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   Chapter 11 King Against The Cold Queen

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Darach was on the verge of pulling the demon's head off his body. His patience was running low. For the hundredth time Darach asked the demon the whereabouts of his mate but the demon's lips were sealed. No matter what Darach said, the demon acted like Darach didn't even exist or as if Darach is a pest under his boot.

Darach had never met someone so stubborn!

Normally he would just gave a look to anyone to have their mouth open but with this frustrating demon, Darach haven't even able to know his name let alone any other information.

Hell! Darach didn't even know his own mate's name, he made a mental note of changing that ASAP!

"If you don't know were she is than you can tell me that were should I wait for her?" Darach asked again.

Darach didn't know where she lived but the house he woke up in was covered in her scent. Either she goes there a lot or maybe she lives there.

Darach hadn't told the demon that he want to find her because he is her mate and Darach had no intention of telling him that any time soon. Not until he know his mate's identity.

When the demon again opened his mouth to give Darach the same reply that he's giving him from the past few hours, it took every ounce of Darach's control to not to end the demon's pitiful existence.

"I need permission from the Queen to tell you anyone's whereabouts." Rome gave the lycan the same reply. Amber's suspicion about the king was right, he's here for his sister and the missing lycans. From what he had listened from his conversation with his brother it was clear that he won't leave without them. Already he had caught the scent of the other lycans. Soon it won't matter that how much Amber hide

th pure rage Darach pulled his fist back to punch the daylight out of the disrespectful scum but he watched in horror when his fist connected with a small figure which looked similar to his mate. Any remaining double of the small figure's identity was cleared when Darach's mate's scent washed over him.

It felt like the time had stopped ticking!

Everything happened in slow motion. . .

Gasps sounded from all around. A small crowd assembled around them. Everyone was watching the scene unfold.

They watched Amber hitting her back on the ground, blood coming out from her busted lips. Like a ragged doll Amber laid on the ground, too shocked to comprehend what had happened. . .

Everyone was rooted to the ground with shock, it was the first time someone had laid a successful blow on their Queen. They waited for the Queen to end the Lycan king. . .

The King against The Cold Queen~

It was the rule number one of Amber's Queendom!

You mess with the Queen and you lose something dear. The king had not just messed with the Queen, he had strike the Queen. . .

May the Dark Gods bless the King's soul!

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