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   Chapter 42 A Life Growing Inside Her

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"Since I met him, he carries more anger and pain than a thousand armies can ever bear. He was betrayed, deceived, hurt. Believe me when I say he has already crossed hell and the only time I saw peace in his eyes was when he saw you, Amber."

The Oracle's wasn't above a whisper when she mumbled those words while looking at Aric who was sitting near the fire, staring at the flames rising from the wooden logs with a deserted look in his eyes.

The four of them were sitting on the ground around the fire in the middle of the night. Lost in their own thoughts.

"Don't tell me that you are in love with Aric, Ines. I will kill him with my bare hands and make you watch." Amber's eyes snapped towards the Dragon.

He had the Oracle sitting on his lap. His arms around her, locking her as if he was scared that she was going to flee at any moment.

"Touch my father, Dragon and I will gladly chop off your hands along with your dick." Amber hissed at the Dragon.

Amber's eyes flickered towards her father, he was already looking at her with a ghost of a smile playing on his lips.

He might have heard Amber. Amber's cheeks turned red.

She didn't know why she threatened the Dragon. Maybe Amber had begun caring about her father more then she likes to admit. And why wouldn't she? The man had not hesitated even a bit while choosing Amber over his soulmate.

From the past days, it seems impossible for Amber to keep her emotions in check. She can feel a change in her body but she can't pinpoint the reason behind the change.

"Don't chop off his dick Amber!" The Oracle shrieked. She curled her fingers around the Dragon's cock protectively and Amber almost choked on her own saliva.

"I like it between his legs." The Oracle said sweetly to the Dragon before she glanced at Amber with a pleading look on her face.

"Rest assured my love, no one's gonna cut my dick." Resting his chin on her shoulder from behind, the Dragon whispered in the Oracle's ear but Amber can hear him clearly.

Gripping the Oracle's chin between his thumb and forefinger the Dragon pulled her face to him and slid his lips over hers. The kiss was simple yet Amber can feel sparks flying between them before the Dragon pulled back.

His orange eyes with spikes of yellow color held love and desire in them for his bride.

The Oracle looked like a fragile doll in his arms.

The way the Dragon was making the Oracle melt against him made Amber feel like he must have taken classes in seduction. . .

Just looking at them was making Amber all hot and bothered. Her heart longed for her mate. It was getting dark in her heart without him.

The moment the Dragon and the Oracle had come back from the woods the Dragon's been attached to the Oracle's hip. Aric had told Amber that the Oracle was the Dragon's bride and she's been on a run from him from the past centuries.

For a moment the Oracle's eyes went vacant and she started whispering things in a language that Amber did not understand but her mumbling was stopped when the Dragon pinched her nipple hard.

A gasp escaped from the Oracle's lips.

Her eyes gained focus again.

The Dragon bit on her ear lobe playfully and whispered in her ear. "Focus my love. Next time you lose focus I'm going to gain it back by fucking you hard." The Dragon's lips curved in a teasing smile while he tightened his arms around his bride. However, his bride didn't pay attention to him.

The Oracle looked at Amber and then she stared at the woods, Amber followed her gaze and saw Lost Souls standing there.

Thousands of them~

A gust of breath left Amber's lips. . .

Amber remembers that once she had feared The Lost Souls. She had tried to hide from them, she was frightened of their beatings. The Lost Souls used to mock Amber, they use to call her a walking tragedy but now things have changed.

Amber had made every single one of them bleed. She had made them regret laying a hand on her when she was a little girl.

The Lost Souls are known for helping people who are in an agony that matches their own pain. But they had never helped Amber.

Amber had always waited for someone to save her from them until she became tired of waiting and took matters in her own hands.

Amber became her own savior~

The Lost Souls that used to mock Amber now whispers when she passes. The Lost Souls who used to scare Amber are now terrified of her.

Because now Amber is a witch with a Crown of blood. The Oracle's words pulled Amber out of her thoughts.

"They are going to be a new breed rising if they won't be released from the chains that are holding them to this world. They have emptiness in their eyes, they don't fear anyone. They have nothing to lose. They are hanging somewhere between life and death."

Amber's eyed Aric who had abandoned his previous place and was now sitting beside Amber on the ground.

His focus was on Oracle. The Dragon's hand that was busy in giving the Oracle's breast light squeezes went still too.

The Oracle had their attention~

Only the Oracle and Amber knew that they were talking about the Lost Souls. The Souls had not made their presence known to anyone, only Amber and the Oracle can see them.

Amber looked at the Lost Souls, they held hope in their eyes.

Hope for what. .?

"They fear me Oracle, I have made them bleed." Amber confided, her eyes didn't leave the Lost Souls.

"That was before your Fey overpowered your mind, Amber. Charlie was supposed to release the Lost Souls from their bounds and now you are her successor. You have to slash the chains that are holding them to this world." Amber felt Aric moving close to her protectively.

Her heart twisted at her father's gesture~

"How can I do that?" Amber queried, trying to keep her voice neutral.

"You can't cut their chains until you free your own soul from the chains of hatred you had bound it in. Free your soul Amber before it develops a taste for misfortune. Before your soul starts craving pain." The Oracle warned.

"What are you talking about Ines?" Amber called the Oracle from her name.

