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   Chapter 21 Behind The Closed Doors

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Darach looked at his brother. Who was laying on the same bed in the healing center where Darach had left him last time but this time he had a fresh wound and from the looks of it Darach was sure that someone has shot an arrow at him.

"What happened to your chest?" Darach asked, inspecting his wound.

"Nothing it will heal. Seems like my beast has finally started showing mercy towards me." Connor responded with a breathy exhale.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Confusion was laced in Darach's voice.

"That means that after centuries the bastard's finally helping me to heal. Something on this land has sparked his interest. Enough about me! Tell me did you get any information about the whereabouts of Lucia and others?" Connor changed the subject, clearly not wanting to talk about his wound.

"Nothing! But a witch crossed my way and my beast thinks that she is our mate." Darach announced grimly.

There was no point in hiding the fact that he got tricked by a witch just like his Mighty Uncle.

"Holly Fuck!! She's a witch... your mate is a witch...! What the hell are you going to do now..? Man that's pretty messed up. The kingdom will have a hard time in accepting her." Connor has a frantic look on his face. Connor knows that Darach loathe witches. If it was in his hands he would have killed every single one residing in this world.

Darach looked at his brother who thinks that Darach had accepted Amber and he wasn't bothered about the fact that Darach's mate is a witch but he was concerned about how their people are going to react to this news, not the reaction he expected from his brother.

"She is not my mate, she tricked my beast into believing that and you know how good they are in tricking beasts." Darach spat the words, venom lacing his tone.

"Maybe your mate isn't like her Darach." Connor tried to reason with his stubborn brother.

"SHE IS NOT MY MATE Connor!" Darach shouted while glaring at his naive brother, denying any possibility of a relation with Amber.

"Darach if your beast thinks that she's your mate than don't doubt it. I doubted my beast's judgment and look where it got me. I'm still paying for my mistakes brother, if fate has given you a chance don't blow it away." Connor has a far look on his face.


fey's wrath. His mate had killed the witch in cold blood, lifting her spell from their Uncle.

But the witch's blood wasn't enough to fulfill the Fey's thirst of vengeance.

She was betrayed by her own mate and fey aren't very good at forgiving. They are notorious creatures who can kill their own blood offspring in cold blood.

That night the Fey Princess had nearly killed their Mighty Uncle in her blind rage.

On that cursed night their Uncle lost his mate and the kingdom of lycans lost their rightful King and Queen.

The lycans lost their life long allies, The Feys who went on a war against lycans.

After years of blood bath a treaty was signed as a symbol of truce between both races.

Life long allies turned into enemies just because of a witch~

"Brother the path you have chosen will lead you to the same destination as mine, alone and miserable." Connor looked away from his brother.

"Connor we are not on the same page, your mate wasn't a evil witch like mine. I can't keep her and I can't even leave her after marking her." Darach confessed.

"You marked her?" Darach's head was dangling low at Connor's question, he was embarrassed by the fact that he marked Amber.

"I regret it with all my heart, I could do anything for a chance to go back in time to change that." Darach claimed aggressively, unaware of Amber's presence behind the closed doors of the healing center's room.

Darach's mate who's head suddenly jerked at her mate's words as if she'd been slapped by him.

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