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   Chapter 24 Going Numb

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****He wore his hatred like a cruel second skin****

Amber gazed at the king of beasts. He looked confused as fuck.

He assessed his surroundings before setting his eyes on Amber.

"What's the problem?" Darach asked.

"What's the problem?" Amber echoed in a questioning tone.

"I did something working?" Darach asked while scratching the back of his head, looking anywhere but at her.

He clearly didn't have any idea about what happen between Amber and his beast.

Maybe that was a way of the beast to show her that how much control he can have on Darach. He can clearly dominate Darach but Amber doesn't want a divided man.

If Darach messed this up she will have to forsake them both.

Amber had often heard that the lycans are the best deceivers but she never counted Darach as one of them. Not until today, he probably would have thought that he can let his beast deal with her until he figures out a way out of this situation but the joke was on him because his own beast has chosen Amber's side, betraying his other half.

"You did nothing wrong but I just wanted to ask that do you think I'm suitable for the position of your breeding whore?" "Tell me am I?" Amber asked casually, watching him with narrowed eyes.

She was done playing around, she just need answers. She wants to know where she stands with her mate.

He was avoiding eye contact. Unlike his beast he wasn't even looking at her and that bloody hurts.

The beast cherished her while Darach despise her.

The witch in her wanted go cut his balls off with a butcher's knife but Amber was holding her at bay.

She wants to give him a chance, her heart wants this to work.

For once her heart wants something to work for her. . .

"Say it out loud and clear Darach. If you can say it to your darling brother then you should have the guts to say it on my face. I want you to look in my eyes and tell me what you have planned for me!" Amber tried to reach out to him but he stepped away as if her touch will burn him.

He looked away from his own mate.

In this moment Amber didn't feel like the Cold Queen. She feels like a jealous and hurt wife who was throwing a tantrum. She felt like an unreasonable woman when she didn't get any reply from Darach. He was making her look like a maniac.

"Oohh now you can't even look at the body that only a few hours ago you can't get enough of? Pathetic!!" Amber spat the word at him.

Silence greeted her words again.

Darach was ignoring her as if she was a pest under his boot.

He was hurting Amber and Amber wanted to hurt him the same way he was hurting her. Amber wants him to feel what he was making her feel about herself. Worthless, unwanted, forsaken. . .

"If my father was like you then I can clearly understand w

e an ugly witch like me back with your?" Amber shouted at him.

"Because you are a curse for me. A curse that I can't get rid of! But you know what! I will still take you back to my kingdom, you will be my whore until you give birth to my child. Once my child is born I might keep you around or kill you just like you were planning to do with my child." Darach smirked at her.

And just like that Darach shattered her last hope of a happily ever after. How stupid of her to think that he would make her happy, he will fill all the holes in her heart.

Amber's scars wasn't a problem, he was right! The scars weren't a problem but SHE WAS!!

When her mother had forsaken her, Amber didn't have her scars than. She had forsaken Amber because there was ugliness within her. But the thing that she can't understand is that from where has this ugliness came from? She was a babe when her mother had forsaken her so what ugliness her mother could have seen within her own flesh and blood that she abandoned Amber in the deadly snow!

A fate worse than death~

At that time Amber had done nothing to her mother and now after centuries Amber had done nothing to her mate who claims that Amber doesn't deserve love.

Who was he to decide if Amber deserves love or not!

Amber's only fault was that she had given him her love, her fault is that she had foolishly thought that she can built a home with him. Her fault is that she had foolishly fallen in love with the lycan king and in return she had expected the same love from him.

But look what she got in return! Hatred. . .

Amber gazed at her mate. She felt nothing. No emotion towards him.

Maybe that's it. She had eventually gone numb. He had broken her already broken heart so many times that it had gone numb.

'KILL HIM!' Amber's inner Fey's voice echoed inside her mind. . .

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