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   Chapter 4 Jimmy Aka Victor

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So much love. . .

How could they manage to love each other so damn much. No matter how much Amber shows that she doesn't gives a fuck about love, No matter how much she says that she doesn't care, there is always a little voice in her head that says that 'You Do Care Silly!'. It's a voice that never leaves her alone. Sometimes it's soothing and sometimes it is so frustrating that she can do whatever it takes to get rid of it.

But she can't. . .

Amber's parents gave her nothing. Hell! they didn't even gave a fuck before throwing her away. But they gave her an instinct, Wolf's Instinct. She's a part female lycan but she doesn't have a wolf she can't transform into her lycan form and she's glad for that.

Over the centuries Amber had seen the lycan's transform. It's a captivating site as much as a horrific one. They don't change into a wolf but their body changes into more muscular form, Nails transform in sharp claws, the size of their body becomes three times bigger than their original size, get fangs and sharp teeth like a wolf and the most important part their eyes glow in an abnormal mesmerizing shade of golden. . .

Their features are overshadowed by a wolfy version of their face. If Amber wasn't a part lycan herself she would have freaked out at the mary site of a lycan. But luckily she didn't got all these traits from her lycan father. She only got an instinct, the inner voice of a wolf and their brutal strength.

With her wee height of 5.2, Amber looks as harmless as a baby. But the power that resides inside her tell a different story.

"Are they always like this?" I asked the little boy who's parents were making out in front of everyone. The male was literally eating the female's face as if he hadn't eaten anything in centuries.

"Worse...!" Jimmy sighted, embarrassed by his parents. Jimmy is a five years old little wolf but he looks like a 12 years old human kid. Jimmy's father is a lycan and his mother is a fey just like Amber's own parents. Both of them love Jimmy more than there own life that's the main reason why Amber took interest in them.

If they can love there kid so much than why would her parents forsake her...?

Jimmy's parents are madly in love with each other. His father is so possessive and protective of his mate and child. Sometimes Amber spends time with Jimmy and pretends that she's living her own childhood by watching him grow up.

Amber hate them for this, for showing her what she can't have.

The thing that confuse her is that what happened to her parents. Both of her parents were from the fractions that are extremely territorial of their family and assets. Than why would they left their own blood for an agonizing death and not care at all!

Did they not love her. . .

Would anyone ever love her. . .

"Do you think you'll ever fall in love Jimmy?" I asked Jimmy randomly.

"I don't know. I think if she will be like you, then probably." Jimmy said, shyly glancing at me.

Smart kid!

"So you like me Jimmy?"

"You are my Queen, I love you. Maa said that you protect us and everyone who lives here and my name is Victor not Jimmy." A blush formed on his chubby cheeks.

I laughed at him. Protect, they think that I protect them but what they don't know is that I only protect them for their loyalties and to escape form my loneliness.

I knew that I have there loyalties but what I didn't knew was that most of them love me as their protector.

My father was a lycan and my mother was fey princess but I don't look like them. I can control Elements like Elemental Witches. I can control and use elements of nature, climate, space, time, create portal and explosions. I can control anyone's body. I can make their heart stop in a second. I don't know from where I got all these powers. Maybe someone from my ancestors was an elemental witch.

I have control over all my powers except creating portals. If I create a portal it can leave me vulnerable by draining my energy and I don't even know where the damn portal will take me. The last time I had created a portal it had landed me in the deadly land of Puss Demons. Their bodies had pores from which puss leaks. I was lucky to make it alive out of there.

Elemental Witches were the rarest caste of witches. They are born once in a great while. Only a few are left in this world now which m

akes Amber extremely rare.

And lonely. . .

"So you are the one whose hiding them. How could you be so heartless! Their mates are madly searching them and you are hiding them here!!" Lucia screamed. Amber knew that this bitch was a nosey one. The way she had explored her land showed that she was searching for someone but Amber had ignored her for Rebecca's sake. And now Amber knows who she was searching for. . .

The lost mates of the Lycans.

"If you think that I'm heartless than you have really lived a sheltered life and I can gladly give you a few life lessons. I'm not hiding anyone, they are free to go." I said while caressing Jimmy's head who had taken an attacking position in front of me and was growling at Lucia. I was amused by his actions. This little wolf thinks that I need his protection.

"Than why are they not leaving!" She spat those words at me as if I'm the reason they are not leaving.

I ignored her and pulled Jimmy towards me. "Hey there little warrior! Calm down! The Queen needs to show someone her place, why don't you go to your parents for now! We will meet here tomorrow." I said while giving him a little pat on his head. Jimmy hesitated before running towards his parents.

With my fey speed I moved towards Lucia, constricting her wee neck in my unforgiving grip. Her eyes that held disrespect a few seconds ago now looked at me with fear. Her body unable to move against my command.

"Respecting me is not an option here Lucia! Why would you risk your life for other lycans by coming here?" I asked. I was literally confused, why would she come here risking her life for others. She doesn't look like a social worker type.

"They are my people and they are in pain. I'm their princess and by attacking me you are signing up for a painful death. Think what the lycans will do if the found that you are the one whose keeping there soul mates form them. And I'm sure that they are on their way to this forsaken place." She said with so much false confidence and stubbornness that only a sheltered princess can muster.

It took everything in me to not laugh at her. Even a dumb person can tell that she's lying.

A foolish princess.

If all the Lycans that are leading her people are like her then it's understandable why Lycans had lost their respect in the supernatural world.

"Tell me Lucia when was the last time you interacted with your people..?" I asked, releasing my command on her body and dumping her on the ground like she weights nothing. After all she's a princess, we should talk face to face or more like face to foot.

"I... . ." She sputtered, taken off guard by my question.

"Yeah! You don't remember. You have already seen the people of your kind that resides here. They are not bound to live here, they are living here on their free will and they are free to leave whenever they want. If you were not living a sheltered life princess than you would have known that your kind had long fallen from grace. Your kind is as respectful as a dog and that makes you a bitch princess. So next time before you accuse me of your people's pain get a little knowledge of your own kind. Here no one gives a fuck that you are a princess." She looked ashamed by her own ignorance. I looked at her with pity. . .

She had no place here. The longer she will stay here the bigger problems she will create.

"You are lucky that you reached here before the snow storm. After it ends my guards will gladly throw you out of my territory." As if on cue a guard appeared in front of me.

"Queen there are two men on boarder badly injured. It looks like they had barely survived the snow storm." The guard exclaimed.

I gave him an irritated look. It's not the first time strangers arrived in my Queendom I don't know why he's making a fuss about it!

"So you want me to welcome them!" I snapped.

"Yes... No! I.. I didn't..." he sputtered. I gave him a pointed look and he blurted.

"One of them claims to be the Lycan King!" At his statement my eyes snapped towards Lucia.

So Lucia wasn't lying!

The bitch had her king coming after me. I looked at her face only to find an expression full of shock and horror slapped on her face.

Her expression screamed that she had no idea what the fuck is going on.

And this is how my already bad day turned into a worse one. . .

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