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   Chapter 6 The Warrior King

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A random person--- that was what he was to Amber but the moment she had looked at him she couldn't keep her eyes off him.

Even though his face was decorated with burn marks, cuts and scraps probably from the snow during his journey, he still looked delectable enough. The left side of his face was still mottled black and blue and his lower lip looked a little swollen.

When Amber had seen him for the first time laying unconscious on the ground, Amber literally felt something about him calling to her very being. Like there was someone trapped in his body, trying desperately to get free, trying to reach to her.

And before she knew what she was doing Amber told the guards to put him in her home.

In her own home. . .

It was the first time a male layed in her bed, it's not like she hadn't bedded anyone in her awfully long life. It's just that Amber hadn't allowed a single male with whom she had sexual relations in her home. And not a single male in her bed.

This Warrior King is the first one to have the honour of experiencing what Amber's bed felt like. Although she didn't knew him but somehow she knows that he must be a warrior because no regular Lycan was strong enough to pass the storm.

It wasn't possible but this creature had passed the storm and than he stumbled upon her Queendom. On top of that he bought a companion, Alive. . .

There were two possibilities. One, they both must be strong enough to survive in the wasteland and if that's the possibility than Amber needs to upgrade her shields because if they can make it upto here than anyone can.

Two, they must be guided here by a lost soul. Amber shuddered at her thought. Growing up in this wasteland she had met more than one of them. It's funny how they are called lost but they show path to people who are lost out there. In this wasteland there are a few creatures that helps, these Lycans were lucky that a lost soul found them.

Lost souls are basically the people that were brutally killed but something from this world still keeps them bound to this world and their mortal life. It could be anything... An unfulfilled wish, a place, an object or any other thing. These souls can't find peace. So to experience a little peace they help those in such an agony that match theirs. . .

So the questio

o her face from being caught while exploring his body.

The strange King was still staring at her with a baffled expression. Than with a confused face he started sniffling the air like a dog on a search party.

Soon his baffled and confused expression changed into a shocked one. . .

And this time when he turned his blue gaze on Amber, he had an element of surprise on his face.

She didn't understand what was happening, the way his expressions were changing gave Amber an idea that the Mighty Lycan King might be mentally retarded. . .



Than came




And now the latest one was

Acknowledgement. . .

He was currently looking at Amber with acknowledgement, as if seeing her for the first time.

Blue eyes changed into golden ones. . .

With a growl he pinned Amber on her own bed.

She knew what was happening! She was face to face with the beast of the Lycan King.

She shouldn't have toyed with him.

If Amber was at a strange place and would have woken with a man exploring her body she would have killed him without a second thought.

After waking up in foreign surroundings the beast must have recognized her as a threat, they all do....

Now Amber had two options, either she was going to be get killed by him or she was going to kill him.

So she choose the second option ignoring the voice in her head that was screaming at her to claim his lips. . .



Amber attacked the Mighty Lycan King. . . Head on!

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