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   Chapter 22 The Broken Queen

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Darach's words were like a slap on Amber's soul.

Amber's heart shattered. . .

It's like some invisible fist was punching her in the gut!

Darach regrets marking her. Her own mate regrets claiming her, he hates Amber.

She was standing there listening to her mate's every word.

She doesn't know what to believe anymore. Everything was in front of her but a small part of her still has faith in her mate who had looked into her eyes with sincerity while telling her that he wants to be her save place. A place were she can hide from all her worries.

Darach's words of affection, his empty promises of never leaving her side, his false claim of never hurting Amber, his sweet talks about a happily ever after with her were ringing in her mind like a broken record.

Amber had tried everything to make this work between her and Darach but now her biggest fear was coming true.

She had fallen for Darach while he didn't love her back. . .

In a haze the Cold Queen walked towards the exit of the healing center, not knowing where she was going with the weight of betrayal, humiliation and misery on her shoulders.

So stupid! Amber's so stupid to trust him.

A crazed laugh escaped from her trembling lips. Her gaze turned blurry with unshed tears.

Centuries ago Amber's own mother didn't want her and she stupidly thought that her mate will want her, he will cherish her.

Maybe she was asking for too much. . .

But then again, she hadn't asked for a lot of things from Darach. She just wanted to hold his had while walking in her territory.

A small part of her wanted to show him off to her parents and proudly tell them that she had made a family for herself. And now she doesn't want them just like they didn't want her back then but little did she know that her mate will abandon her too.

After listening to her mate's confession now she thinks that maybe it's too much to wish from her life. Maybe love and affection isn't meant for everyone, maybe acceptance isn't meant for everyone.

All her life Amber has longed for acceptance, acceptance from her parents who shunned her and now she was longing for her mate's acceptance.

Why is it so hard for all of them to accept her? Amber has accepted hundreds of species in her Queendom without blinking an eye so why the fuck is it so difficult for others to accept her!

Amber looked towards her hands. She had an ability of destroying mountains, she can create life from a barren land, she has the guts to challenge legends and the power to hand them their asses but at this moment when she looked towards her hands they were empty. Just like her heart.


to tell Amber! That the pain won't ever fade but she will learn to live with this pain just like Rebecca has learnt to survive with the continuous ache in her heart.

"What if I claw this heart out. Will my feelings go away with this heart?" Amber was blabbering. It seems like she was taking to herself, not asking suggestions from Rebecca.

"I can definitely regenerate a new heart and when I'll get my new heart I won't let that bastard sink his dirty claws in my new one. I will throw his arse out of here at the mercy of the monsters of myth that resides in the snow along with his bitchy sister and bastard brother." Amber was chanting all this like a crazed woman. Her eyes were wild and soulless.

The lycans has successfully broken another strong woman.

Rebecca looked at her broken friend and then to the moon. It wasn't supposed to end like this for Amber.

She wasn't supposed to end up with a broken heart like Rebecca. . .

"Amber stand up, you're not thinking straight." Rebecca pleaded.

"Why do you want me to think straight!! I'm so tired of being the one who always thinks straight. Can't he see what he has done to me!! Can't they all see what they had done to me." Amber screamed while looking at the Moon. It seems like she wasn't even talking to Rebecca anymore.

"I'm so sick of carrying these scars while the one who gave them to me are living their lives happily." Amber sobbed.

"I'm exhausted from being the one who has to act strong every fucking time!" Another heart wrenching sob.

Everyone watched their Cold Queen crumbling to the ground, crying her heart out with tears in their own eyes and millions of questions running through their minds.

Will this be the end of the Cold Queen or a birth of something evil?

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