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   Chapter 8 The Missing Ones

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If all your life you have waited for someone and suddenly they came in front of you, your first thought will be to touch them, to feel them, to know that they are real not just a fragment of your imaginations.

That's what happened to Darach, when his mate came in front of him Darach became so busy in admiring her that he lost control of his beast who was hell bend on claiming her.

Darach knew that he moved too fast.

Actually it was his beast who moved a way too fast. Centuries he had spend in thinking that his mate was dead just because a fucking Oracle said so.

He should never have believed her. Darach got a clear idea now that why Oracles were considered mad beings. But aside from his mate, he can't dismiss that it was the Oracle who had told him the way of these wastelands.

And Darach can sense a large number of Lycans here. Maybe his brat of a sister got her ass kicked by someone on this land.

If all the lost Lycans are on this land than it was a bonus for him that he found his little mate here.

For the first time in his life, Darach was proud of his decision of doing something for his people. . . If he knew that solving his people's problems would lead him to his mate he would have fucking started helping campaigns for his people instead of his sleeping campaigns!

They say an impatient man always burn his own mouth and he can't even enjoy his meal. That's what had happened with Darach, his beast got too excited which had scared their mate off.

He still didn't knew that what was she. . .

With her pointed ears, baby fangs, strange coloured mesmerizing eyes and wee figure she was a person he can't fit in a box. And there were only a few people Darach can't figure out!

He can imagine her taunting him. The way she had thrown him in the wall like a ragged doll it was clear that she was stronger than she looked. Her wee body contained more strength than he could imagine. Darach's a grown Lycan, from the strongest bloodline of Lycans and on top of that he's the crowned king of Lycans but his mate, a wee lass had kicked him with such a force that had not just thrown him in the wall but also knocked the air outta his poor lungs.

She is a being stronger than a lycan, which is impossible!

Her existence denied every law of nature!

She had created an invisible wall around herself to stop him from reaching her. If he kept that in mind than there is a major possibilities that his mate might be a witch, Darach shuddered at his own thoughts.

It can't be possible!!

He sent a silent prayer to the moon goddess to make her anything but a witch~

The last time a witch was mat

ithout any pain and completely healed, his brother was left vulnerable. He didn't thought to find anything about their whereabouts because he was too busy in day dreaming about his mate. . .

"I don't know where we are but I think I'll find someone who knows everything. I'll go and sort this out, you need rest. Let your beast heal you." Darach suggested.

Darach decided not to telling Connor about his mate. Not until he find everything about her himself.

"As if the fucker will help me heal! I'm the only cursed Lycan whose own beast loves to see him in pain and misery. You should go and figure out a way out of this fucked up place. The sooner we are out of here the sooner we will find Lucia!" Connor sighted while leaning back on the plain white bed.

"There might be a chance of Lucia being on this land with the other missing one's. This place is packed with with diferent supernatural species and we can already sense lycans here."

"If Lucia is here than you have to find her and the others. You are the king, the Alpha, you can just command their beasts and they will follow us back to our home. It will take a few days for me to regenerate a kidney and heal these wounds so you're all on your own!"

"Aye! Take care!" Darach said awkwardly.

"I would probably sleep with an open eye!" Connor muttered under his breath while touching the place from where his kidney was missing with a pained look.

With a last glance towards his brother Darach left the building with only one person on his mind who can give answers to him about this fucked up place and she might be able to locate his sister and the missing ones. . .

His wee little mate!

Only the though of her made his beast excited along with the other parts of his body. . .

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