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   Chapter 18 The Rightful King Of Beasts

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Nothing is impossible for a being like him who is born with an insatiable appetite for destruction.

An Eternal Ruler~

An Alpha who is lonely, very lonely.

A king whose lonelier than he lets on. Maybe lonelier than he even realizes.

He didn't know why he came back to this forsaken place. The forest where darkness resides.

He was so tired, so fucking tired of his own failures. So tired of the bonds that break. So tired of the loved one's ache.

So tired of his own heart that bleeds for her.

Centuries has passed and he still can't find his mate. She's the only person who can kneel a being like him. She's the only one who made him walk alone. She's the only one who can make the eternal king bow his head down. She can make him beg for the shadow of her love.

His Lost Queen~

He's the cursed one who found love and yet lost it. He's the one who has forsaken his crown for just a chance to walk in the shadow of love.

Known as 'The Restless And Unsettled'.

The Rightful King Of All Beasts, Aric King!

Some nights he's filled with so much agony that he would howl at the moon to show him the right path but only silence will greet his efforts.

Now staring at the cottage of the Oracle he realized one thing and that is the fact that how desperate he had became to come back at the door of the bat-shit crazy woman who had last time stabbed him when he had asked for her help.

"You know how many times I have wished that you would have come to me on the right time." Aric looked around for the source of the voice but found no one.

"How many times that child's face has haunted me. . .? How many time I have visions of her powers and the things that she could have done with those power, the fates she could have changed....?" The Alpha of all beasts tu

neered, her madness on full display.

Taking all the insults the mad woman was throwing his way, Aric stood there silently. He was not going to start a fight that he knew would end up with the Oracle handing him his own ass.

He was the Alpha of all beasts but he was no match for her powers.

Suddenly the Oracle's nose started to bleed. Black blood started oozing out of her nose. Her black soulless eyes were unfocused.

Clutching her head she fell on her knees. A deafening scream came from her. Aric covered his sensitive ears against her screams.

So much for getting any help from this mad creature. Aric knew that it was a bad idea to come to her because in her current position she pretty much needs help for her own self.

Feeling like a failure Aric King turned his back on the Oracle, leaving her on her own.

He might have came here seeking her help but he had no intention of involving himself in her issues. But before he could take a step he was stopped in his tracks by the Oracle's next words.

"Go back to your kingdom, reclaim your throne beast. Your kingdom will lead you back to her. Your kingdom will lead you to 'THEM'. Now it's her turn to chase


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