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   Chapter 7 Mad Lust

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Darach felt like he was trapped in a black tunnel, not knowing where to go or what to do. It has been like this from centuries. Darach was trapped in this darkness from centuries. No matter what he did, he can't just free himself form this misery.

He was a coward. .

A coward who was given the little of King. He had the responsibility of the whole lycan race, the whole kingdom was on his shoulders but he was royally neglecting them because deep down he knew that if he wasn't good enough to save his own mate than how is he supposed to protect the whole kingdom.

From the past centuries Darach has been doing one thing he's good at, running from his responsibilities.

Running from this darkness that surrounds his very being. . .

He just wanted a way out of it, a small light to pull his dark soul out of this black hole.

Suddenly sparks formed on his neck and started trailing towards his lower region. It felt like as if someone was tracing cold iced sparks on his body. It was terrifying but at the same time it felt pleasant.

Darach opened his eyes only to be greeted by the sight of a wee being who was busy in exploring his body while he laid there motionless. Instead of coming to a haze of pain, Darach had woken to a generous view of her breasts glancing over his chest.

When her hand traveled a little more towards South Darach's little member twitched in response. He was getting aroused by a stranger exploring his body.

Darach has no doubt that he was definitely turning into a sick retarded bastard.

The stranger had a look of fascination on her face.

Darach's own body was reacting to her touch, his muscles were clenching under her fingers.

Darach watched her trailing her dainty fingers on his body. She was completely absorbed in the task, suddenly her eyes snapped towards his face and he felt like all the air was knocked out of his body.

Her eyes...!

Darach was mesmerized by the colour of her eyes. Her eyes had a strange mixture

r nipples were hard and pink. His mouth watered thinking of how he longed to lick them.

He grabbed her by the waist, making her cry out in surprise. With that he set his lips on her mound, after a few laps of his skillful tongue he sucked her like a starved man.

His mate cried in pleasure!

His mate clutched his shoulders, pulling him close so he would not stop tasting her.

Her moans filled his chest with pride. . .

Darach channelled his tongue between the flaps of her fucking folds, exploring her insides until her juices flowed down his chin. He'd drive her to a screaming orgasm as he felt the tension building in his cock and balls.

He needs to sink his teeth in her soft skin, marking her as his own before he took her with his hardness. His fangs elongated at the mere thought of marking her but before he could do that she placed her feet on his shoulders and kicked, throwing Darach in the wall.

She had taken him by surprise.

His wee lass had thrown him in the wall, while the through pleased Darach immensely, the beast was not happy by his mate who had rejected his claim.

Mad will lust and rage when the beast tried again to reach her he was again brutally thrown in the wall but this time by an invisible wall that surrounded her, with enough force to knock the air out of his lungs.

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