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   Chapter 9 Weird Connection

Marking Territory By BestiesBabe Characters: 5852

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Frustration was all what Amber felt when she couldn't get the answers of her questions. Her life was becoming a puzzle.

From the moment these lycan royalties had entered her Queendom they had only created problems for her and her loyal people.

The lycans that once resided in the lycan king's territory were now her people but she knew that no matter what, he was their rightful king. It doesn't matter that the human side of these lycans don't consider him their king because the beast that resides within them knows that who is their king, their Alpha and if the beast commanded them to follow their king back to his land, to their mates, Amber will be powerless to do anything against him.

Hell! It was difficult for her to shake his dominance off from her own self. She cursed her small lycan part that was submissive to the lycan king.

It was like the king's presence was making her inner lycan stronger!

Amber is like fire and water trapped within a small body. While the lycan part of her is submissive to him the witchy part of her refused to bow down to the 'Warrior King' and her fey part was repulsed by him. She didn't know which part she would listen to.

And the mind blowing part was that she can't use her powers to harm him. They simply didn't work on him when she tried to attack him but her powers worked on him perfectly when she use them to protect him or heal him. Amber was frustrated out of her fucking mind.

Nothing make sense!

She had assigned her loyal demon to keep an eye on the king and to take him to where ever he wants to go, while all of her lycan people are hiding on their own land because of him.

It was now a new rule in her Queendom to avoid the royal lycans. Every being on her territory wa

. .

But there is something about him that confused her. There were only a few people that she considered as a family and this lycan king, his brother and sister felt like they were family. . .

Family. . .

From the moment they had entered in her territory, Amber's lycan part was becoming strong. The part which was only an instinct was now more prominent than before~

Her inner lycan felt a deep connection to them, their presence was making it stronger. Because everytime she had gone to rip Lucia's backbone out, Amber's lycan had held her back.

Even when Amber was pulling Connor's kidney out of his pathetic body, her inner lycan had given her a pretty good headache.

Her inner lycan was literally a bitch!

Her head was still hurting from her damn annoying growls. . . But it was worth it because that bastard deserved that. Such a shame that she can't kill him. . .

Amber looked towards the woods. . . She know who will be able to give her the answers of all of her questions.

She knows who will be able to solve this puzzle~

With only one person in her mind Amber moved towards snow covered woods to meet the Goddess herself. . .

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