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   Chapter 20 Jimmy Aka Victor

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Life has thrown Darach on his ass. Fate is laughing at him. He was even more fucked up than before.

Darach was back in the tunnel, surrounded by darkness and heartache. Heartache stronger than before, stronger than it has ever been. . .

Darach was sitting on a rock. He doesn't know what had happened to his life. He was living in a haze after losing his mate and then one day he came to know that his mate is alive, he found her after centuries of lonely existence and then


He's mateless again and why? Just because he got ticked by an evil bitch who made him believe that she is his mate.

His beast is still under her influence. The fool still thinks that the vile witch is their mate. The bastard even took the control from Darach and went back to that bitch.

Darach had no idea what had happened back there in the house because his beast has totally blocked him out. He was fighting with Darach for a woman who wasn't even their mate.

The beast is smitten by her, unaware of her true form.

His Stupid Beast!

Darach has seen ghosts brighter than a witch's soul~

He needs his beast to stop acting like they still have a chance. The beast has claimed Amber as his mate but Darach will never let her enchantment work on him like it worked on his beast. He will never accept her and the beast will have to bury Darach six feet under before he have it any other way.

She can trick his beast but not him because he know what resides behind those pretty eyes. He will never be mated to one of her kind. The kind who is the reason behind the downfall of the whole lycan kingdom.

The reason behind the lycans falling form grace...

Her eyes flashing golden just like his eyes, her brutal strength, the glimpse of her inner lycan, that was all a lie. The bitch doesn't have a lycan. She had played a spell on Darach. Her dark magic had made him see the things that wasn't even present there.

She is an evil witch who pretended to be a lycan.

"You are in my spot" Darach was pulled out of his thoughts by a voice. He looked behind and saw a lad standing there.

Darach's eyes flickered towards his pointed ears. They were just like Amber's. Baby fangs just like a fey but his body wasn't built like a fey. Darach was having a hard time in putting him in a box just like he had a hard time in putting his fake mate in a box.

The lad was wearing shorts and a shirt. Darach's caught the sight of a shiny bracelet around the lad's wrist with alphabets dangling from it.

To make out the words Darach looked closely and read the word 'Cold Bitch' loudly.

"That's my most prized possession." The lad beamed when he caught Darach staring at his bracelet.

"You designed it yourself?" Darach found himself asking the question. If the children on this territory were allowed to wear swear words like battle trophies than Moon helps the people around here.

"No it's a gift from the Queen." The lad beamed again.

Darach scoffed at his answer. Ofcourse it's a gift from the fucking Queen and Darach has no idea who the fuck is she.

What type of retarded bitch is she to gift kids bracelets with swear words on them!

Darach is beginning to loathe this place.~

And more than that he was starting to hate the 'Anonymous Queen Eva'

The Queen of the place that gave him false hopes. Hopes of a happily ever after.

"Can I ask you a question if you don't mind?" The kid said nervously.

Darach nodded his head in a yes.

"You are really Amber's mate?"

"No I'm not her mate." Caught off guard by his question, Darach snapped at the kid.

"Thank God you are not her mate! Dude You saved my time that I would have wasted in plotting against you." The kid squealed with mirth shining in his eyes, not the reaction Darach expected.

"Why are you so happy about this?" Darach asked confused.

"Because if you aren't her mate than I still have my chance. I love her and I know deep in here that she's my mate. I just met her before the fate's planned timing." The kid said while pressing his hand over his heart.

'It seems like the evil witch has enchanted even the kids.' Darach thought bitterly.

"Listen lad and listen carefully! The devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you've ever wished for." Darach told the kid who seems to be smitten by Amber.

The she devil had came in Darach's life as his mate, the only thing he ever wished for. . .

"What's that suppose to mean?" The kid asked with a concerned expression.

"That means that you should believe me lad that you are not her mate. You should be gald that you are not mated to that vile evil being!" Clenching fists, Darach gritted.

It happened so fast one second the lad was standing beside him and the next he had Darach's hand in the grip of his baby fangs.

The little fucker had moved with a lightning speed that even Darach wasn't able to detect his movements.

"FUCK!!" Darach bellowed.

