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   Chapter 23 The Crone And The Beast

Marking Territory By BestiesBabe Characters: 11400

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****There is madness in her bloodline****

Sometimes someone you have known for only a few days could have stronger power on you than someone you have known for centuries.

The same happened to Amber when she had told Rebecca to leave her alone.

Rebecca, her very first companion~

Rebecca has left her alone without a fuss maybe because she has gone through this phase in which Amber was currently trapped.

Broken, mourning the loss of her happily ever after.

Amber was so disappointed in Darach but still A samll part of her wants to forgive him, to not utter a single word to him, to act like she doesn't know that he hates her while the other part of her just wants to detach herself from him completely.

Her lycan instinct has gone completely silent as if it was never there, in her mind.

Her inner witch was shouting at her that 'She can be a Queen without a king just like before.'

But Amber doesn't want to be a Queen without her king. She had gotten a taste of love and affection from Darach and now she craves it with all her heart.

It's kinda funny because witches are known for being incapable of love. Amber's witch carves hatred, it fuels her powers. The more stronger hatred the more power her witch will have over Amber's body.

There are three houses of witches. The Crone, the Hag and the Witch. The crone is for the crowned ones, the one who leads and Amber is one of them. The crone are rare. It is said that it takes a millennium for a crone to be born. There is madness in her bloodline. Amber is one of the leaders also known as The Untouchables.

That's the main reason that in fight or flight mode it's the witch in her that comes forward more fiercely than her fey and lycan.

Because her witch is born to lead~

Footsteps echoed, her mate's footsteps. Amber didn't know for how long she has been sitting there gazing at the isolated forest.

The sun was up now which means that she has spent the night out there.

Amber created an illusion on herself. Her mate won't see her real broken self. He will just see an illusion of a smiling Amber gazing at him.

Mustering up all her courage she looked towards her mate. The mate who offered Amber his hand, his heart, his kingdom and a position of his breeding whore in the last twenty four hours.

A smile decorated his beautiful face when his gaze fell on her. His eyes were molten gold indicating that Amber was looking at the beast.

Her fey's warning words were playing in her mind like a broken record.

'Ask him why isn't he giving back control to his human Amber. . . Mend the shattered mind before he strikes...Ask before he destroys. . . ASK THE FILTHY WOLF~'

"I love you lass." the beast exclaimed, standing in front of her while pulling her into a warm hug.

Amber looked in his eyes, sincerity was shining in them. The beast was telling the truth. He did love her unlike his human who loathe her entirely just because of her origin.

So what if she's a part Witch. . .

So what if she cast Spells. . .

So what if she follows Nature instead of The Moon. . .

Amber isn't just a witch, she's a proud one. . .

Darach didn't know that she's a hybrid and Amber isn't going to tell him that not until he accepts her as she is. A witch at heart.

Amber knew that Darach can give anything to change her origin but loving someone by changing them isn't love, it's trade and with

nd his beast has destroyed Rebecca, leaving an empty shell of a girl behind.

Amber's not going to repeat her friend's mistakes. She doesn't want to end up like Rebecca.

But before giving up she will give this another shot. She will try to convince Darach but if he turned out to be like his brother than Amber will have no choice but to forsake him.

Forsake him to save herself from a life long misery~

"I will give him control Amber but remember that if he messed up than I'll take back the control, I'll never let him out if that's what it takes to be with you." The beast announced before pulling Amber towards him, fiercely claiming her lips with a passion that was unmatchable.

His warm tears wetted Amber's face.

"I love you." The beast whispered against her lips.

Her heart constricted in her chest. She was feeling the beast's pain through their bond.

In this moment Amber realized one thing that it's not the beast that's an animal within a lycan, it's the human who's more lethal than the beast within their soul.

The beasts just shoulder the blame of the wrongdoings of their human.

Amber looked in the eyes of her mate. It's not his fault that his human is an asshole.

Amber placed her lips on his, placing a gentle kiss on them, relishing the feel of him. She was trying to memorize this feeling, this moment because she knew that if Darach didn't accepted her then she will have to forsake this big brute too, the big brute who cries for her pain. . .

The beast. . .

Her beast. . .

She will have to forsake the only person who ever cared for her, the beast who saw all her flaws and still accepted her with all his heart, the beast who saw her ugly scars as battle trophies. The one Amber fell for.

"I love you too.... Let him out, Please. . ." Amber whispered against his lips. A lone tear escaped from her eyes. She wished that she could tell him that she have him and that's all she needs. But the fear of ending up like Rebecca was bigger than her desires.

Giving Amber a last longing look the beast retreated. His tears were tearing at Amber's heart.

Amber watched the once molten gold eyes turning blue indicating that she was standing in front of Darach.

The beast was gone, putting Darach in control.

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