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   Chapter 12 Ass Fetish

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People say that Love hurts!

Love literally hurts. . .

But no one told Amber that love can hurt a person even if he's not in love! Amber laid on the ground like a broken doll. It's the first time someone had landed a successful punch on Amber and it fucking hurts! She can literally feel a bruise forming on the left side of her face.

Amber lifted a hand to her lips, wiping the blood coming from her busted lips.

'So much for making the king fall for her! Amber thought sarcastically.'

Amber made a mental note for not killing the lycan king. She reminded herself that a dead mate won't be able to cherish her...

The bloody king had made her fall on her ass with just a mere punch. Amber cursed her power for not working on him. If the spell had worked, it would have been the king laying on the ground instead of her.

From the corner of her eyes Amber spied Rome walking towards her but he was soon stopped in his tracks by a deafening growl coming from the king. Amber covered her ears, her head was already pounding from the lack of sleep and from the extensive use of her powers!

Soon strong arms lifted Amber to a warm chest. Her inner lycan purred in delight. Amber yawned suddenly feeling very sleepy and tired. It was becoming difficult to keep her eyes open.

Gasps sounded from all around, it was than that Amber noticed the crowd that had probably assembled to see the lycan king's downfall. Amber blowed a kiss to the crowd as an apology because there's going to be no fighting today.

Her people already consider her fifty percent mad and Amber was sure that after this little beating session they are going to declare her completely retarded. But she cared less about what they thought about her as long as she has their loyalties.

Amber sighted, loving the warmth that was oozing from her mate's body. He was carrying her to God knows where... Suddenly Amber remembered a very important thing that she needs to verify. And for that purpose she snaked her hand on the king's back and gave the King's fine ass an encouraging pat which received a hiss from the king.

The king looked at her with wide eyes like he can't believe that she just did that but Amber paid him no heed because she was too busy in appreciating the feel of his fine ass under her hand, Amber dismissed her sudden urge of squeezing the lush ass of the warrior king.

Amber had an ass fetish!

The first time Amber laid her wicked gaze on the beautiful creatures called men, she was obsessed with a particular part of their anatomy. And surprisingly it wasn't their dick!

Because Amber was obsessed with their ass!

Amber sighed and purred in delight. At least her mate has a generous ass aside from being an ass. She could happily tie him up on her bed and take advantage of him only if her powers worked on him.

'Bad Amber!' Amber scolded her dirty mind!

She wish that he would take his time in taking her to their destination because currently Amber was enjoying the feel of his arms aroun

ly the image of her inspecting his ass filled his mind.

Dear Moon!!

Darach groaned. . .

His mate's wicked and Moon forbid him because he actually liked it! A lot.


Darach tested his mate's name in his mouth. Her name suits her....

Amber just like the burning flames of Amber in her eyes.

A perfect name for his perfect mate~

Darach looked in the kit, he didn't recognize most of the herbs that were packed in it except one herb that's used to fast the healing process for immortals but when he raised his hand to apply it on his mate's face she stopped him.

"The herbs don't work on me! The bruise will heal on it's own, I just need a little rest..." Amber whispered, feeling a little shy. It was the first time someone was taking care of her injuries, it was an extremely intimate act for Amber. Amber yawned again.

"You are sleepy." It was more like a statement than a question.

"Mayb---" Darach didn't let his mate finish her sentence. He pulled his shoes off and climbed on the bed with her, pulling her wee body into his. Although the bed was ridiculously small for them but they perfectly fit together. Like two puzzle pieces....

Darach kissed the top of Amber's head and whispered, "Sleep lass! I won't let anything happen to you. And next time don't come between a lycan and his target, specially when the lycan's beast is on surface." Darach kissed her head again. It doesn't matter how much he wanted to shake her to tell him that why she save that bastard demon because for now the only thing that matters is that his wee lass needs rest to heal... And her health comes first!

Darach can wait for his answers~

Darach words were all the assurance Amber needed if she ignores his comment on their earlier fight. She guess Rome is a discussion for another time...Her eyes felt heavy.... Soon she was lulled to sleep while mumbling...

"You still didn't told me your name. . ."

Even in her sleep dazed form she can bet that the king was smiling at her~

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