands pulled back Amber's hands that were covering her mouth.

"Amber. . ." Rebecca's gentle voice reached her ears but Amber didn't open her eyes.

Amber could not face her, not after what she had planned to do to her child. Dropping her face in her hands again Amber sobbed.

She wanted to scream, the pain in her chest was suffocating her, splitting her into halves.

Her body shook and convulsed with sobs. Abruptly Rebecca scooted Amber's body closer to her. Her arms banded around Amber and Rebecca clutched her tightly to her chest.

Years ago Amber had held Rebecca in her arm. She had given Rebecca a shoulder to cry on and now years after the roles were reversed.

Amber felt a light kiss on her hair. Soon Rebecca started murmuring consoling words in her ears.

After some time Amber felt Rebecca's hand touching her stomach.

Amber's eyes flashed open~

Pulling back she looked at Rebecca in alarm. How does she know?

As if reading her mind Rebecca whispered.

"Rome and I were spying on you. We were afraid that you will try something stupid again. " She didn't even look guilty for spying on Amber.

"I'm so happy for you Amber. Why are you crying?" She wiped Amber's tears.

"Because I don't fucking know what else to do Rebecca. I can't find pea-- peace." Amber hiccuped.

Rebecca gave Amber a soft smile. Her eyes were full of grief.

"Isn't peace what we all want?"

Rebecca caressed Amber's stomach again and Amber's heart twisted at the broken look in her eyes.

"How does it feels Amber? To know that you will be able to create a life inside you?" Amber's throat tightened at Rebecca's question. Amber didn't know how to answer Rebecca's question in a way that will not hurt her.

"I was so angry at you, Rome was so angry at you for what you were going to do, for trying to leave us." Rebecca looked at Amber with unshed tears.

Her bottom lip trembled.

Amber knew that Rebecca was talking about her suicidal attempt. She had not even come to meet Amber after the words went out that Amber was going to get herself killed by Aric.

"I'm sorry." Amber looked down in shame.

"I wanted to be there for you but I couldn't bear to stand in your presence knowing that you are walking on my path. I never thought that the woman who had saved me from ending my life will try to get herself killed." Rebecca leaned her head against Amber's head, her hand was still caressing Amber's stomach. Both of them were sitting on the floor.

Rebecca closed her eyes for a second before she opened them again.

"You are going to be a mother Amber, A mother." Rebecca laughed with tears falling from her eyes.

Rebecca the broken doll that can't be fixed~

Looking at the happiness on Rebecca's face made Amber more guilty for thinking about killing her own child. She was given a blessing that women longed for.

"I think I'm not ready Rebecca. What if the child started to hate me for bringing him in the world where his father can't stand his mother? Everything is so sick and twisted around us. I myself don't want to live in this world then how can I curse a child to live in this world?." Amber voiced her fears.

"The child is going to love you, Amber. The child is going to look at you as a fierce warrior who had a heart of gold... The child is going to see th

made you stronger his hardships turned him into an irresponsible and impulsive person."

Amber had the urge to tell her father that she does not give a fuck about Darach but she asked instead.

"Why do you want me to forgive him?"

"Because I don't want you to rewrite your mother and my story. One Emmeline and Aric are enough, I don't want Amber and Darach to become the second one." Aric said in a hoarse voice.

Aric's statement left a million questions in Ambers's mind.

Was she doing the right thing by splitting Aric and Emmeline?

Was it right to make Emmeline go through this heartbreak for abandoning her?

What if Amber regrets breaking her parent's bond? She knows how to break the bonds but Amber did not have the power two mend the broken bonds.

There will be no turning back. Amber had blamed Darach for being blinded by his hate but isn't she doing the same to her parents? She is destroying their relationship because of her hatred towards Emmeline.

Amber watched her father standing on his feet. He ruffled her hair playfully. It was a small gesture of affection but it tugged at Amber's heart.

"Let's go." He offered her a hand.

"Where?" Amber asked while taking Aric's offered hand.

"I'm going to leave you to your house then I have to check on Aidan." Aric replied.

"Have you seen the Oracle lose control before?" Amber asked because earlier Aric and told the Dragon to control his bride because she was losing her shit again. Which means that Aric had seen her lose control before.

"It happened a long time ago. I had met her when Charlie was alive but I didn't know that they were twin sisters, I thought that they were friends. I had seen Charlie calming the Oracle down a few times she lost control and I think that Charlie was the only one who could calm her down because today her own mate wasn't about to control her." Aric exhaled a long sight.

"Did you ever loved Charlie?" Amber asked but immediately regretted her question. "Sorry, I should not have asked that."

"I did love her but as a friend. She had a beautiful soul. There was nothing about her not to love." Aric told Amber truthfully.

"The Oracle had always loathed me even before I met your mother. One time she had warned me that I was walking towards an inevitable doom and when I asked her what did she mean by that the Oracle had forgotten what she had told me. After Charlie's death, I searched for her in hopes that she will help me to find your mother but the moment the Oracle saw me she lost her shit and stabbed me instead of helping me. I barely survived that day." Aric confessed.

"She lost her sister and she still wants to help us who are responsible for her twin's death." Amber whispered.

"Love is a dangerous thing my girl, it destroyed Charlie. Charlie had once told me that the Oracle belonged to a cursed house of witches. And it's forbidden to talk about them or let their name slip from your lips. I wish I had asked about the curse from Charlie, it might have helped Aidan."

"Why? Are you close to the Dragon?" Amber asked her father. Maybe the curse is the reason behind the Oracle's running away from the Dragon. And if it's true then Amber had a feeling that the Oracle will try to run away from the Dragon again.

Stopping outside her home Aric mumbled.

"That's a discussion for another time. For now, you need to rest. I won't compromise on my grandchild's health." Amber felt a familiar ache in her heart when Aric kissed her forehead before he turned to leave.

"Do you still love her?" Amber was holding her breath, waiting for his answer.

Without turning back Aric asked.

"Do you want an honest answer?"

"Yes." Amber whispered.

"I never stop loving her my child. It's not like I have not tried, it's just that I don't know how to unlove her. And I don't think that I will ever be able to unlove her. Her love is breathing inside my soul and I don't know how to kill a part of my soul." Amber's breath hitched at his words.

"What I did to your mother was wrong and I think that a lifetime of misery or guilt won't be enough for her forgiveness. And the same goes for her, what she did to you was immoral. Both of us are paying for our deeds. It's not your fault." And then he was gone.

Leaving Amber with a new set of doubts.

The woman in Amber doesn't find anything wrong with what Emmeline did but the daughter in her can't let go of the past. The daughter who was forced to grow up before her age and protect her self from the creatures Emmeline threw her at the mercy of.

Amber doesn't know what tomorrow has in stores for her but she knows that tomorrow won't be bringing forgiveness for Emmeline.

Her soul will scream for mercy just like Amber and she will have none.

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