"Forgive your mother. Sometimes even when people don't do their part, it's still up to you to do your part. She failed you as a mother but you can still choose to be her daughter. She lost the battle with her Fey but you can choose not to repeat her mistakes." The Oracle explained calmly.

"How can you even ask me to forgive her Ines? All my childhood I have wandered these wastelands, I lived in violence. She could have saved me from all those traumas but she chose to throw me away. I was cursed to pay for the rest of my life for just being born! My mate hates me too. He would not have left me if my own mother had accepted me. But the pampered Princess preferred to abandon her own daughter and run away from her problems." Aric flinched at Amber's sharp words. When he tried to reach out for her Amber jerked out of his reach.

Amber felt self-conscious. The scars that her mother had given her weren't healed.

"You have no right to judge her Amber. Don't compare your life with others, you have no idea what Emmeline's journey is all about. You don't know how much your mother had suffered." Amber can detect sympathy in Oracle's voice. Sympathy for Emmeline.

"Do you think that I care about her journey or hardships?" Amber snarled.

"You should care, Amber because you weren't born to waste your life in the flames of retaliation. You are a Queen and

r scars.

What if the child growing inside her despised her scars too?

Amber vomited her guts on the ground, her eyes watered, her throat burned and her whole body ached.

Darach had called Amber a bitch. He doesn't love her.

Suddenly two strong arms steadied Amber before she could hit her face on the ground.

Amber leaned against her father. She felt protected in his arms. She felt safe.

Maybe her father was her safe place. . .

"Don't cry, my girl. I'm not going to let anything happen to you." Aric wiped her tears.

Amber looked at her father, even looking at him makes her heart hurt. Will Darach ever look at her child as Aric was looking at her?

What if Amber gave birth to a witch?

Will he forsake his daughter just like Amber had been abandoned by her mother?

Too many questions, Amber's mind felt like it was going to explode at any minute.

This can't be happening. Amber can't be pregnant. . .

It's not her child, it's Darach's child. What if the child turned out to be a Lycan?

What if the child looked at Amber as if she was an abomination? Darach made her feel like an abomination.

Darach's child is growing inside her, Amber can't let herself be Darach's breeding whore. She can't give birth to his child who will see her as a vile creature.

"You even think like Emmeline. Your mother had the same thoughts." The Oracle gave Amber a pitiful smile.

"Enough witch! Can't you see my daughter can't deal with any more of your shit. Aidan, get your mad bride away from Amber. She's hurting my daughter!" Aric yelled at the Dragon.

"I do not think like her. There is nothing in me like her. I won't forgive her she had to pay the price for the pain I had suffered." Amber growled at the Oracle as if her father had not spoken.

"'I can't let the witch's essence inside me' Emmeline had the same thought." The Oracle whispered.

Amber felt her father's hold tightened on her shoulders. His fingers digging into her skin.

Aric knew~

Aric knew what they are talking about.

Aidan knew too. . .

"Fate has a twisted sense of humor my child and today you are standing in your mother's place. Choose wisely." Her eyes flickered towards Amber's stomach.

Amber's felt sick. . .

The Oracle turned her gaze from Amber and this time she addressed Aric.

"Tomorrow you are going to meet your mate beast. After centuries you're going to catch a glimpse of her for the first time or it's going to be the last time you will ever see her."

Aric trembled against Amber, this time he leaned against his daughter for support. Amber was afraid that Aric was going to fall because his body was trembling violently.

Amber put her arms around her father.

Both of them were holding onto each other for support but none of them had the strength to be strong for the other.

"I know that forgiveness isn't your strongest pursuit Amber and maybe that will be your undoing. Maybe Charlie did make a mistake in choosing her successor." The Oracle's insult was like a whiplash on Amber's soul.

"Ines I think that's enough!" Aidan stormed.

When he tried to get her away from Aric and Amber, the Oracle screamed at him like a crazed woman.

"Can't you see the blood? A pool of black blood! Aidan she's going to lose her life, I can see her lifeless eyes staring at me. .!! SHE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!! She doesn't get it, Aidan, It's no longer about her or Emmeline of Charlie. She holds the fate of thousands of souls in her hands. They are in pain, I can feel their pain so why can't she?"

When the Oracle tried to reach out to Amber, Amber along with Aric staggered away from her.

The Oracle's eyes were wild, her skin was shining as she had walked through stardust.

"I told you not to call me from my name, I told you not to call me Ines." The Oracle whispered as if it was a secret.

"Do you know my child that every time my name passes through anyone's lips it gives me power. The power that you have no idea how will I wield. You, my child, are from the house of Untouchables just like Charlie but do you know to which house I belong?"

"Get a fucking hold on her Dragon! She's losing her shit again!" Aric growled at Aidan which seemed to pull him out of his shocked state but when he tried to hold his bride back the Oracle gripped his neck in a bone-breaking grip.

She looked straight at Amber and smile coldly. "I'm Ines from the 'House Of Untolds' also known as the unstable killers." Her voice echoed in the silence of the night.

Panic began to fill Amber's heart. The woman holding her own mate's neck in an iron grip was far away from the Oracle Amber had spent time with.

The woman in front of her was terrifying, standing on the edge of madness or maybe Ines had never been sane. Amber felt a familiar feeling of fear gripping her heart.

Her body ached~

Another wave of dizziness hit her but this time her legs gave away from under her and she passed out in her father's arms.

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