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   Chapter 17 Revealing The Inner Witch

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Surprise flashed on Darach's face at Amber's bold response. The way Amber was challenging him was indicating that his mate was not as innocent as he thought. Her boldness was telling him that she's anything but a virgin.

Usually it's a male who initiates marking his woman but not in his case because his mate was clearly more eager than him to mark and bound herself to him.

When she had suggested to mark him he was totally baffled by her statement and his lass had mistaken his bafflement as his bachelor panic.

She looked so adorable while threatening to cut off his precious balls. If her threats would not have enraged his lycan than Darach would have laughed at her. She was perfect for him. Her fire matches his own. The Moon blessed him with perfection.

The Perfection who is Currently struggling to rip his pants off but Darach had no control over his body to help her because currently his beast is in charge.

"Take it off." His mate demanded impatiently. Her hunger for him only intensifies his beast's hunger for her.

If it was in Darach's hands he would have ripped his clothes off on his mate's one heated look but his beast wants to toy with her desperation.

"What did you say." The beast growled at Amber playfully.

"I said take it of for fucking sake." Amber growled back, her baby fangs were on full display.

Dear Moon!!

No one ever aroused him like this wee being. No one ever made him lose control like her. He can see her eyes sparking whenever he loses control as if she enjoys driving him crazy.

For such a wee thing she had ball of iron to not only order a lycan but to order him when his beast is in charge.

His little Firecracker!

In a blink Darach's clothes were off along with Amber's. Her underwear even faster.

The beast looked at his mate. The first word that came in his mind was 'Perfection'.

With her porcelain skin, without a single mark on her body and flame like eyes she was a beauty with no match.

He cupped her core with his palm.

"Tell me to whom this belongs lass?" Leaning his body towards Amber, the beast said softy in her ear.

"To me." His sly mate replied.

"Wrong answer!" The beast growled, entering her core with two finger. He twisted them inside her which pulled an exotic moan form his mate.

"Do I need to remind you with my tongue or my cock that to whom this pussy belongs?" There was a smirk in his voice while he fucked her with his fingers. He loved the way her tight little pussy was moving on his fingers.

He could easily get addicted on the sound of her moans.

Moon bless him if he died in this moment he will die as a happy man.

"You!! It belongs to YOU!" When he abruptly pulled out his fingers Amber cried on top of her lungs, giving him a nasty look.

He can clearly see the need to fight him in her eyes, but his wee mate learned fast that giving Darach what he want gets her what she wa

A scent of burned forest's ashes mixed with wet mud reached his nostril. The scent was coming from his mate.

The scent of a Witch~

His heart stopped for a moment...!

She hide those scars from him. She tricked him, his.. his mate is a witch.

Realization dawned upon him!

His mate is a bloody witch. A witch.

Darach's heart was beating like a drum in his own ears. One looked at her and he was trying hard not to empty the contents of his stomach.

History was repeating itself, after centuries the Kinng of Lycans was tricked by a witch yet again.

Amber is not his mate. She has tricked him into believing that.

'You are late my child she's dead, murdered by her own kin' The Mad Oracle's words were ringing in his head. She wasn't lying, the Oracle wasn't lying. His mate was dead.

His mate is dead!

Darach gazed at the evil bitch who had tricked him, giving him false hope that he had a shot at a happily ever after. He gazed at the vile witch with all the hatred that he can muster at the moment.

She is one of them. 'She's not his mate.' His heart broke into a million pieces. The pain of losing his mate was hitting him again but this time it was worse than before.

Tears fell from his eyes~

He stared at her and his chest twisted and twisted.

It felt like the walls of her room were closing up at him. An invisible noose was tied around his neck, his lungs had forget to fill themselves with air.

Darach ran towards the door, away from the vile being who had played with his emotions, with the beast's emotions. She had filled him with false hope, damaging him more than before.

He felt suffocated in her presence.

Before leaving the room he gazed at the heartless witch for one last time, vowing to the moon that she will pay for this. Moon help him the bitch will pay for tricking the King of Beasts.

She will regret the day she was born because she messed with the wrong beast.

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