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   Chapter 30 The Last Kiss

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"It Was Getting Dark In Her Little Heart."

***Present Time***

"You will never be able to find this path again love" "I'll be forever lost to you love." Amber whispered to Darach.

"Let's not be irrational! You don't have to do this, look we can figure something out just...." Amber cut him off before he could complete his sentence.

"You can't figure this out!! You don't have a problem with our situation, you have a problem with me, with my origin." When Darach didn't reply Amber continued. "I won't change a thing about myself, not even for you. I won't lose myself for your love. I love you and it's okay that you don't love me back."

She admitted that she was in love with the lycan king in front of everyone with any shame. Unlike others she has nothing to hide. . .

Amber so badly wanted Darach to say to her that he doesn't want to change her but his silence shattered the last tiny hope that she was holding onto.

The Cold Queen turned her back towards the person who promised her a happily ever after.

Mind filled with self doubts Amber looked towards the people who were surrounding her, her people who were waiting for her next move.

She felt like the little abandoned girl who had roamed the wastelands in search of someone to call her own.

The little girl who was always left alone. . .

Maybe something is wrong with the way she was born~

Her parents didn't want her, She has no idea about her father's identity, she's the daughter of a Princess who had forsaken her. The Fey Princess doesn't even remember her name anymore.

The name of her own daughter. . .

Her own mother thinks that she got rid of Amber. Amber's own mate wants to keep her as his breeding whore, the self made Queen as his personal bitch.

Could life be anymore worse than this...?

She doesn't understand the reasoning behind her mother's actions but she was nothing but good to Darach and he broke her heart in return.

"You don't have to worry about any child you have with me or the chance of a child you had with me. I'm not fertile in these days of the year." Amber lied.

She has no fucking idea about her being fertile or not. She never had to thought about children before Darach.

She had always worn her clock but thanks to Darach who had taken down all the barriers that she had build around her to protect herself.

What if she became pregnant with his child. . . . Is she strong enough to love a child whose father broke her heart?

Realization struck her like a wreaking ball! Maybe the Fey Princess had her heart broken by Amber's father that's the reason she abandoned her.

Amber still remember the first and last time she had seen her mother. The princess was roaming a forest aimlessly. She looked like a lost creature with an air of misery surrounding her.

Maybe she regrets abandoning her daughter or maybe karma had knocked at her door for what she had done to Amber.

Amber's hand unconsciously touched her flat stomach. Will she be a mother to her child or a woman who was abandoned by the child's father. . .?

Would Amber want her child to go through the same pain that she had gone through. . .?

"You can't be sure about this!" Darach snapped, pulling her out of her thoughts.

Amber looked at him, he just want a child from her. Every fucking person wants something from her and when it's her time to ask for something they always leave.

They always fucking leave!!

"Believe me Darach! I'm sure. I have never been more sure about anything in my life."

Amber looked in his eyes. "You have to leave, you don't belong with me... Just like these lycans dosen't belong with you."

Amber felt her heart constricting inside her chest. She has lost the battle with her fate. She has always challenged her fate by accomplishing everything that fate deprived her of. Like a Queendom, people who accept her, A place she can call her home. . .

But today she lost, lost someone very dear~

Fate's literally a bitch!

A crazy psychopath bitch!!

Energy burned within Amber, Blue light started building up in her left hand and for the first time in her life Amber created a portal by channeling her powers with this ease.

"Amber you are bleeding!" Came Rome's concerned voice.

Amber looked towards Rome, her child and smiled. "Aren't we all bleeding Rome? Some from inside while some from the outside." Amber placed her hand on her heart when she said

d of wiping it got smudged all over his face.

"You are bleeding little mate. . ." Darach trailed off when he caught the look in her eyes.

"Every time you kiss someone else, you will be thinking of me. I know you will. Every time I'll take someone else to my bed I'll be thinking of what you were unable to give me, respect. Goodbye Mate. . ." Amber whispered against his lips before pushing him in the portal, catching him off guard.

His hands reached out to hold her but Amber stepped back.

The portal closed behind Darach. Amber fell on her knees, coughing crimson blood.

Every gasped at her condition. . .

Amber looked at the place where the portal had closed. She hadn't said goodbye to Darach, she had whispered goodbye to her dreams of a happily ever after.

She tried to make her heart understand that she was better off those silly dreams, she was better off the man whom she fell for.

For the first time in her life Amber gave up on something or someone.

She gave up on her false hopes and her mate, Darach.

She was going through the same pain that the lycans in her Queendom had endured.

Her lips were silent but every lycan present there can hear the screams of her broken heart, loud and clear.

They had seen her crumbling to the ground and now they were going watch her rise above them all again.

Standing on her feet again Amber looked around her.

Amber eyes caught the fear that was shining in her people's eyes, they were afraid for her. Intend on putting her broken self together Amber pulled her shoulders back and raised her chin.

It's time to fix her broken crown~

She had done it before and she can definatly do it again. That's the only thing she is good at, moving on.

But this time it was difficult for Amber to trun the page when she knew that Darach won't be in the next chapter of her life.

But no matter how hard it will be to move on, she's not going to look back or find her happiness in others. She was perfect before Darach and she will be perfect after him. . .

Rule number one for a happily ever after: Never fall in love again.

It wasn't her fault that she fell in love. Her fault was that she fell for a person who was seeped in hatred for her kind.

Now it's finally time to present these lycans with the same shit that they had dished out to their soulmates for centuries. It's their time to pay back for their fuckups.

"Who the fuck is interested in the position of being my Royal Messenger?" Amber's demanding voice echoed on the silent ground.

Amber looked at the dragon who had raised his hand with a wicked smile on his face at her question. Amber smirked at the dragon. Finally the lazy bastard was doing something that will benefit the Queendom in which he had resided from the past 10 years.

"It's finally time to send a little message to the kingdom of lycans." Were the Queen's last words before she fell on the ground, vomiting black blood.

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