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   Chapter 16 Toying With The Beast

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Amber is not the type of person who back down from her words. She always has a strategy behind every word that came out of her mouth. She's not one of those who don't keep their promises and Amber is definitely not one of those who claim to be truthful but lie when ever it suits them.

Once she make her mind to do something, she's fucking doing it at any cost.

But Amber doesn't know why she is feeling like she's making a wrong decision by mating with Darach. Her inner witch is telling her to stop her advances towards the king and she is never wrong but her inner lycan was urging her to claim Darach.

Before Darach's arrival Amber's lycan was weak enough that she considered it dormant but now somehow Darach's presence has made it strong, strong enough that her lycan was putting up a fight with her witch side.

It is like the two fractions inside her had started an inner battle and no one is ready to back down while her fey part doesn't give a fuck about anything which is making Amber distraught.

Amber is a woman of passion and power but she isn't a stranger to pain. She's been doubted, abundant, dismissed and even punished. She knows how it feels to be walked all over, thanks to her parents and some dickwads she encountered in the past.

Centuries ago Amber had refused to lay down for just anyone and now after centuries she is ready to take her walls down for someone. Someone who makes Amber happy. Someone she never thought she would have, A Mate.

Amber had seen evil in this world when she was only a child. She had encountered creatures in the wasteland that no child should have encountered. She had lost count of how many times she had stepped away from a Bearded Vulture with blood dripping from her fingertips.

She has seen death, witnessed it's victim's screams. She had spent her childhood surrounded by horrors, darkness, bloodshed and evil but she never for once felt dread in those times because she was a loner.

Today Amber felt dread, not for herself. She was taking a big risk and if things didn't went well than Amber's sure that she will have her life at sake and the life of the people who trust her with their lives.

On some point Rebecca's concern was valid after all it's Rebecca who had experience with these lycans. Amber knew nothing about them and her instinct was not really helping her in making any decision.

She had never taken time out of her life to build a relation or to work on one. She had countless flings but she had never been in a relationship before.

Even her flings were from different species, she never hooked up with a lycan maybe because somewhere deep in her heart she hated the fact that her father is a lycan and she has no fucking idea who he is. She didn't want to end up sleeping with her sperm donor.

Dark Gods! Even the idea is so gross that she can't help but avoid lycans in bed like a plague and because of this fact lycans were a huge turn off for her.

All lycans until Darach....

Amber despised lycans but after spending some time with Darach, Amber felt like he deserves a shot. The way he looks at her make her starve for his affections. She feels connected with him, how and why she had no idea. She just feels that she is related to him and his siblings.

It's weird but true. . .

This situation was confusing as fuck for her but she was determined to make it work between her and Darach, no matter what her instincts told her.

If things worked out fine between them than they can make a change in the lycan world but if things get a little fucked up between them she is sure that she'll lose her life. Not because of the enemies that will attack her but because of the heartache that she will bear after losing Darach.

Her heart is already broken, she is offering the pieces to Darach with a hope that he will glue them back toge

r about your Queen or about this hidden Queendom but the thing that I know is that you belong to me, you are my lass and that's enough reason for me to cherish you. To love you with all I have!" Amber melted at his words. He said he love her...

Dark Gods!

When Darach gave her ass another firm squeeze, a breathless whimper escaped from Amber.

Darach's lips curled into a smirk.

"My lass is a naughty little creature~" And just like that Amber was turned into a puddle.

His lass~

"Tell me my Queen why would your friends won't believe that I'm your fated mate?" Darach asked pulling Amber towards his chest releasing her hands, tucking a lose strand of her hairs behind her ear. It was a small gesture but it was extremely intimate for Amber more intimate than the position that they were in just a few moments before.

"Maybe Because you are not the first man whom I claimed to be my mate..." Truth slipped from Amber's lips while gazing into Darach's eyes. In this moment it dawned upon Amber that she can't lie to him. Not when she wants to build a life with him.

At Darach's possessive growl Amber explained. "He was just a silly crush, nothing serious! They all were just meaningless flings. "

"Who was he? And they?" Darach gritted. The affection that was shining in his eyes a few moments before was now shadowed by jealousy and possessiveness. His eyes keep flickering towards her exposed and unmarked neck.

"A male?" Amber replied while nervously looking at Darach's flickering golden eyes.

Amber can watch his eyes all the day. They were mesmerizing to her whenever he's on the verge of losing control. She loves the power she has on him.

She loved to see him lose control because of her~

"Tell me mate! Do you want me to fuck the right answer out of you or do you like to drive me crazy?" Darach whispered, his lips grazing Amber's ear. His breath raising goosebumps on her skin.

Warmth pooled in Amber's core, her nipples stiffened.

Fuck!! It was hard to point if Darach was suggesting pleasure or punishment. His threat felt tempting....

So tempting that Amber was ready to hold back her answers just for him to go through his threat. He was holding her tightly against his body as if scared that she will flee.

"Promise me that you won't back out!" Amber whimpered, her hunger for him only intensified by his threats.

Amber's response was enough for Darach's beast to break to the surface and take full control.

The beast's mate had demanded pleasure and he will do everything in his power to please her-

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