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   Chapter 33 Amber's An Evil Bitch

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"The Cold Queen Was Actually A Little Abandoned Girl who No One Really Wants."

Amber looked at her reflection in the water, a monster was staring back at her. Her once black hairs with red tips were now a silvery shade of white.

Her flame like eyes had turned into forest green color.

Kindness had left her heart~

Maybe this was the monster Darach was taking about, a monster who wants revenge, revenge from the woman who gave birth to her.

The monster within her soul doesn't want to understand her mother's reasonings, the monster that had slept within her soul now seeks revenge.

But this monster was once a kind soul that was as soft as silk. The fey princess and Darach had stolen that kindness from her soul, they had torn that silk to shreds.

Just like Darach now Amber wears her hatred like a second skin~

Queen Emmeline had created this monster. Now she has to face what she had so proudly created.

Darach was the only man who made Amber's heart skip a beat but he hated Amber because she wasn't what he thought. Amber wasn't what he wanted her to be. . .

But from the beginning Darach never knew who Amber actually was.

She had loved him enough to share her pain with him but what had he given her in return. . .? He had filled Amber's eyes with sorrow, he had made her realize that her heart's been left alone in this crowded world.

Amber knew from the very beginning that Darach was a Lycan but she didn't care.

Rebecca had warned her about him, her own instinct had warned her about him but she didn't listen to them. . .

Darach was a hope that ruined Amber~

Now it's time to ruin him~

Amber had send the dragon to the Kingdom of Lycans. She was going to make everyone as miserable as she's currently feeling.

Every single one of them will pay for their King's deeds. Amber's going to bring the Kingdom to ashes, the same Kingdom where her mate wanted to make her his breeding whore.

She's going to destroy the Kingdom that once had her mother as it's Queen. The Queen who had forsaken Amber because of her own mate's betrayal.

All her life she had thought that someone from her ancestors must have been a witch but she never thought that the witch that's a part of her soul is the same witch with whom her father the King of all Beasts cheated on the Fey Princess.

Darach, the fucker wasn't even the Rightful King. He was just a replacement.

They all had wronged Amber and now they were going to pay~

Amber sensed the Goddess of Nature's presence before she heard her voice.

For the first time in Amber's life the Goddess's presence didn't soothe Amber's soul.

Her presence was making Amber angry~

"You weren't born to be soft and quiet my child. You were born to make the world shatter and shake at your fingertips." The wind carried the Goddess's melodious voice but her voice irked Amber's ears.

"How can a person shatter the world at her fingertips when her soul is falling apart? How can a person shake the world when she realize that the things that she had known all her life were just lies." Amber can feel her eyes burning.

The Goddess

the mention of her father Amber froze. . .

An idea formed in her messed up mind. An idea that will satisfy her vengeance and won't hurt the Goddess but it will make her darling mother, the Fey Princess miserable.

A smile formed on Amber's lips. . . An Evil smile. Maybe it was time to give into her evil nature.

Darach had claimed that Amber was evil bitch, maybe she's actually an evil bitch~

Amber was going to break Emmeline just like she had broken Amber. . . They Fey Princess will pay. . . If she had accepted Amber as her daughter then all this wouldn't have happened to her. Darach wouldn't have rejected her. . . Her body and soul would have been scar free. . .

But Emmeline had chosen her revenge over everything else and now Amber was going to choose her revenge over anything else~

Amber's going to break Emmeline in a way that no one will be able to put her back together.

"Don't worry mother! I won't bother you again. You are the only mother that I have ever known and if it hurts you this much then I won't hurt anyone." Amber lied to the Goddess. The look that the Goddess gave Amber was enough to tell her that the Goddess didn't believe her.

But the Goddess can't stop Amber just like she wasn't able to stop Amber when Amber helped Rebecca by going against the Nature's Laws.

"Your eyes are burning Eva! The hatred you are feeding to your soul is making your inner Fey stronger then she had ever been. She's going to lead you to an Inevitable doom just like your mother's Fey lead her towards a life full of loneliness and regrets. Don't set the world around you on fire. Even I won't be able to help you this time if you went with the plans running in your mind." The Goddess warned.

The Cold smile that Amber offered the Goddess in return of her warnings was enough to stop anyone's heart.

The Goddess said that Amber's father will recognize her as his daughter but the Goddess doesn't know that Amber won't let him recognize her. . .

Emmeline had given Amber scars on her back and Amber was going to scar Emmeline's soul in return.

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