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   Chapter 14 A New Boy Toy

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"Told you that I wasn't lying! Look at her!!" Rome said dramatically to Rebecca.

Amber looked at her mate and then at Rome and Rebecca. Darach had a troubled look on his face. He was looking at Rebecca intensely as if trying to figure something out.

Amber sighed, her friend aka family are really a kill joy. If they weren't disturbed by them than Amber was sure that she could have gain all the answers of her questions. But no! how can they let that happen!

She can clearly see that just like Lucia, Darach didn't know a single thing about his kingdom and people. They are all bloody clueless.

They have no fucking idea that how much abuse the lycan mates were suffering under their rule. They seem clueless about the way women were treated in their kingdom. A kingdom which was a hell hole for women. A nightmare.

Now Amber understand why the lycans had fallen from grace. With a clueless and hot headed king like Darach and dumb royal family members like Lucia and the famous bastard Connor it is only fair that they lost their respect and power in the supernatural world.

At the thought of Connor, Amber made a mental note of removing his kidney again. The Dickwad deserves this!

Lycans were once on the top of the food chain but now it seems like that place is left empty for Amber to takeover but Amber had no intrest in that position, she's happy with what she has. She can definitely bring back the fallen lycans but than again it's not her job to do so.

It's the Goddess's job. . .

And Amber had no intention of interfering in the Moon's job. Just like the Moon didn't interfered when Amber was thrown in the woods. That night the Moon had shined so bright as if it was enjoying Amber's pain. The agony of a mere baby who was abandoned by her own blood.

If the Nature hadn't saved her that night Amber would have died a low agonizing death. Everything that she has now she owes to the Goddess of Nature.

"O my goodness! Amber you are hurt. . .!" Rebecca gasped.

"No shit!" Amber sighed, already getting tired from getting the flash back of that awful punch. The last thing she needs now is everyone reminding her that how Darach handed her her ass in front of her own people.

"Told you! She let him hit her and than she even allowed him to carry her back to her home and as if that was not enough she's letting him stay in her home!" Rome whispered to Rebecca.

Amber rolled her eyes at them. She didn't know why the hell Rome was whispering while he knew that everyone present in the room can hear him loud and clear!

Amber loved Rome with all her heart but that doesn't stop him from being a pain in her arse with his loud and unfiltered mouth.

"You should have seen her getting hit by him. Dark Gods! I'm lucky that she came between me and that brute. I didn't wanted to step into my immortality with a scared face." Eyes fixed on Amber's injury, Rome traced his face with his fingers on the exact place where Amber was hit.

Gosh! The bastard was not going to leave her alone. Okay she got hit. Now get over it!! Rome doesn't had to rub it o

destroy them all. . .

"There.. there... no need to think that hard about her! She's always been here with me. You must have mistaken her with someone else." Darach looked at his mate who grinned crookedly at him, his heart thudded. But Amber was too busy in patting his ass to notice his thundering heart. It seems like his wee mate was pretty much hooked up on his ass and she can't keep her hands off him or you can say his ass~ Currently she was patting his ass in a very naughty manner.

It's not like he's complaining~ He's more than happy with her hands all over him.

When Amber tried to retract her hand form his ass, Darach held her hand in place with his bigger ones, looking wickedly at his wee mate.

An image of Amber on her hands and knees with her ass raised in air flashed in Darach's mind. His little member got excited. All the thoughts from before jumped out of his mind and were now replaced with the images of his mate fulfilling all his dirty fantasies.

A low groan escaped from his lips when Amber's eyes flashed golden.

Dear Moon! Darach can bet that he's bloody in love with this wee creature~

"Yeah and we just came to check on Amber. We will just leave now and give you guys some space. I have heard that lycans are extremely territorial of their mates, they seem to mate with them in the first twenty four hours of their meeting. And if... look I'm not doubting you but if he's really your mate and not a new boy toy than we should give you space for bonding. Right dear?" Rebecca looked towards Rome, nodding at his question. "And I hope that he doesn't end up like the pretty vampire!" Rome whistled low. But high enough for Darach to hear.

When Rome came to gave Amber a parting hug who was currently glaring at him, Darach hugged him before he could lock his arms around her. It would be a cold day in hell if he ever allowed a male near his unclaimed female.

Already the demon's last words were ringing a wrong bell in Darach's head.

New boy toy!


What the fuck had the demon meant by that!

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