He tried to pull the kid away from him but the little

fucker wasn't releasing Darach's arm from the deadly grip of his jaw. For a small kid the fucker was stronger than his age.

He had his fangs embedded in Darach's arm. If Darach tried to pull him off his arm, the little bastard's going to pull chunks of Darach's flesh with him. He wasn't sucking Darach's blood that means he's not a vampire.

But than what the fuck was he!

"Victor!" In an instance the little devil released Darach's arm.

Darach's eyes snapped towards the woman who called the little devil. A fey was standing in front of him in all her glory. She was clearly startled by the position she found Victor and Darach. It's been a long time since he encountered one of her kind.

Fey and lycans are not allies. It is said that in Darach's uncle's era the lycans and fey were at war against each other but soon a treaty was singed according to which the fey declared that no one from their kind will ever be linked to lycans.

Fey are malignant and mysterious. A deadly combination.

No one know the extent of their abilities.

But it is said that if they weren't bound by their ancestor's rules they would have taken over the whole world. Blessed with spellbinding beauty that deceives, they are trained lethal weapons covered in skin with a speed that can't be matched and skills that can't be challenged.

After the treaty both races had avoided each other like a plague. Because if a lycan found his mate in a fey he will be forsaken by his mate at the spot and if by any miracle the fey accepted the lycan as his or her mate both of them will be killed by the feys.

Feys are forbidden to mate with a lycan. It's written in their royal rule and fey beings are known for their loyalties towards their own rules.

Darach watched the female's jaw dropping at the condition of his arm which was now bleeding with no signs of healing.

"Mother it's not what it's look like." The lad has the audacity to lie at Darach's face.

Eyes squinting, the woman twisted Victor's ear.

"Oww!! owww!! Mother please." Victor whined.

"Go to your father and wait for me there. And don't you dare to run to Amber. Even she's not going to save you from me this time." The woman scolded the little fucker and then turned towards Darach. It didn't go unnoticed by him that this fey knows Amber.

"Just like Amber I'm too running out of people I actually like!" Victor mumbled under his breath before running away.

"I apologize on behalf of my son." The female bowed her head slightly.

Darach was flabbergasted by her antics. It was the first time he had witnessed a fey bowing down to someone, it's against their instincts to apologize or even admit their mistakes in front of someone.

A fey can even forsake his own offsprings if they challenge their morals and why not! They are the descendents of the cunning Noble Elves.

"The wound won't heal unless you apply an antidote on it. The vemon in Victor's bite won't let your healing abilities work." The fey eyed his wound.

"I haven't encountered a fey in a long while but if my memory serves me right than I remember that fey don't have poisoning abilities." Darach questioned, completely ignoring the blood dripping from his arm.

"The king of beasts remembered~" the fey smirked at him. When she addressed him by his title, Darach didn't let the surprise show on his face. "You are right, we love to play with toxins but my race doesn't has any poisonous abilities. But my son isn't just a fey, he's a hybrid." She told him with the sly smirk still intact on her face.

"Who's the father?" Darach found himself asking.

"One of your kind, A Lycan." Darach heart skipped a beat at her relpy.

"What are you hiding beast? Trouble in the paradise?" The fey continued. She slightly pouted while staring in Darach's eyes as if she was peeking into his soul.

"What the fuck are you talking about female!" Darach glared. Her stare was raising the hairs on the back of his neck.

"Bury your past before it buries you beast. If you messed this up with Amber your race will be at war with mine, Again." Darach's jaw dropped at the fey's parting words.

When the fuck did the fey started allying with witches. . .?

What the fuck was going on! It seems like his day was full of surprises. Firstly he found that his mate's  not really his mate, she's a witch who enchanted him and pretended to be a lycan.

Secondly this fucked up place is a hideout for people in forbidden relationships. A fucking fey and lycan hybrid was residing here.

And on top of that Darach still didn't have any idea of his people and sister's whereabouts. He can't seem to stop fucking up where his family and kingdom is concerned.

But that will change soon because the evil bitch doesn't know that her true form is revealed in front of Darach.

Darach will find them soon. He will use Amber against the Queen.

Darach still has an advantage over her. She thinks that everything is going according to her plan, her ignorance will be her downfall.

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