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   Chapter 15 Arguing

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Darach looked towards his mate who was busy in a heated discussion with her self made family.

Yup! Self made..!

He's not an idiot, even when Amber introduced them as her family, Darach had clearly seen that they are not related with blood.

It was beyond him that how can she reveal not just their kind but the whole supernaturals to a weak human. But Darach was smart enough to not to question his mate's life choices. He can clearly see that the demon and human are as close to Amber as a family and he doesn't want to hurt his mate. If they are important to her than they are important to him.

Whenever Darach is with Amber he can't think straight. He's either busy in admiring her or he is just lost in a haze of lust. But now when he see her talking with that demon and human he can't shake the feeling that there is something odd about his mate. He had seen her inner lycan but Darach can't scent her. It's like Amber's beast is weak or something is making her weak. It's common for females to have a submissive beast but it seems like Amber's beast is suppressed by something or something is really wrong with her beast.

Darach had hardly seen his mate's lycan besides their passionate encounters and even in their passionate encounters he had just seen a few glimpse of her inner lycan, nothing more.

It looks like she had a dormant lycan.

He can catch a faint scent of her beast but it's surrounded by an overwhelming smell of forest after rain. It's addicting and maddening at the same time. It's like there is a cloak concealing her beast's scent.

But the absence of her lycan doesn't lessen the fire that she holds within her wee body. The way she talks clearly indicates that she anything but a submissive woman. Actually she's far from submissive, even Darach felt tongue tied in front of her.

Amber is a like a breath of fresh air for him. She doesn't bow down to him like the females of his kingdom. Actually she doesn't even gives a fuck about him being the King of Lycans. All the females back in his kingdom were so obsessed with the idea of being his Queen. But not his mate... She likes him because he is her mate not a king and that's fucking arousing, when a women is with you for what you are not for what you brings to the table.

His unexpected wee fierce mate~

Even now Darach's lips curled into a smile when he watch his small mate trying to punch the demon on his face who was currently hiding behind the human girl. The demon was clearly afraid of Amber, it's written all over his face.

She looked cute, like a small babe. Darach felt so damn lucky. Amber was worth his centuries of wait and pain.

Darach can gladly go through the same pain and self destruction if in the end he gets Amber. Darach rubbed his chest while looking at his mate because it seems that his heart had swollen form the love it holds for his soulmate.

Yes love! He had fell in love with her the moment he saw her inspecting his injuries or more like taking advantage of his injured state. It was like his heart was made to fall for her. She was his and Darach will do everything in his power to protect and provide her. She makes him want to be a better person for her and a better king for his people. He wants to make her feel proud to be his mate. He wants respect from his mate, the same respect that she has for her Queen.

After centuries the Moon had finally taken pity on him and ended all his sufferings. For the first time in his life Darach felt blessed and complete, no more he felt like he's missing a part of himself. With his little firecracker mate he was complete and he can't ask for more.

"Rebecca I'm telling you take him away from my sight before I beat the shit out of him!" Amber bellowed.

All she wanted was to introduce them to Darach and be done with it but the bastard can't keep his potty mouth sh

if I became their Queen~ and one more thing, I never claimed that I'm sane." Amber said with so much confidence that it left Rebecca speechless. And with that she started walking towards the King of Lycans.

Rebecca can't believe what she was witnessing. Her friend was walking on her path. The same path that had given Rebecca nothing but grief and sorrow of a lifetime. The same path that had stripped Rebecca from a part of her own soul.

The same path that had killed Rebecca's inner beast leaving a shell of a person behind, with a curse of immortality.

Rebecca was the reason why Queendom came into existence. She was the first one who ran from her mate. She was the one who started all this.

It's not a secret that who her mate is. He's the person whose currently laying on a cot in the healing center. He's the person who had done everything in his power to show Rebecca that she was worthless. He has done everything to show her that she wasn't welcomed in his home or heart but when she had tried to ran from him he followed because it doesn't matter if The Prince of lycans wanted her or not because the thing that mattered was that his beast craved his mate and Rebecca was there just for the sake of his beast and everyday the Prince did a pretty good job of making her feel unwanted.

Last time while helping her Amber almost got killed by the Goddess. Rebecca was a no one to Amber but that didn't stoped Amber from helping her even when helping Rebecca would have cost Amber her own life.

Sometimes Amber can be an evil sadistic demon spawned bitch from hell that will make you rue the day you were born but only when she is provoked. That's the main reason no one here in their right mind will ever dared to cross her or get at her wrong side.

Amber thinks that everyone here is loyal to her because she had given them her protection but she doesn't know that she has given them more than protection. Amber has given them a chance to start over, to leave the past behind, she has saved them from a doomed future and for this everyone present on her Queendom can give their lives for her. She has more than their loyalties. She has their love and respect. They are forever in her debt just like Rebecca and they can't ask for anything else. They are just happy here.

Rebecca just want to knock this sense into Amber's thick skull that she doesn't need to introduce them to a way to break their bonds. It will bring nothing but destruction in her life and everyone around here. Amber is playing with fire and those who play with fire get burnt.

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