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   Chapter 3 The Oracle

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"I'm not getting any good vibes from here. This place is literally giving me creeps man!" Connor suppressed a shudder.

"Don't worry I have been here before. It's not as bad as it looks." Darach replied without looking at his brother.

The last time Darach was here he had almost burnt this building in his blind rage. He still remember the day when he came here to know the whereabouts of his mate from this oracle. She had looked at him with her lifeless black eyes with sorrow.

'You are late my child she's dead, murdered by her own kin.'

In that moment Darach had felt as if someone has pulled his backbone out his body. All his life he has waited for his mate and she was taken from him by her own kin. Not taken MURDERED! He was boiling with

Hate. . .

Rage. . .

No matter how many times he begged her to tell him the location of his mate's kin she never uttered a single word. At the end he even threatened to kill her but she only gave a sadistic smile on his threats as if she found his threats amusing.

Now after centuries Darach is back at the same place to know the whereabouts of the Lycan's missing mates and his sister. He had nowhere else to go. Oracles are rare, finding them is like finding needle from a bundle of grass. Even if you find them they are very tricky and a breath away from madness. Instead of giving answer to your questions they talk in riddles which lefts you with more questions than answers.

Connor entered before him through the old wooden door which was hanging form it's hinges. It was a small wooden cottage covered with dirt, located in the middle of dark forest. It seems like it would fall at any moment. There was a small cot in the corner and besides that there was not even a single piece of furniture or any other belongings in the cottage.

The hair on the back of his neck raised as he got a sense of being watched. Darach turned around only to come face to face with the Oracle.

She wore a clean black gown with not a single dust particle on it but her black hairs were a mess as if she had mopped the floor with them. She looked not a day above twenty five, like a small girl with her young features and beauty. Her black soulless eyes were the only thing that indicated her age.

Her eyes were unfocused like she was seeing things or was on another plane. Suddenly her eyes focused on us.

"The King and his warrior, so determined to slay their people's demons while refusing to face their own." Her voice echoed in the small cottage.

"Oracle we want our sister's location." Connor said, ignoring her ramblings.

"Ooh what a shame... I thought that you want your own mate's location." She said looking at Connor with a sorry face.

"Don't play games with me witch! My mates dead." Connor warned in a low growl.

"Is that what you think..? Poor wolf. . ." She gave him a pitted look.

Connor's eyes flashed golden. His body was changing. I inserted my claws in his arm, trying to divert his attention.

"Not today Connor! We are h

ere for Lucia." I snapped. The Oracle's a fool for taunting him about his dead mate.

"Lucia... She's been attacked, arm and three ribs broken, lying on grass and bellowing in pain. Poor she wolf must have messed with someone wicked powerful." Her word were enough to pull Connor out of his rage.

"How can we reach her?" Connor asked but the Oracle ignored him and turned toward me.

"I would have killed him for disrespecting me or for simply being a lycan. He's lucky that I owe you dog...! Only if you had came early we could have saved your mate child." She said with her voice softening at the end, eyes shinning with tears.

It's the first time Darach had seen a being like her to show this much emotions. He didn't knew if he should be angry at her for bluntly calling him a dog or thankful for her condolences. Beings like her were rumoured to be the most viscous fraction of immortals. They rarley show any emotions.

"You lost your mate?" Came Connor's surprised voice. He had a look of pure terror on his face.

"Go North! Go to the wasteland where the snow is as deadly as hell fire. You'll find them there." She said with a distant look on her face. Connor was ignored again.

"Them...? Is that all you're going to tell us?" I asked.

One moment she was standing near the door and in the next she was a breath away from Connor, staring at him creepily. It shocked him that how she moved with such a speed that she was undetectable even to his own eyes.


He had underestimated her. She has more wisdom and power than she reveals.

A deadly creature!

"Change before history repeats itself. Last chance wolf!! Don't fuck this up again. Change, accept and respect! It's not that hard." She gave a light pat on Connor's face and than she was gone as if disappeared in thin air.

"What the fuck!" Connor uttered in a shaky tone while rubbing his hands on his face.

Darach felt the same. She made no sense. Why would she owe him? He had done nothing for her besides threatening her life to extract his revenge on his dead mate's kin. And why would Connor change?

"Utter a word about my mate in front of anyone and you'll be as good as dead." I warned Connor and than left the cottage. It will be a cold day in hell if I let anyone pity me over my dead mate.

At least now we have a location to find Lucia and the others.

For the first time in his long... long... life Darach was feeling thrilled to see where this mission will lead him. His inner Lycan was pacing in his cage as if waiting for something. . . The Oracle had filled his head with more questions than answers.

Why the hell would Lucia go to the wastelands...? You only go there if you have a dead wish. The climate there is deadly even to a lycan not to mention the unforgiving snow and creatures of dark residing there. If Lucia was fool enough to go to the wastelands than someone was already there who had attacked her. But than the question arise that who the hell is strong enough to reside there. . .

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