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   Chapter 28 The King's Betrayal

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Emmeline woke from her slumber with her heart beating as if she had ran a mile.

She clawed at her own neck, trying to lose the invisible noose that was constricting her neck, making it impossible for her to breath.

Something was not right~

Emmeline looked at the empty space on the bed where Aric was sleeping before.

The faint traces of his scent were indicating that it's been a while since he left.

He never leaves without telling her.

'Something was not right~' These words were playing in her mind like a broken record.

Emmeline's Fey has the ability to sense doom, currently her heart was constricting as if someone was stabbing her heart with a knife.

Her heart had never known pain like this....

'Maybe something is wrong with Aric. . . What if he's in danger. . .?' A voice echoed in her mind.

Her mind was filled with trouble thoughts.

From past few days Aric was acting funny. Every time she had tried to get close to him he had become distant. An invisible wall had formed between them and Emmeline was unable to break through that wall.

Deciding not to wait, acting on her instinct Emmeline followed the faint traces of Aric's scent but soon she was stopped in her tracks when Aric's scent lead Emmeline towards the forest.

Emmeline's a Fey and like her ancestors she had always felt a connection with woods but the dark woods in front of her were giving her chills instead of the homey feel that they had always given her.

Standing on the edge of woods Emmeline looked back towards the castle, castle that she had left behind.

Her every sense was hyperactive.

She was getting a feel that she was not going to like where this search will lead her.

Keeping all her doubts aside, Emmeline walked into the forest to track her mate down.

Aric was acting strange form the past few days. He was distant, the spark in his eyes whenever he gazed at Emmeline was gone.

Something was bothering him that he wasn't sharing with her. Something that Emmeline was unable to read in his mind. She had tried but his mind was a mess. Even Emmeline's Fey wasn't able to read his mind.

Something was eating him alive, something that Emmeline wasn't aware of~

Suddenly Emmeline was pulled out of her thoughts, stopped in her tracks when her mate's pleasure filled moans reached to her ears.

Her heart stopped beating, her stomach was doing back flips.

With shaking leg Emmeline took a few steps in the direction of her mate's moan

can die from a heartbreak. One is no match for a witch's powers but if you want to kill a witch then play with her emotions, play with her heart and she'll be defeated..... it's the only way to kill a powerful being like a witch'

Feys are known for their knowledge. Knowledge is their most powerful weapon but witches are known for keeping the secrets of the universe within their souls.

A true witch is the worshiper of the Goddess of Nature.

You will never find a more terrifyingly authentic soul than a Witch.

Emmeline was told to never mess with a witch because if you dared to cross a witch she will protect herself by whatever means necessary but the bitch who was currently pinned beneath Emmeline didn't even fight back. It feels like she wants to die.

And Emmeline was more than happy to fulfill her wish.

Retreating her claws she went for a kill shot, before her claws could touch the witch's neck Emmeline was thrown on her ass by Aric who was now standing in front of the witch protectively.

Emmeline looked at her mate, her heart filled with betrayal and agony, the type of agony that she had never known before.

He had shown his loyalty towards his witch lover.

The bastard had not even a tiny bit of remorse over what he had done to Emmeline. He was proudly standing in front of the witch, protecting her.

Aric had chosen his side, he had chosen the witch and now there was no turning back. Now Emmeline has to choose between crying all her life over a cheating dog or making him regret what he did to her.

She chose the later. . .

With an agonizing cry Emmeline charged towards her mate, hitting him like a havoc.

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