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   Chapter 36 War

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Blood was coming out of Aric's sensitive ears by the defending screams around him that were increasing with each passing second but he didn't let go of the witch's throat, her feet weren't touching the ground.

She was going to die today no matter what! It was the only way to save his people and Kingdom.

He can't let a witch destroy his life again~

Aric felt the moisture on his cheeks, they were tears, his own tears. . . The witch was hurting but something was breaking within Aric's soul. He never felt like this before, not even when Emmeline left him.

Today when he looked at the witch who was taking her last breaths in the grips of his lethal claws he felt like he was breaking from inside.

Like something very close to his heart was being taken from him. His heart was twisting painfully in his chest as if it was going to explode.

The King of Beasts wanted to cry~

Aric wanted to wail, howl at the Moon in agony.

The gagging sounds that were coming from the witch were like shards of glass that were being embedded deep in his chest.

No matter how much his brain wanted him to end Amber, he can't get himself to break her neck or pull her throat out. . .

A Millennium old beast wanted to cry while holding the little girl in his arms, the girl that he was supposed to kill.

The Little Girl who was a threat to his Kingdom~

He felt overwhelmed with emotions that he was feeling towards the Cold Queen.

The defending screams around him and his own emotions were making him dizzy~

"Do it~" A fierce whisper came from Amber. Her lips weren't moving but the whisper came from her. . .

"GET AWAY FROM HER WOLF, DON'T LISTEN TO HER!!" A command boomed over the screams and at once all the screams were silenced.

Aric's head snapped towards the source of the voice only to find the Mad Oracle standing there in all her glory. Behind her were thousands of lost souls with tears in their eyes and silent screams on their lips.

In front of the lost souls the Oracle's hairs were wild, for the first time in his life Aric saw the Oracle's eyes were red instead of their soulless black colour. . .

Aric stepped away from Amber, dropping her on the ground.

Two things happened when Aric stepped away from Amber. Her appearance totally changed as if an illusion was being lifted from her.

Her once wild red hairs changed into platinum white colour, her eyes changed into a shade of forest green. Aric sucked in a breath.

At that moment Amber looked so much like Emmeline. Her resemblance with Charlie was gone as if it was an illusion.

Was that an illusion created by her~

Or is this an illusion~

A million questions started running in Aric's head but above them, Aidan's words ringed in his mind. 'Amber's your daughter Aric.'

Aric looked at Aidan, a demon was trying to carry him. Aidan's heartbeat confirmed that he was alive but unconscious. It was then that Aric noticed the beings who had gathered around him in the ground, beings from different factions of the supernatural world.

Aric looked at Amber who had her forest green eyes set on the Oracle as if she was Amber's biggest enemy. He watched her standing on her feet, dusting the dirt off herself.

Blood was oozing out of her throat from the wounds where Aric's claws had been embedded just moments before.

Narrowing her eyes at the Oracle, Amber sneered. "How did you get in here? I didn't allow you in my territory."

"Child, did you think that you are the only one with powers?" The Oracle mocked. "You have powers that you have no idea how to use. . . While I have experience beyond your age." The Oracle said in a cheery tone with all the excitement of a teenager.

"I'm not your child!" Amber snarled. She was regarding the Oracle as a threat, ready to attract her at any moment.

"But you are his child, Am I right?" The Oracle smirked at the beastly growl that escaped from Amber's chest.

"Aww look the little beast finally came out of hiding! Come out little one. . . It's time to hug your daddy." The Oracle cooed.

Aric's head snapped towards Amber. There was no doubt that the growl came from Amber's beast and her eyes flashing molten gold was a proof that indeed a part of Aric's beast's soul resides within Amber.

Breathing was becoming difficult for him with each passing second. . .

"I should have guessed that you are Aric and Emmeline's daughter when you showed up for the witch tournament but you were clever to hide behind your cloak. You tricked me too!" The Oracle's stared at Amber's n


"That's the same thing that my mate told me about my scars before he left me, before he told me how ugly I'm from inside and outside." A broken cry escaped from Amber's trembling lip before the Oracle hugged her, trying to soothe the pain of Aric's broken daughter. . .

"Maybe there is something wrong with me, maybe I'm not worthy of their love. . ." Amber sobbed on the Oracle's shoulder.

"You are a child born with a heart of gold with unmatchable powers and kindness in your soul and you are telling me that you are not worthy enough! I think they aren't worthy of your love." The Oracle consoled, her arms wrapped around Amber as she was a mother trying to protect her child from the demons that where chasing after her.

Aric's heart stopped at her daughter's words.

Emmeline had thrown their daughter on the poisonous snow. . .

Darach had forsaken her~

When did Emmeline's hatred towards Aric become so strong that she didn't even think before throwing their daughter away. . .

How could she do that to a merely born baby!! How could Darach do that to his own mate?

The pup Aric remember had yearned for a mate. How could Darach forsake the mate he had always wished for from the Moon?

The Emmeline and Darach about whom Amber and the Oracle were talking weren't the Emmeline and Darach whom Aric had known.

She wasn't the mate Aric was searching for from the past centuries~

And Darach wasn't the Nephew Aric had raised himself, the nephew who grew up under his wings~

Aric looked at his daughter, shame-filled inside his very being. He had searched Emmeline for centuries while his daughter had fought the nightmares that her parents had given her. . .

She was so young yet she had yielded so much pain in her small life.

Her mate had left her, her own mother had abandoned her to an agonizing fate and her father had no idea about her existence.

It was the moment when Aric lost the desire to search for his mate~

Aric looked at the blood that was still oozing out of Amber's neck, there was no sign of healing. Tears fell from his eyes, he had given those wounds to his own daughter.

He was going to murder her own blood. . .

The King of Beasts had been strong for so long and now he was breaking a little by little into countless pieces.

And no one was there to hold him, maybe that's the same way his daughter had felt all this time.


Overwhelmed with guilt and heartbreak, turning his back on the Oracle and his daughter Aric headed towards the woods.

The agonizing howls of Aric's beast could be heard by every person living in Amber's Queendom.

Everyone can feel the pain of the beast who was howling for his daughter's pain, his broken heart and his twisted fate. . .

The King of Beasts was howling at the moon for his broken family~

Wanting the Moon to ease his pain, he had suffered for too long and he can't take this pain anymore.

He already felt like a failure of a mate and now he felt like he has failed as a father too. . .

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