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   Chapter 32 An Inevitable Doom

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Aric Hugged his long lost ally. A million questions were running in his mind.

Aidan had claimed to be a royal messenger for this Queen Amber which makes no sense.

Dragon's don't work for anyone, they fucking make others their slave but here Aidan, the king of all dragons was proudly claiming to be someone else's slave.

Aric had not interacted with others but he wasn't unaware of the things that were going on with others.

Dragons are extremely territorial and arrogant creatures. They don't come out of their kingdom unless they had to hunt their fated mates whom they like to call their brides.

There was a rumor of the dragon king who had gone missing. Centuries ago Aidan had came out of his kingdom to hunt his fated bride. It was the same time when Emmeline left Aric. They had searched their soulmates together.

Aidan even found his bride but it seems like his bride was running away from her own mate.

Aric still remembers that centuries ago Aidan had laid under the night sky along with Aric. He had told Aric about his insecurities. The dragon king for whom women yearns, longs for his bride who seemed to be the only woman who doesn't want Aidan and she's the only one Aidan wants.

Unlike Lycans, Dragons aren't bound to only have sex with their mates. Dragons have extremely high sex drives but they are extremely loyal. Aidan can sleep with any woman he wants but his heart only wants the one sho doesn't want him.

He's been loyal to someone who doesn't even care about him~

While Aidan was filled with yearning, sadness and regret seeped within Aric's soul.

Aidan had yearned for his bride's acceptance while Aric had yearned for his mate's forgiveness.

One time after drinking drums of alcohol the only thing that the dragon king had told Aric about his bride was that she's crazy. If Aric quote Aidan's words then his mate is a batshit crazy diamond.

Aidan even admitted that he's going to tie his batshit crazy diamond to his gold bed and he's going to fuck the idea of running away from him out of her brain.

He had vowed to make his bride scream his name for months while he will fuck the daylight out of her.

Breaking the hug, stepping away from Aidan, Aric forced a sneer in his voice. "What the fuck were you talking about out there!"

"When did you come back and where's your nephew Darach?" Ignoring Aric's question Aidan questioned while looking around the courtroom as if he was searching for someone.

"I don't have any idea about what's going on in my own kingdom. I just came back a few days ago. Tell me what the hell is going on with you and this royal messenger thing? The last time I checked you were searching for your bride!" Aric grunted.

"That crazy witch is so good at hiding that even a Majestic Dragon King like me is having a hard time in finding her. Plus while my stay at foreign lands I have signed on the job of Queen Amber's messenger. I need connections to find my bride and Queen Amber seemed to be the only person who can help me." Aidan pulled his hairs in frustration. They way Aidan was acting clearly indicates that things weren't going according to his plan.

He used to act this way when their search for their soulmates lead them to a dead end in the past.

A crazy witch~

Aidan's words ringed inside Aric's head but he didn't let the shock show on his face at Aidan's admission.

Another King was taken down by the witches. . .

"Why the hell would you work for a mad Queen who thinks that she has the power to break bonds? I know how witches works, even a crowned witch can't break a mate bond it's just a myth that they have the power." Instead of asking Aidan about his bride Aric c

g my people in front of her just for a favor from her?" Aric spat those words at Aidan. "I thought we were friends." He gave Aidan a look of disappointment.

"She's going to be the Queen of witches Aric. She's the only one who can find my bride. Don't tell me you wouldn't have done the same for Emmeline." Aidan snapped.

He was right! Aric would have done the same if he was in Aidan's place.

"I have given up on finding Emmeline. I have realized that you can't find someone who doesn't want to be found. I hope that my kingdom will lead me to Emmeline or it will lead her back to me. I wasn't around for centuries but that doesn't change the fact that I'm the King of Lycans. And as a king I can't let my people go through the same pain that I went through. Earlier you told everyone that Queen Amber had invited everyone to her Queendom, I'm accepting her invitation." Aric declared in a strong and determined voice.

"I'll take you to her Queendom Aric but don't say that I didn't warned you before." Aidan mumbled the last part under his breath.

Aric looked at Aidan, he had a troubled look on his face. As if he wanted to ask Aric something but was hesitating.

"Ask away Aidan you know I won't bite you." Aric joked trying to lose the tense atmosphere.

"That night Aric, did Charlie actually died on that night? Is there a chance that Charlie might have survived that night?" There was hesitation on his face. The dragon king was hiding something from Aric.

Aric's instinct was forcing him to confront Aidan but he ignored it.

Aric's beast can feel it deep in his bones that an inevitable doom was coming his way.

He didn't get this feeling since that cursed night when he lost his mate. . .

"Charlie died on that night Aidan and the barren forest that covers the south side of my castle is a proof of her death. The moment life left Charlie's eyes was the moment life escaped from those woods. Not a single living being resides in those cursed woods."

"But is there might still be a tiny chance of her survival?" Aidan asked again almost hopefully.

"You said earlier that Amber is soon to be the crowned Queen of all witches so there's no chance of Charlie's survival because only after the death of the last crone the witches crown the next Queen. Charlie was their last Queen."

"Then who is she. . ." Aidan whispered to himself but it didn't go unnotice by Aric.

The King of Dragons was definitely hiding something~

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