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   Chapter 41 Nightmares

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"Queens Aren't Allowed To Make Mistakes."

Manic laughter was booming all around her~

They were making fun of her, her weakness.

Snickering at her while she laid there in a pool of her own blood, looking up at the Moon with hate shining in her blurry eyes.

The Moon that gave her life was watching as her spirit was being beaten out of her. . .

She did not scream or whimper as she implanted her claws in her own chest, trying to tug her broken ribs out that had punctured her heart.

Her heart was bleeding but not a single sound escaped from her lips because she knew that the Lost Souls will get a kick out of her agonizing howls and whimpers.

She had learned a long time ago not to let out a single sound from her lips. Don't show them how much it hurts. . .

Tears dripped out of her closed eyes~

Silent sobs shook her small form~

The pain was almost intolerable. For the sake of fucking Dark Gods, she was only 15 years old.

She was not strong enough to fight the lost souls now but one day she was going to make every single one of the fucked up lost soul scream, she will find a way to make them bleed.

They were dead but if they can make the little girl bleed then there must be a way for the girl to make them bleed too.

The little girl's eyes were closed but tears were still coming out of them.

"Weak, pathetic, worthless just like the one who threw her at our mercy." A lost soul taunted the little girl.

Death was glaring from the lost soul's black eyes~

Humanity had left her soul. . .

The girl who had not opened her eyes until now snapped her eyes open, they were blazing from hot fury. Hot fury and the most heart-wrenching pain. Her eyes were the color of burning flames just like Amber's.

"Looks like she still hadn't learned her lesson. . ." Another lost soul mocked.

Coming close to Amber a lost soul placed a foot on Amber's hand that was busy pulling her broken ribs out of her heart and applied force.

Agonizing pain that exploded in her heart made her vision blurry.

A bone-chilling scream escaped from Amber's lips~

She coughed out crimson blood. . .

The lost souls roared with laughter all around the little girl~

Relishing her pain, Amber's pain. . .

Gasping for breath Darach jolted awake from the nightmare. He rubbed his chest frantically, trying to ease the pain. It seemed like someone had cracked his ribs.

He glimpsed at his bare chest only to find large buries forming on his chest.

Darach didn't know what kind of dark magic was this, it appears like Darach shares Amber's injuries. . .

The echo of his harsh breaths was the only sound in the room.

The little girl in the nightmare was his mate. Darach can't be mistaken in recognizing those soul burning eyes. The little girl he had seen was Amber just like in his previous nightmares.

Darach can't sleep, his nightmares won't let him. Yesterday he had dreamed about Amber. She had stepped away from a lifeless Beaded Vulture with blood dripping from her fingertips.

The Beaded Vultures that are known for feasting on a Lycan's bones

Her eyes were cold, she had killed a creature of the myth that even a Lycan like Darach fears.

She had killed it with her bare hands~

Without a weapon. . .

The nightmares were driving Darach crazy. They were not normal nightmares, he can feel every bit of pain that Amber was suffering from in the nightmares.

Darach can feel her anguish, emotions as if he was trapped inside her body but the scene played in front of him as if he was watching a film.

It felt like Darach was reliving the past, Amber's past~

But Darach was not sure that if they were really just nightmares or it really happened.

The beast within him was restless, he wanted to return to his mate. The nightmares were driving him towards madness.

He was going to lose his shit if he did not return to Amber soon.

As if the Moon Goddess was listening closely to Darach's prayers the gigantic doors of his Royal chamber burst open.

Lucia was standing at the door, her heart was thundering inside her chest. Looking at Darach she shouted from the door. "Get the fuck out of your bed and get your shit together there are two Royal Messengers from Amber's territory standing in the courtroom. They had requested Aunt Emmeline's presence."

In a flash, Darach was out of his bed. He didn't bother to put on clothes and started running towards the courtroom with only his pants on. With only the thought of returning to his mate playing in his mind, he will beg the royal messengers to take him back with them to his mate, he will beg them on his knees if he had to.

But the moment Darach reached the courtroom his eyes collided with the scene going on there. His brother Connor was already on his knees begging a Fey woman whom Darach had encountered in Amber's territory before.

