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   Chapter 27 The Return Of Aric King

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Present Time

The Kingdom Of Lycans

Aric King~

He didn't sleep very well in a long while, he didn't sleep very well since the last time he spoke to his mate.

His mind has a scary capability of being dark and deemed whenever he tries to sleep.

His afraid of his own dreams. He's afraid of dreaming about her again only to wake up alone with no trace of her around him, Again.

It's been centuries since he has been awake, awake and tired.

After centuries of roaming foreign lands in search of Emmeline, the Rightful King was back where he truly belongs.

Aric, the king of all beasts looked around his birth place, the same place he had abandoned in search of his mate.

He had forsaken his kind, his kingdom and his duties. . .

For a woman. . .

And now after centuries he was back only because of the Oracle. She had predicted that Aric's kingdom will lead him back to his mate. Maybe the Oracle was right, maybe Emmeline will walk on a path that will lead her back to him.

He so badly wanted to believe the Oracle, he so badly wanted to believe that finally his sufferings will end and he will be at peace.

He so badly wanted to believe that the demons from his past will stop chasing him~

He wasn't ashamed to admit that he was back here not for his people but for his mate, the mate that he had lost to a witch's greed.

The mad Oracle had predicted that she had seen Emmeline's blood on his hands but Aric knew that it's going to be the other way around.

Just like before.

Last time Emmeline was merciful enough to leave him in his own pool of blood, alive. Aric touched the silver dagger strapped to his waist, the same dagger that had been embedded into his back bone by Emmeline.

Her only thing that she had left behind besides her memories~

Pretty ironic!

He had kept the dagger with him as his most prized possession, the same dagger that had nearly ended his life.

Aric wasn't angry with Emmeline because she had tried to kill him. . .

He was just upset because she never looked back. . .

Just one cursed night had overpowered their love, it took only a single night to apart two soulmates.

The Oracle had told him to reclaim his throne.She had told him that his search for Emmeline wasn't worth the pain that he's going to gain once he find her but Aric knew that the Oracle was wrong, Emmeline was worth every pain.

She was worth losing his life for~

Without her he was dead but not allowed to die, alive but as good as dead.

His life has no meaning without her.

He was back in his kingdom but everything was changed, everything was different. The markets were vacant. No trade was going on. The markets that in his reign were loaded with trade and had thrived with his people were now abandoned as if no one had sell anything there in centuries.

The beast within him can sense an air of misery around this place. Something was wrong. This wasn't the same place he had left.

A crowd of people caught Aric's attention. Aric moved towards them but didn't step out of the shadows.

"Do you thing we can still relay on the Royal family? Darach King isn't fit to lead us, Connor King is a cursed lycan who is as good as dead after his mate's death and Lucia King has the abilities to lead but she's a woman and we all know that we can't give her the throne. If she sat on the lycan throne our race will be mocked for letting a woman overpower us." A young pup declared, he was standing in the middle of crowd. Every person around him was hanging on to his every word.Connor lost his mate! Aric was shocked by the Pup's words.

Aric's predatory gaze was locked on the pup. Looks like s


Even Aric's beast was distant~

It was midnight and Aric was standing at the window in his royal chamber, gazing at the dark forest.

The woods were lovely, dark and deep~

The woods were calling to his very soul, compelling him towards the dark musky abandoned forest as if someone was waiting for him in the woods.

Aric looked towards his mate who was sleeping peacefully, draped in silk. Leaving her alone in their royal chamber Aric headed towards the woods. Alone.

Towards his own doom~

The moment he stepped into the woods. He got a sense of being watched. The hair on the back of his neck raised as his ears picked on a whisper of his name. . .

"Aric. . ."

As if having a mind of their own his legs moved towards the direction of the whisper until he reached a lake in the middle of nowhere.

Darkness there and nothing more~

At the edge of the lake was standing the least suspecting person Aric thought of encountering tonight.


"Aric. . ." His name rolled off her tongue as a prayer, it sounded almost like a plea.

Charlie, the only woman whom Aric had bedded more than once besides his mate.

She was more than a bed partner for him. She was a companion, a wise friend with whom he was in a compatible relationship.

Because unlike others she never asked for more and she was completely okay with the fact that Aric was only going to claim his fated mate and no one else.

She was unique and a kind soul~

A deadly combination.

And now she was standing in front of him. She never spoke another word, never made a sound but the look in her eyes told him that she was here for him.

She offered her right hand to Aric, waiting for him to hold her hand. When Aric stepped towards her, his beast growled in his head in warning, immediately stopping him in his tracks.

"Come to me Aric. . . Come to whom you truly belong. . ." A soothing voice in his mind over powered his beast's growls.

Accepting Charlie's offered hand, Aric pulled her into his body. It was all the encouragement Charlie needed, setting her lips on his she claimed him, branding her essence on the King of Beasts.

Deep in his heart Aric was aware of the fact that what he was going to do was wrong but at the same time it felt so right. . .

That's how Aric sealed his fate of Misery and Bloodshed. That night three lives were going to walk towards an inevitable doom.

A fate worse than death~

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