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   Chapter 37 Trapped In The Cursed Woods

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"I told you not to repeat my mistakes, I told you to follow your instinct but you have to act like a bastard and have us all thrown out of that fucking place." Connor spat those words at his brother whose head was hanging low.

"After centuries I got so close to her, I was so close to her, I knew that it was her the moment her arrow had pierced my shoulder. You destroyed everything. Look what your fucking bullheadedness did." Connor snapped, his beast was so close to the surface.

"You would have done that too if you were in my shoes." Darach said while he looked away from his brother.

"No, I would have not done that if I was in your shoe. You fucking had a living example as your own brother. Do you want to suffer like me? Do you want to make an enemy out of your own beast?" When Darach didn't reply Connor continued. "We were thrown out of your mate's land while the bitch fucking cursed me!!" This time Connor's words earned him a punch from Darach.

A sickening crack echoed in the forest.

Blood flowed out of Connor's broken nose but this time it was healing quickly, after centuries his Beast was finally helping him to heal.

"Don't you dare disrespect my mate you fucking nasty piece of scum!" Darach roared while pinning Connor to the ground.

Two brothers were pouring their frustration in their fierce blows, pinning each other on the ground in the cursed forest.

It's been days since they were roaming the forest trying to find a way out of it. The portal through which Amber had thrown three of them out of her Queendom had opened in these abandoned woods.

As if Amber was playing an inside joke on them. . .

The same dark woods that had once destroyed their Uncle's life~

After that incident, these woods were named as the cursed forest. An unstated rule had been established in the Lycan kingdom, to never enter the cursed wood.

Because the cursed woods play tricks on the person who dared to enter in them~

No Lycan had been there since that cursed night.

And now the three Lycan siblings were trapped in the woods, the woods were playing mind games, they were not letting them leave.

"It's okay for you to disrespect Amber but you'll go berserk on Connor when he will repeat your words. Now don't be a hypocrite brother! After all, you were the first one who called her a bitch. Connor is just following your lead." Lucia's statement was like someone had thrown a bucket of cold water over Darach's head.

"He has no right to call her names!" Darach growled.

"And you think you have the right just because you are her mate? Do you get the right to call a proud Queen a curse in front of her own people just because the Moon Goddess mated her to you?" Lucia challenged.

"I wanted to hurt her as she had hurt me. She told me that she was going to murder my child how was I supposed to react?" Darach screamed.

"She told you and you believed her? A woman who had given her protection to the Lycans whom we were unable to protect, a woman who's ruling the hearts of the people that resides within her Queendom, a Queen who doesn't need a king to rule beside her, do you think a woman like Amber can abuse her own child?" Lucia inquired.

"Then why would she said those things to me if she had no intention of acting on them?" Darach challenged, still not believing Lucia.

"Because you must have hurt her idiot, have you said anything that would have triggered that type of violence and anger within her?" Lucia asked she wa

ch exclaimed in a determined and strong voice.

Darach's head snapped towards the sound of a sharp intake of breath that didn't come from Connor or Lucia.

When Darach's eyes fell on the person who was standing in the shadows all the air vanished from his lungs.

Gasps that came from Connor and Lucia were proof that Darach's mind wasn't playing tricks on him, he wasn't going insane.

It wasn't an illusion~

"Aunt Emmeline. . . ." Lucia said in a breathless whisper.

Who would have thought that the Fey Princess whom the Rightful King of Beasts was so desperately searching will encounter his niece and nephews in the same cursed wood that had once separated them?

There she was the Lycan Queen, the Fey Princess, standing shell shocked by the aid of a lifeless tree as if her legs weren't supporting her.

She was regarding Darach and his siblings in disbelieve as if she can't believe what they had just confessed.

There were tears in Aunt Emmeline's eyes, tears in a Fey's eyes. She was looking at them brokenly.

Darach can sense an air of misery enveloping the Fey Princess~

She wobbled on her feet before she could fall on the ground Darach pulled her in his arms.

She looked like a broken porcelain doll~

So beautiful yet so damaged. . .

It was the first time Darach was witnessing such vulnerability in a Fey. . .

Fey, known to be trained lethal weapons~

And here their Princess was holding on to Darach for her dear life.

Broken wails started coming out of her quivering lips which pulled at the strings of Darach's heart.

Her breaths were coming out as heaves~

Hugging Darach close to her The Fey Princess cried in his arms until no tears were left in her eyes.

Tears welled in Darach's own eyes. The aunt who was more like a mother to him was breaking in his arms as if she had longed for arms that will hold her while she will let out all the pain that she had stored within her soul for centuries.

Soon the sky opened and started pouring on them as if it was crying with them in their grief.

Darach watched the red roses that had started blossoming all around them in the dead woods.

The forest was changing around them~

But the question was that was this change an indication of something good or a warning of a doom that was waiting for them. . .?

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