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   Chapter 19 The Descendents Of Elves

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Standing at the window Amber looked towards Darach, who left the room as if it was on fire. He was outside her house, pulling at his own hairs, cursing at the Moon, punching the trees near him like a maniac, in his mad rage.

Amber knew that she should not have turned her back on him. She touched the crook of her neck with her fingers, where Darach had placed his mark on her.

It hurts like a bitch!

But the injury wasn't Darach's fault. He must be feeling bad for hurting her. She didn't want to push him, didn't want to turn her back on him but the claiming bite was becoming to much to bear, she felt so much pain as if her soul was ripping apart.

Just for saving him from the site of her injury she turned her back on him. She still remember the remorse and pain he had felt after accidentally punching her instead of Rome. Amber didn't wanted him to go through that again.

While tracing her injury, Amber caught the sight of her hand. Her nails had transformed into claws, she turned towards the mirror set in the corner of her room and nothing in this world could have prepare her for the site she witnessed in the mirror.

There she was standing in the mirror, her once black coloured hairs with red streaks were now grayish white. Her eyes snapped towards the reflection of her eyes and she was greeted with black eyes with blood red orbs, black flooded even the whites of her eyes.

Her blood red lips parted at witnessing her own appearance in the mirror.

In the reflection her witch form was staring back at her. The form that had barely effected her appearance in the past was now on full display. It was the first time she was seeing her transformation.

By marking Amber as his own, Darach had provoked her inner witch and the witch came out for his blood.

If Amber had lost her control over her inner witch, she definatly would have gone for Darach's throat.

Her witch doesn't understand the concept of forgiveness or acceptance. She goes by the rule that eye for an eye. Unconcerned by the fact that eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

Mustering her courage she turned her back to the mirror and than turned her head back, gazing at her own reflection, a deafening scream escaped from her red lips at the site of her scared back.

She fell on her knees.

Her clock has been lifted~

Her scars were on full display.

Realization stuck her. So that's what had made Darach run from her room it has nothing to do with her injury. He ran from the sight of her scars.

He saw the scars, scars that she had hidden so well from preying eyes. Scars that she can't get rid off.

A sob escaped from her lips. He must have felt disgusted with her scars. How could he not, they were hideous to look at.

A gift from her birth mother. A gift she didn't ask for. Hell she didn't even ask her mother to give birth to her. If she had so much hatred in her heart for a mere baby than it was better that she should have killed Amber before giving birth to her.

It would have saved Amber from so much pain.

Picking up the vase from the side table of her bed, Amber threw it at the mirror, breaking it into pieces.

She picked a broken glass shard from the ground. Holding it in her palm her closed her fingers around it. The glass was digging into her flesh, blood dripped from her hand.

Sweat dotted her brow as she clenched her jaw against the pain, not making a sound.

How good will it feel to return the favour to her mother~

She can easily take her down or she could decorate her delicate fey features with the same scars that she had given Amber.

Will Amber feel satisfied while holding the face of the woman in the deadly snow, the woman who abandoned her in the wastelands on the same poisonous snow.

Amber wants to return the pain that her mother dished out to her.

Amber was enjoying the thoughts of retribution that her inner witch was introducing to her.

Amber tightened her fingers around the shard a little more. She had never fe

t she was naked in his arms. It amazed her that how comfortable she was feeling in his arms with her flaws on full display.

Maybe it's in her lycan nature to feel comfortable around her mate.

"You forgot! Ointments don't work on me. I'll be as good as new after a little sleep." Amber reminded him.

"My apologies." He solemnly raised a palm.

"Uh-huh. Don't forget it." She mumbled sleepily.

"I won't my Queen." Darach replied while picking her up in his arms and tucking her in bed. When he tried to head towards the door Amber held his hand, stopping him in his tracks.

"Don't you want to cuddle?" Amber asked softly.

"I suck at cuddling, lass. You need rest and If I get in this bed with you after like five minutes I'll be touching your private parts." Amber cheeks turned scarlet at his admission.

"I will be in the healing center, I'm going to pay a visit to Connor while you rest." Darach said, placing a lingering kiss on her forehead. His eyes were flickering from molten gold to blue and than back to golden.

'Ask him why isn't he giving back control to his human Amber. . . Mend the shattered mind before he strikes...Ask before he destroys. . . ASK THE FILTHY WOLF~' Amber jumped at the sneering whisper.

It was her fey who whispered the words in her head. When she tried to talk to her she has already retracted back in some corner of her mind.

It was first time her fey had spoken to her. She never speaks or interact. Hell Amber didn't even know that her fey had a voice.

It seems like Darach was making alive every fraction present inside her. Firstly her lycan than her witch's transformation and now her fey sneering in her mind.

It was so overwhelming for Amber with her inner witch filling her mind with the thoughts of violence, her inner fey planting doubt about her mate while her inner lycan was filling her heart with love and affection for Darach.

Fey are lethal. They are the descendants of Elves. Fey have a unique ability of reading others mind. They can know your darkest secrets just by looking into your soul. If you ever let your walls down around them, they will just need a few seconds to read your insecurities, fears, hatred, your darkest secrets and everything that you have hidden deep into your soul.

Amber's eyes fell on the king of lycan's retracting back with a thousand questions on her mind.

Why the beast wasn't giving back control to Darach? His flickering eyes were clearly indicating that Darach was fighting for control but the beast wasn't letting him out. But why...???

What had her fey seen in him. What had triggered her fey? Why would her fey alarm her about Darach?

Her own mate~

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