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   Chapter 29 Silver Dagger

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Emmeline didn't let her love for Aric overpower her judgment.

She was his mate but before that she was a Fey, a Fey who was next in line to lead her kind.

Aric was the King of Beasts, one of the most dangerous being alive but Emmeline was a Fey Princess, a walking and breathing lethal weapon.

The king of beasts has provoked her Fey and Fey aren't very merciful when provoked, not even to their own blood.

Aric had lost all his chances when he had chosen that witch over Emmeline.

Emmeline gripped the ancient silver dagger that was holding her hairs in place, a gift from her ancestors that was given to her by her father. The locks of her hairs that were pinned above her neck with the help of the dagger fell all over her back.

It was finally time to use the dagger~

Aric turned his back on Emmeline and kneeled on the ground to check on the witch. He touched her with such tenderness as if he was afraid to hurt her. He was gazing at her the same way he used to gaze at Emmeline.

The spark that Aric's eyes has lost in the past few days was back but it wasn't for Emmeline. His affection and love towards the witch lit a fire within Emmeline's soul.

Her soul was burning with the betrayal of her soulmate.

Emmeline didn't wast anymore time and embedded the silver dagger into his back until it touched his back bone.

An agonizing roar escaped form the King when his flesh came in contact with the ancient silver.

His painful roar sounded like music to Emmeline's ears~

His screams had a soothing effect on the pain that he had inflicted on her soul.

Lycans and Wolfs are extremely sensitive to ancient silver. The type of silver that's very rare to find, once embedded into the flesh it stops the beasts healing ability for a time in lycans while it might kill the Werewolves. Because lycans are the true born children of the Moon who can withstand the silver's effect on them while werewolves are considered abominations, they have a wolf within them but they aren't as strong as a lycan.

She watched tears falling from Aric's eyes, the pain was too much even for him to handle.

Emmeline had never thought she would have to use that dagger on her own mate. But guess life never goes as we plan. . .

She turned towards the witch.

"You should have thought before touching my mate witch! Didn't you know how territorial a Fey can be!" The witch's eyes were filled with unshed tears. She wasn't even paying attention to Emmeline's words.

She was looking at Emmeline's stomach like a maniac while caressing her own.

"I shouldn't have come back for him." The witch mumbled.

Come back~

At her words Emmeline's heart skipped a beat. Aric had been with her before, she came back to for him. . .

"You have been with him before?" Emmeline shrieked like a mad jealous wife, acting nothing like the noble Fey Princess that she was.

"Yes." This time the witch was looking her in the eyes. She had a remorseful look on her face.

Emmeline's fists clenched, there was pity for her in the witch's eyes. The bitch had the guts to pity a Fey.

"Emmeline don't! I'll make you regret it if you dared to harm her." Aric bellowed from the ground where her was laying in a pool of his own blood.

"Then you must die witch because you fucked a wrong woman's man. My kind is known for being the most malignant and unforgiving specie." Emmeline declared while looking at Darach.

How romantic!

Lover boy was threatening Emmeline for his witch lover.

Grabbing the witch by her hairs Emmeline flipped her, plastering her face on the ground. She placed her knee on the witch's back to keep her in place. Retreating her claws she started embedding them in the witch's back to pull her back bon

e no matter what she can't get herself to kill him.

He was a liar, a cheater but he was still the person Emmeline had once loved~

She threw the dagger away.

Taking Aric's face between both of her hands Emmeline looked into his eyes.

"If we ever crossed paths again Aric I won't be able to stop my Fey from ending you. Mark my words Aric! Yourwhole kind will pay for your betrayal. Every single being related to you will pay." Emmeline sneered against his lips

In that moment Aric can feel the coldness of a corpse coming off his own mate.

Aric looked at Emmeline's retreating back. She was leaving her own soulmate blooded on the ground along his dead lover in the dark musky woods.

Aric cried her name again and again but she was gone.

He had no idea for how long he had been laying there, he had no idea how long it has been since Emmeline left him.

He looked towards Charlie's soulless body and felt nothing but anger towards her.

The moment Charlie had took her last breath, the fog in Aric's mind had been lifted. It dawned upon him that Charlie had enchanted him. She had made him believe that she was his mate.

Aric roared when he realized that he had fucked her, he had cheated on Emmeline.

How was he going to clean the mess Charlie had created.


The witch he had once considered a gentle soul and a companion was a bitch who ruined his life.

She had done something to his beast, she had locked Aric's beast inside his own head. That's why he was unable to fight against Charlie's enchantment.

Aric was getting punished over something that he had no fault in. He wasn't a fucking wizard! How was he supposed to shake off a witch's enchantment spell??

The Oracle's shriek pulled Aric out of his thoughts. "What the hell have you done lycan!!" She was standing there, looking at Charlie in horror.

"You kil.. kille... killed her?" Her voice was shaking as if she couldn't believe what she was witnessing.

Aric looked at the Oracle and gave her a sad smile. "I wish I would have killed her. . ." Were the last words he mumbled before his vision went blank.

Leaving behind the Oracle in the cursed forest~


That night the Fey Princess had killed the most beloved child of nature, that night the Rightful King Of Beasts had seen his mate for the last time.

On that cursed night two soulmates who where meant for each other had parted ways.

Nature had lost its protector~

The witches lost their leader, A Crone.

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