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   Chapter 34 She's Your Daughter

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Aidan looked towards Aric. It was almost funny that whenever they encounter each other they were in same position.

They both were rejected by their mates and both of them had abandoned their kingdoms for their soul mates.

Both of them had no fucking idea about their soulmate's whereabouts.

But Aric was more fucked up than Aidan because he had no fucking idea that he had a daughter and not just a normal daughter but a fucking lycan and witch hybrid.

Amber was one of the rare woman whom Aidan's dragon admire. Dragon's are extremely picky creatures and in order to get in the good graces of a dragon a person has to go through the hell the dragon will put him through but this scenario didn't apply on Amber because one look at Amber and Aidan's dragon had immediately formed a bond with that child.

There's something beautifully broken within her soul that attracts Aidan's dragon towards her.

"So Aidan you have been out of your kingdom as long as I was missing from mine. What have you been upto?" Aric asked while panting.

They had entered the wastelands that lays just around the dark wood but it took them longer then necessary because Aric refused to enter the dark forest.

Because the woods have a mind of their own~

They had to take the longer route to enter the wastelands.

And Even with Amber's directions it was fucking hard to pass the wastelands.

They were protected from the lost souls and the creatures of myth but still the temperature of the wastelands was unbearable even for immortals.

"I have been roaming around the world in search of my batshit crazy diamond. Gold helps her once I get my hands on her." Aric laughed at his words.

Aidan froze at the sound of the king of beast's laughter. He had never seen him laughing. It was the first time he saw Aric laugh.

"Dear Moon! It feels so good. I almost forgot how it feels like to laugh. . ." Aric said in a shaky voice.

Aidan looked

our own fucking mate." Aidan fumed, holding Aric by his neck.

"I didn't fucking cheat on my mate Dragon! How many more times I have to repeat myself? Charlie fucking enchanted me! How the fuck was I supposed to fight her? I'm a Lycan not a fucking wizard!!" Aric bellowed, punching Aidan back, making him fall on his ass.

"Don't repeat Darach's mistake Aric. She is your daughter and if you don't believe me then look into her eyes. I'm sure you will recognize your own blood. If you challenged her you won't be able to win. She's going to chew you up and spit you out." Aidan warned while standing up and wiping the blood from his split lips.

"I think we are close to her territory. Let see if she's actually worthy of your admiration or it's just the result of her enchantment skills. I won't mind releasing my pent up hatred for her kind." Venom laced Aric's tone.

"You can't defeat her Aric. She got skills and powers beyond anyone's comprehension." Aidan warned his friend again.

"And I have hatred and rage stored within me that's beyond that witch's comprehension." Aidan remarked before heading towards the Queendom of the Cold Queen.

Two Kings were heading towards Amber's Queendom, unaware of the Cold Queen that was waiting for them at the boundary of her Queendom. . .

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