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"Leave them Little Girl. It's not your place to interfere." Amber's eyes snapped towards her father, his ragged form didn't go unseen by her.

So the King of Beasts had finally grown balls to face his own daughter~

"I am not your little girl!" Amber growled.

"You are my little girl no matter how much you deny that. You are my blood." Aric said while exhaling a long breath as if he was already anticipating a fight from her.

Amber glanced at her father. He looked like a Greek God. He wasn't wearing any shirt, just pants. No doubt people still remember him. He was otherworldly glorious. His presence in her Queendom had raised a storm of questions within Amber all related to her people.

A large portion of her territory is occupied by the Lycans and her father is their Rightful King so Amber doesn't know where the loyalties of her people lay know with his return. Amber had a doubt that they had more faith in Aric than her and if Aric reclaimed his throne then they will leave with him and that was making Amber furious.

The thought of someone protecting her people better than her made the beast residing within her soul rattle. Her Queendom was her territory but besides that, the people residing within her Queendom were her territory too. For her to protect and for her to provide.

For the first time in her life, Amber felt a bitter feeling creeping up in her heart.

She was jealous~

Jealous from her own father. . .

"I am a Queen, not your little girl. Did my personality or abilities give you any indication of me being little in any way? There is nothing little about me. I am a grown-ass woman." Amber announced, clearly getting offended by Aric for more than one reason.

The beast within her was extremely territorial and was assessing Aric as a threat.

"I don't think that calling my daughter by the endearment 'Grown-Ass Woman' would be appropriate for me as your father." Aric said with a faint smile on his lips.

Amber noticed that the curve of Aric's lips was making the dark circles under his eye to stand out.

He looked exhausted~

"You are so eager to call me your little girl but are you ready to pay the price for calling me that?" Amber challenged.

One look at Amber and Aric's heart swelled with pride. She was a replica of her mother. Courageous, dominant, stubborn and beautiful just like Emmeline.

Aric can sense her beast just below her skin, her beast was seeing Aric as a threat and Aric felt proud because he can feel dominance seeping out of his daughter's small form and she was completely oblivious to the fact that her beast was trying to dominate Aric, staking her claim on her marked territory.

The beast protects and respects their own and Aric hadn't earned respect and the position of a father in Amber's beast's eyes.

He was as much of a threat as any other newcomer in her territory.

But her beast had to learn and train properly in order to overpower Aric's beast. Aric's beast was the King and he doesn't bow down to anyone but currently, his beast was trying to get out to touch his daughter, to bond with her.

Her beast was cut from Aric's beast's soul~

Without a bond, Amber's beast will always consider Aric as a threat even if Amber accepted him as her father which was not going to happen anytime soon.

He had to work to prove himself in his daughter's eyes.

At this moment Aric wanted to give her anything that she wants, he was ready to pay any price to call Amber his child.

His daughter~

Aric had never thought about being a father, Amber was a surprise to him and he was stunned by the fact that how much he loved the surprise fate had given him.

He could do anything to win his daughter's love and trust because he craves her affection, his beast admires Amber, her strength and every single thing about her.

It was her mother. The Fey Princess had embedded the dagger in Aric's back.

The dagger must have been a silver one to leave scars behind. How could he still want her after what she did to him?

He still thinks that Emmeline felt like home even after she had stabbed him in the back.

What was he? A fucking Saint!

Pretty ironic the Fey Princess had left her mark on both of them while Amber hates her, Aric worships her.

Aric still loves Emmeline~ And Amber was ripping them apart.

Amber knew that what she was doing wasn't right. She had the power to break the unwanted bonds and what she was doing was wrong at so many levels.

She was hurting her father who had no part in her miseries. He had no idea of Amber's existence until they came face to face.

But her inner Fey didn't care about anyone. Her Fey just wanted to hurt Emmeline where it hurt the most.

If Emmeline was heartless enough to leave her unprotected daughter on the lethal snow then Amber was doing what she had learned from her own mother.

She was giving Emmeline back the hate that she had so generously dished out to Amber.

Amber can't forgive Emmeline for forsaking her in the dead of winter on the wastelands.

The Fey Princess knew that Amber won't be able to survive but Karma is a bitch because Amber survived and now she had taken matters in her own hands, she's not gonna wait for karma to knock on the Fey Princess's door because Amber is going to break Emmeline's door down by her own herself.

Because of Emmeline, Amber had spent her childhood among the lost souls, death, violence, rape and much more.

She had roamed among the creatures and witnessed things that no child should have witnessed.

Amber had lost count of how many times she had her bones broken by the lost souls until she had learned to fight them off.

The lost souls had mocked Amber, they had pushed the little girl around showing no mercy to her just because her mother had left her at their mercy.

The Goddess had given Amber her protection but that doesn't mean that the Goddess had fought Amber's battles. She never stepped between Amber and the Lost souls not unless Amber was on the brink of death and that happened a lot awful times.

Amber can't let off the past~

Emmeline had snatched her Childhood, Amber was going to return the favor by snatching her Mate bond.

It's finally time for Amber to officially meet her Mother.

She had waited so long for this day~

Let's see how the Fey Princess will feel when Amber will make her mate forsake her.

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