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   Chapter 35 Kill Me, Add Another Ghost To Haunt Her

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"She's Brave And Strong And Broken All At Once"

Aric looked at the small girl standing in front of him with a smile on her face, a smile that didn't reach to her eyes.

All the air got sucked out of his lungs~

Wild red hairs, bold blood red lips and the same soul less black eyes with red orbs, the Cold Queen was a replica of Charlie.

A replica of the witch who destroyed Aric's life. . .

She was staring at Aric without blinking as if she was imprinting his image in her mind, her stare was pulling at the strings of Aric's heart~

Aric's beast raised within him with a hope that the girl proudly standing in front of him might be his daughter but the low growl that rumbled from Aric's chest was an indication that she wasn't related to him or his kin.

His beast didn't sense a part of him or his mate within her soul. . .

Aidan behind him was panting hard. They had fought all there way to this 'Marked Territory'. The fucker was hell bent on making Aric believe that the witch standing in front of them was Aric's daughter.

Which was clearly a lie~

Aric felt no connection towards the witch but he doesn't know why it pained him to look at her~

"Looks like my Royal Messenger isn't as loyal to me as I thought. . ." The Cold Queen's lips curved in a sadistic smile.

"Amber he's your fath---" Amber didn't let Aidan complete his sentence and threw his on the ground far away from Aric with just a flicker of her fingers.

Aric gazed at the blue fire that was emitting from Amber's palms.

Aric recalled that the same blue flames used to emit from Charlie's palm whenever she used her power against someone.

"Son of a bitch!" Aidan grunted in pain while lying on the ground curled up in a ball.

"Witch!" Aric sneered as if it was meant to be an insult but Amber smiled at Aric.

A bone chilling smile~

"Actually I'm both!" Shoulders back, chin up, Amber proudly claimed. "Daughter of a bitch and a proud witch." She was standing there in front of two Kings, challenging them fearlessly.

'The witch needs to be disciplined~' Aric's beast whispered aggressively inside the cage of his mind.

"Leave Aidan out of this witch and I might negotiate with you instead of killing you." Aric commanded but his command had the opposite effect on Amber.

She gave him a coy smile before throwing Aidan against on an old oak tree with her powers. Raising her palm in the air towards the direction of Aidan, she pinned Aidan with his back against a tree, his feet were a few meters above the ground.

Aidan was thrashing against her hold, clawing at his neck as if someone was constric

ling him to end her.

Aric can feel that the witch was surrounded by a mad haze and in her madness she was trying to get herself killed but once the fog of madness got cleared from her mind, Aric won't be able to defeat her.

"Charlie had ruined your mate bond, I have her soul within me your majesty, I'll will ruin your Kingdom! Charlie made you mourn for a couple of centuries, I will make you mourn for the rest of your eternal life." Amber exclaimed with such determination that Aric believed in her every single word.

Charlie's mention was enough to throw all the logics and reasonings out of Aric's brain.

The witch had brought back the memories of dark wood and bloodbath with the mention of Charlie.

She had just sealed her fate~

If Charlie's soul resides within her then Aric will be more then glad to end her life. . .

Aric's beast raised within his soul again but this time to seek revenge, he was seeing Amber as Charlie who had taken the beast's mate away from him. The beast tightened his grip on Amber's neck, his claws were now embedded in her neck, blood dripped from his palm.

Amber's Blood~

Gagging sounds were coming from her lips~

All of a sudden screams started echoing all around them, defending screams of lost souls and creatures of myth that resides in the wastelands.

Amber coughed more blood out of her mouth, painting her father's hands with her blood. . .

A father was killing his own daughter, the king of all Beasts was killing the only person who can save the lost souls and the doomed lycans.

Maybe the Goddess of Nature was right, Amber was going to be turned into a lost soul. . .

This world was never meant for her~

The world that had just given her pain and heartaches~

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