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   Chapter 2 The Cold Queen

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Fate has a way to turn impossible things into possible. A person can fight his fate all he wants but in the end things always turn out how fate wants them to be. Just like Amber. She is a living proof of the games that fate plays.

Amber a woman who was thrown in the woods in the dead of winter by her own mother. She was given to nature for a low agonizing death. Who thought that the little girl her mother and her people though they got rid of was as alive as the wind.

As a little girl she was not even given a little space in her parents kingdom. And now as a grownup she has her own queendom where she decides who stays and who leaves.

Pretty much ironic!

They say ignorance is a bliss and indeed they are right. Amber can give anything to remain ignorant. Amber was always a curious little thing. It was her curiously that lead her to find about her origin. She has an ability to remember. She remembered her first memory of her mother, when she had forsaken her. She had witnessed disgust in the eyes of the woman who gave her birth. Amber wasn't a mother but she wants children of her own. She could never look at her own blood like her mother had looked at Amber. At first she didn't knew who the female in her memories was, not until she stepped into immorality and learnt to control her powers.

Amber is the offspring of the most powerful fractions of the supernatural world. She had abilities beyond her control.

She's the first of her own kind.

A being having the power of a Goddess. . .

At the early age Amber had lounged for acceptance, for someone to call her their own but she got nothing. And than she had made a queendom where she decides who stays and who leaves. Now she's the one by whom beings lounged to be accepted.

Amber had made an Empire of her own in the same place where she was left by her mother to rot and die.

Tsk... After freezing in immorality and spending centuries on this wasteland Amber had turned it into a land full of greenery and beauty with a shield to protect it's boundaries. You can enter this land but once you leave without a permit you'll forget the location of this land.

The first time Amber used her powers was when she was merely born. Her mother dumped her on this wasteland covered with deadly snow. Her back was burnt by the snow and she was on the verge of dying when her power to control the elements had saved her life. Her back is still decorated with ugly burn marks, a gift from her mother. The skin on her back can easily disgust anyone who looks at it thats why she always wears a cloak to protect it from judging and pitiful eyes.

Amber has unique powers like controlling the elements, unnatural speed, control over others body and many more. All thanks to the three fraction that made her very being.

"Amber there's somone who wants to meet you. Come!" Rebecca shouted on top of her lungs. Hearing her voice pulled a smile on my face. Rebecca was the very first resident of her self made Queendom.

"They all wants to meet me girl. Tell me

what's new this time. . ." I rolled my eyes at her.

When I reached her a female was standing behind her. Her hairs were a huge mess of black color. Golden eyes were staring at me as if sensing a threat.

Definitely a lycan on verge of turning. My land was filled with different fractions of supernatural beings but most of them were wolfs. There were rumours that the lycans had fallen from grace. From the past few decades a large number of lycans had moved to this land, most of them just wanted to hide from their brutes aka mates.

"Aah another Bitch! What's her problem..? Lemme guess! She must be miserable with her disrespectful mate and just wanted freedom from their shitty customs..." Amber said while clapping my hands in a child like manner.

The wolf lunged at her but was thrown away with a flick of Amber's fingers. A boom sounded when her body hit the old oak tree. Blue light was still emitting from Amber's palm.

Disrespecting beings!

"Hell..!!!" The female bellowed in pain. Her screams were making Amber tired. They were all the same.


It literally bored her to death to show them who's the queen here. Most of them call Amber evil and unstable. . .

An Evil, Unstable Queen who's protecting the sane one's.

"For someone who came here for my help you have guts to attack me bitch! I'm the Queen here and I don't take shit from anyone. I serve it to the one's who deserve it. Never attack a being like me, you will regret the outcomes."

"Amber...!" Rebecca snapped. Amber looked towards her.

"Ooh I was not supposed to do that..? My bad!" I gave her an innocent silly me look. She's a softy, can't even handle a little violence.

"She needed help. . ." Rebecca said with  tears welled up in her eyes. Shit! I don't want her to start her water work here. Rebecca is a female lycan so its totally logical that she feels pain of her kind. I helped her to escape her abusive mate and now she helps other who are in the same condition as her. Rebecca is broken doll who can't be fixed so she tries to fix others to make herself feel better.

Rebecca the fragile little wolf. . .

"She can stay if she wants it's the least I can do after breaking her bones. I was just messing around with her. I hope she didn't took it on her little heart. . . Plus tell her that she won't be able to locate this place if she decided to leave, it's a one time invitation." I said while blowing a kiss to Rebecca.

Rule number one to maintain your rule over other immortals here, you have to show them who's the boss here.

It's difficult to survive in this world, you gotta be a Bitch to keep people in their place.

In my world you kill or get killed and I have killed more immortals than I can remember...

Do I regret it? Never. . .

"What the hell is she..??" That female asked Rebecca.

"The Cold Queen you should not mess with Lucia!" Rebecca said in a cold voice.

Ahh.. only if Rebecca had told her that before she had attacked me. It would have saved me from the upcoming fatigue.

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