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   Chapter 26 The One With The Goodbyes

Marking Territory By BestiesBabe Characters: 10092

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"The Cold Queen Was Hiding A little Girl Inside Her Who Was Afraid Of People Hurting Her."

Darach's gaze was locked on the woman in front of him. The woman who had transformed into a lycan, not a regular lycan she had transformed into the beast that even Darach's own fear.

She was three times bigger than her 5.2 height, her nails had transformed into lethal claws and an image of her beast was flickering on her face.

There She was standing, the Rightful Heiress to The Lycan Throne.

Darach was staring at the beast cut from the Rightful King of Lycan's soul. His Mighty Uncle's soul.

Amber was Aric's daughter.

She was Darach's cousin, a part of family~

There's no way in hell that he will make a mistake in identifying something like that.

Darach looked towards Connor, his brother has the same look on his face. Making Darach's believe even stronger than before.

How the fuck is this even possible!!

When Amber had told him that her father was a lycan he never thought in his wildest imaginations that she would be the daughter of Aric, his Mighty Uncle or is this just an illusion??

What to believe and what not to. . .

She was a witch and a lycan hybrid! Could this be anymore confusing? What the fuck was happening!

Is Amber the bastard child of the Crone and Aric?

Darach's beast growled at him for insulting their mate but he ignored his beast.

The Crone was killed by the Fey Princess. Is there any chance that the witches might have survived that night. . .?

Hundreds of unanswered questions were running into Darach's mind. Darach was pulled out of his troubled thoughts by Amber's booming voice.

"I'm a witch! I work with Nature, I'm the one who believes in magic, I'm the one who heals and destroys. I don't believe in devil and I'm not evil, not until provoked. I have ancient secrets rooted in my memory. I'm the 'Queen Of The Wastelands'." The lightning striking in the clear sky was an evidence that Amber's ever word was true.

"I don't wish for miracles, I make them happen, I make my own destiny and the destiny of the people who resides within my Territory. Get the fuck up from your knees! My subjects bow down in front of no one else but their Queen."

The lycans that were on their knees stood up in front of Darach. All of them had one thing in common and that's confusion.

Seems like they were as clueless as Darach. It was their first time too to witness the beast that resides within their Queen.

Amber's command has over powered Darach's command on the beasts.

The beasts of every lycan present there has recognized the Rightful Royal Heiress.

Aric had once told Darach and Connor that don't take that lightly when a woman claims that she's a witch because in that moment she's standing in every bit of her true essence.

Now standing in front of Amber Darach realized that he's nothing in front of her. She was two times a leader that Darach would ever be.

Amber turned towards Darach.

There was no evil smirk on her face

ne from both heart and soul and I have accepted the fact that you are not that person, you are not my person. I know my worth and I have paid dearly for every ounce of it."

Chill ran through him at her words. Darach had no doubt, he knew that Amber was telling the truth. His beast was capable of locking Darach inside his own body.

Darach was shocked at her words. That's why his beast had locked him up in their mind. He was hiding his schemes from Darach. Fuck!! His own beast was against him.

He looked at Amber. He had thought that he was not accepting her but now it dawned upon him that what he had done.

He destroyed everything with his own hands!

Darach took her for granted because he knew that their was no way for her to leave him. He had thought that like everyone from his kind he was bound to her for an eternity. He was so wrong about that. Amber was going to forsake him, leave him.

She was going to fucking leave him!

Darach's heart was beating like crazy. He had messed this up. Amber was going to break their bond, she was going to leave his sorry ass alone.

The fear of losing her made him realize that he was bloody in love with Amber.

He wasn't sure about anything else. He didn't know if she was evil or not, he didn't know if she was truly a witch or a lycan but Darach was sure about one thing and that was that Darach had fallen in love with her and he was too blinded by his hatred to see that before.

He came to know his mate's importance when he was on the verge of losing her or has he lost her already?

"You will never be able to find this path again love" "I'll be forever lost to you love." The Queen whispered to Darach, the Queen who never had a chance to be soft. The Queen who was always bloody knuckles and shards of glass.

A Queen who just wanted people to be afraid of hurting her.

A Queen who was abandoned by everyone who was supposed to love her. . .

A Queen who was always left alone to mend the broken pieces of her heart. . .

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