She had threatened Darach with a war between Fey and Lycans if he messed things up with Amber.

"Please take me back to her, I will be in your debt for the rest of my life. Just please take me back to my mate." Connor shamelessly begged again but the Fey ignored him as if Connor was dirt under her shoes.

She was the little bastard's mother who had ripped Darach's flesh from his arm with his baby fangs when Darach had disrespected Amber.

Darach didn't recall the name of the pup but the child worshipped the floor under Amber's foot. The little pup thinks that Amber was his mate.

But the thing that shocked Darach the most was when Aunt Emmeline entered the courtroom she halted in her track when her gaze landed on the Fey before she cried the Fey's name and embraced her in a warm hug.

The world must be coming to an end because no way Darach was witnessing Feys showing e

"It's not about what I or any other woman in your place would have done Emmeline. Because I or any other woman wasn't the Queen of the Lycans. You didn't just abound Amber, you abounded your Kingdom too. You should be glad that things didn't turn out any worse. It's not time to justify your actions it's time to face the consequences of your deeds."

"What could be worse than this? I'm going to lose them both." A lone tear escaped from Emmeline's eyes. The proud Fey fell on her knees, the will to fight left her.

"Believe me when I say that things could have turned out to be worse than this. I'm just asking you to stop running from your daughter and mate." Elin looked away from Emmeline. It was too much to witness her proud sister falling apart. Elin didn't have the heart to tell Emmeline that Amber was going to going to make Aric kill her.

For now, Emmeline doesn't need to know the extent of her daughter's hatred for her.

"I'll accompany you, Aunt!" Darach announced while kneeling beside Emmeline, pulling her in his arms.

Emmeline leaned into him for support. Suddenly she was tired. Very tired.

She just wants to close her eyes for a bit. . .

Emmeline tilted her face and looked at Darach's face. She tried to find anger, resentment or any other emotion on Darach's face but to her surprise Darach was looking at her with sympathy and understanding.

Emmeline wasn't unaware of the fact that Darach was Eva's mate. Then why wasn't he angry at her for what she did to his mate?

"Why aren't you fighting me for what I did to your mate Son?" The witch laughed at Emmeline's question.

Emmeline's gazed at the witch in rage. The witch was making it hard for Emmeline to not to kill her.

She had already killed one and killing this one won't fuck Emmeline's already fucked up life.

"As if he was any better than you. Won't you tell her beast about what you did to her daughter?" The witch mocked.

Emmeline gave Darach a questioning look but Darach couldn't make himself look her in the eye. The remorse shining in his eyes was as bright as a day for everyone to witness.

Not looking away from Darach, Emmeline threatened the witch.

"The next time you dared to disrespect me or any other person related to my kin, I will skin you alive and I vow to the Moon that I won't give you an easy death like Charlie." Emmeline peeked at the witch only to find her fuming in rage.


The bitch doesn't know when to keep her noisy nose out of others' business.

Emmeline looked around the courtroom, Lucia was crying. Even with the strong faced Emmeline can sense that Connor was scared out of his mind and Darach, his shoulders were curved under the weight of guilt.

Guilt that Emmeline had no idea why he carried. . .

They were all like her own children to Emmeline and they all were fucked up in their own way.

No one was judging Emmeline because all of them had their own fair share of guilt.

Elin wasn't meeting Emmeline's gaze. Even in the middle of her meltdown Emmeline knew that her sister was hiding something but she didn't have any energy left in her to confront Elin.

It dawned on Emmeline that she can't run anymore. If not for herself then she had to be strong for her family.

She had to face Eva and Aric, there was no way out of it. . .

Emmeline wished that she had never returned to the Cursed Woods. The witch must be laughing at Emmeline's fate from her grave.

No doubt she had smiled at Emmeline in her last time. Charlie had escaped to a happy place while Emmeline was left behind to deal with everything.

Emmeline wished that she hadn't killed Charlie, she wished that she hadn't abandoned Eva. . .

Her past was going to cost Emmeline her mate. Giving in to her Fey nature was going to cost her Aric. . .

And she can do nothing to stop this. . .

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