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   Chapter 38 She Seeks Forgiveness

Marking Territory By BestiesBabe Characters: 10235

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"It's Frightening How Guilt Can Destroy A Soul."

From the past days, Emmeline can feel that a part of her was calling to her, a part of her that had been misplaced for too long. . .

She had never felt like this before but deep in her soul she can sense that her daughter was calling her. . .

Her dead daughter~

Listening to her Fey, Emmeline had forsaken her own daughter. She didn't even regret it! Not until her Fey's rage evaporated, not until her Fey's resentment dimmed.

The moment her inner Fey had given back the control of her mind back to Emmeline was the moment it dawned upon Emmeline that what she had done.

The Oracle had warned Emmeline that she was going to regret her decisions but Emmeline had not listened to her. At that time she was blinded by her Fey's rage, her soul was scorching for a chance of vengeance. . .

From the past week, the Oracle's words were ringing in her head. 'Come back to the place where it all started! Come back when you are done running from your own self. You'll find me here.'

After centuries Emmeline had returned to the Kingdom of Lycans, she had come back to the same woods where it all began.

Emmeline wants to get back to her mate Aric but she can't go back to him even if she wants to.

The guilt she was carrying within her soul won't let her breathe~

She just wants to get it off her chest.

With each passing day Emmeline is turning insane, mentally and emotionally. She wants to run in Aric's arms and tell him that how much she loves him but she can't.

The Oracle had told Emmeline that Aric had fucked the witch, Charlie because she had enchanted Aric. It wasn't his fault. Charlie had overpowered Aric's instinct, she had locked his beast within his own soul. Aric was as vulnerable as a human. He was defenseless in front of the witch.

But Emmeline wasn't~

She wasn't enchanted when she had abandoned her own blood, her own daughter. She had been a slave to her hatred. Emmeline had murdered her own daughter because she had Charlie's essence within her soul. Her daughter had the witch's black eyes with red orbs. Besides her pointed ears there was nothing about that little baby girl that resembled to Emmeline.

The beast and the witch's essence within that little girl's soul had set Emmeline's soul on the blaze.

She carried that little girl for four months in her womb only for that little girl to be a constant reminder of Aric's betrayal. At that time the witch's laughter ringed in Emmeline's mind. The witch was making fun of the proud Fey even from her grave.

Charlie had successfully crushed the pride of the Fey Princess.

Soul tainted by envy and hatred, Emmeline had thrown her own blood for an agonizing death.

Her daughter's cries when Emmeline had placed her on the lethal snow haunts Emmeline to this very day.

She hadn't slept in centuries, her daughter's cries won't let her sleep~

Emmeline had stopped running from Aric a long time ago. Now She's been running from her daughter's agonizing cries. . .

She's been hiding from

e love, not even if she wants to. . .

Emmeline had merely taken two steps when Darach's next words stopped her in her trails.

"It doesn't matter that Amber is Uncle Aric's daughter. It doesn't matter that she's a witch and lycan hybrid. The only thing that matters is that Amber is my mate and I'm in bloody love with that witch." Emmeline sucked in a breath. Her hands reached out to the tree beside her for support because it feels like her legs had turned into jelly.

Emmeline looked towards her niece and nephews. . .

She was too shocked to form any words~

A Witch and Lycan Hybrid~

Uncle Aric's daughter~

Tears welled in Emmeline's eyes. Darach's words were playing in her mind like a broken record.

A huge burden of regret and misery had been lifted from her shoulders. . .

Her daughter is alive~

Eva is alive~

Emmeline felt overwhelmed.

Her whole body was trembling, her lungs were constricting. She tried to force her chin up, she tried not to show any vulnerability but the broken sobs that escaped from her trembling lips weren't in her control.

At this moment she just didn't care about anything else. She just want peace, peace where she can cry her heart out.

Strong arms engulfed Emmeline in their embrace, she didn't think for a single second before hugging the person close to her.

It was the first time Emmeline and allowed herself to cry after that cursed night that changed her life.

Her daughter was alive!

Oh Dear Moon!

The Proud Fey Princess wailed for the pain that she had endured. She cried in relief.

Her sufferings were going to end, no longer she will had to hide from Aric. Emmeline laughed in between sobs, the cold rain drops felt welcoming on her burning skin.

After centuries Emmeline's heart was filled with home, hope of returning to her home.

Finally! The Fey Princess thought that she was going to find peace but she was unaware of the chaos that was waiting for her~

Because her regret won't mend the souls that her actions had scared. . .

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