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   Chapter 13 Amber's First Born

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Amber wake up to an empty bed. The cold sheets indicated that her mate left a while ago. The lycan was not where Amber wanted him!


Amber just wanted him to be the first thing she touch in the morning but No!! The king just can't keep his butt in bed while he wait for her to wake up or at least he could have woken her up with a lingering kiss on her cheek!! Amber would have done it if she wake before him.

Amber rolled on her front and sighted dreamily. Even the idea of Darach kissing her flutter butterfly in her stomach.

But Amber was already getting tired of this mate shit. The Goddess didn't say that Amber needs to work this hard to make this work.

But on the bright side Amber was not fatigued anymore. Her mate has lulled her into sleep. She had a peaceful sleep after so many weeks. She was healed and as good as new.

Amber sighted, men are really stupid! They don't know how to please a woman, even when the woman herself is giving them clear indication of what she wants. And they say woman are complicated, bloody hypocrites.

Amber want no ordinary lover or mate, she wants a fucking storm. She wants endless conversations at 4am. Amber want madness, passion and simplicity from her mate. She wants him to have her back. To love her without any limits. And she wasn't ready to settle for anything less!

Darach has the ability to make her body shiver from a distance, by just a single heated gaze.

Amber just needed her mate to hold her in his arms when she wake from her beauty sleep but than again! The lycan king can't keep his ass in one place for a long time!

This has to change...!!

They both need some ground rules to make this work. Amber climbed out of her bed to hunt her mate down and drag him back to their bed...

Mumbling to herself when she entered her kitchen, Amber's sore mood instantly turned into a happy one when she watched her mate in all his glory, making food in her small kitchen. . .

Her jaw dropped.

His chest was bare, leaving the rock hard muscles on full display. His brow furrowed, watching the pan on the stove with concentration or more like in frustration. The sun rays coming from the window gave him a Godly look when they fall on his body. He was wearing the sweatpants that she had arranged for him. Amber's kitchen was not very big or lavish. It was a small kitchen with four stools made up of black stone.

Nothing fancy!

Then again, Amber didn't get her current position by being flashy. She had an attitude of a Queen so her life style doesn't matter because at her funeral no one's going to comment on her lifestyle.

If everything went right than they are going to talk about how she was a calculating, ruthless and fierce Queen...

Because anyone who dared to steps out of line in her Queendom was knocked back with the force of her will—or the flicker of her fingers.

But this lycan had the power to turn Amber into a puddle just from a single look. It's clear that he doesn't know what he's doing and he would probably never had to work in a kitchen before but for Amber he was trying. . .

Even though the eggs on the pan looked a little burnt but Amber had eaten worse food so that's not a problem for her but the ache in her lower region is definitely going to be a problem for her...

Nothing can turn Amber on like the sexy lycan king cooking in her small kitchen.

Suddenly a very naughty thought occured to Amber!

The king was her own personal human or wolf! Never mind!!

She can do whatever she wants to do with him. As if sensing her presence the king looked up from the pan to where she was standing.

Their eyes met, deep blue to her flames. Amber boldly walked towards him, standing on her toes she pulled his face towards her by snaking her hand behind his neck. With their lips a breath apart, she whispered, "Next time don't leave me alone in bed! I want your hands around my body, holding me close when I wake up!" Amber whispered seductively.

The king gazed at her lips his eyes flashing golden. Amber was clearly enjoying the effect she was having on him. She loved the way his eyes were flickering from blue to golden! She loved how she was making him lose control. . .

Their breathes were mixing together, Amber pulled her tongue out and licked her dry lips. Her nipples stiffened, warmth pooled down her core. When the king sniffed the air clearly scenting her arousal, his eyes flashed brilliantly golden.

That was the moment when he smashed his lips on her's. His soft lips moved with a passion against her dry ones. His one hand was grabbing her ass while the other was in her hairs, keeping her head in place. He was brutally passionate about their kiss, Amber's toes curled when an approving growl escaped from the king's chest when he entered her mouth.

Dark Gods!! He tastes so good. . .

A flashback of his tongue on her core came in her mind, the same tongue that was now busy in exploring her mouth. The thought made her dripping wet..!!

She was already having a hard time in breathing while it looked like the king had just started. The fucker sucked all the air out of her damn lungs. He was kissing her with an urgency, like a starved man who got his hands on his favorite food after centuries.

Gosh! Amber was having a hard time in keeping up with him. The king buried his face in the crook of her neck after Amber pushed at his chest to catch her breath. Amber's

ost people would have died out there in the wastelands... You must be searching for someone dear to you to make it up to here. ALIVE.." Darach can see a flicker of concern in his mate's eyes. As well as a underlying tone in her voice. Darach have a feeling as if his mate was testing him.

"I'm glad that I took the risk. If I didn't entered the wastelands I would have never known that I have a wee little mate hiding in the wastelands..." Darach caressed her face with the back of his fingers. A blush crept on her cheeks.

"So you came here to hunt your mate..? Nothing more...!" Amber was looking at him with assessing eyes...

Darach knew that if he told anything to his mate she would probably told that to her Queen. He searched his memory for anything related to this Queen but came up with nothing. He had never heard of this Queen Eva.

Darach had already seen that Amber was extremely loyal to the Queen. And on top of that they shared a special bond. Maybe if he told her about his sister and the missing lycans, she will be able to help him in finding them. And after finding them he can take her with him back to his kingdom.

"Actually me and my brother entered the wastelands in search of our sister and the lycans that went missing from my kingdom. Their mates are devastated, they have searched everywhere for their mates and I'm their last hope. I can already sense a large number of lycans on this territory. It's strange that I haven't seen a single one of them. Can you help me to find my missing people?" A calculating gleam came in Amber's eyes. She looked at him as if seeing him for the first time.

"Your people! They went missing..? Why would they disappear from your kingdom?"

"I don't know the reason but I will find it as soon as I find them." Darach admitted.

"What if they didn't went missing? What if they simply wanted to leave and to start a life of their own. You came here to find them, what if they don't want to go with you? Would you force them to leave with you? I have listened to some rumors that say that the Lycans have fallen from grace, is it true? You are their king you should know if it's true or just mere rumours..." Amber asked innocently.

Before the Darach could reply, the bang on the front door indicated that they are not alone in the house anymore and the emerging figure of the demon and a human proved the point.

A human!!


Darach never could have guessed in his wild imaginations that he would find a human in the middle of the wastelands. It seems like the Queen Eva had brought all the fractions together in her territory and still this place remained undetected and unreachable by the lycans that were going crazy in search of their mates.

A little part of Darach was relieved that he didn't have to answer his mate's questions because he didn't know the answers of her questions. He had no fucking idea that why his people went missing from his kingdom. And he was ashamed to admit it in front of his mate that indeed the lycan's had fallen from grace. Just because of a witch. . .

Troubled thoughts bombarded his brain. . .

What if his people didn't wanted to go back with him..? Darach had never thought about it. Would he force them to go back with him like his mate had said. . .? His wee mate had planted so many questions in his mind that he was having a hard time in processing them...

Darach was just a king by name. . . He had done nothing to deserve this title. He had done nothing for his people except for being a part of their downfall.

And he was ashamed to admit it in front of his mate.

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