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   Chapter 1 The lonely King

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Present Time

The kingdom of Lycans.

Known to be the deadliest kingdom of all. It is said that the beings residing in this kingdom are the deadliest immortals with no morals.

Once a kingdom who was famous for it's loyalty, wisdom and strength was now...

A kingdom filled with liars.

A kingdom filled with cheaters.

A kingdom filled with blind beasts.

Everything changed about this kingdom but you still can't win from them when they fight to protect their own.

Because even after all these changes it was still a Kingdom filled with the most deadliest warriors. . .

They are blessed by the Goddess of Moon. Blessed with strength, immorality and a mate. Once a lycan finds his mate he can't take another female to his bed because he won't get hard for anyone once he find his mate who is given to him by the goddess. The beast inside them won't let him take any other female once he claims his mate.

In their kingdom a woman is equal to weakness. A mate is only a weakness to them. The mates they were given to strengthen their race was now considered a weakness by them.

There was time when in the supernatural world, beings of diferent species ached to be a wolf's mate. It was said that a wolf cherish his mate more than anyone else in this world. If their mate dies the wolf follows. But now everyone detest even the idea of being their mate.

The wolf's had fallen from grace...

And the reason of there fall was their king himself. The king of the Lycans, who was currently lying draped in the finest silk, his partner from last night still asleep besides him. Darach King, the only wolf who doesn't care about his mate or kingdom.

He's their Alpha King but they called him 'Mad King' and indeed he was more mad than any other living lycan. Darach was as old as the dirt and living so long without a mate had pushed him towards madness. There was a time when he convinced himself that he can live his eternal life without a mate but in reality he can give anything to just experience what it's like to have someone to protect, provide and love more than your own life, to know what it's like to be loyal to your mate until death.

"Your highness your brother requests to meet you." Darach's most loyal wolf's voice echoed in his head.

In his long life Darach has met mortals who wanted to become an immortal.

Fools. . .

They don't realize that immorality is not a blessing. It's a cursed life. A life you have to live without your loved one's because everyone you know dies before you. They are fools to wish for such a life filled with loneliness and madness.

Darach walked in his office dressed in a pair of slacks with his chest bare. Nudity was not an issue for Lycans. They are more comfortable without clothes.

His brother was sitting on the chair in his office, upon his arrival he scrunched his nose probably because Darach's body still reeked of the shewolf from last night.

They all wanted be his queen. They think they can satisfy his hunger but they seem to forget that no one can satisfy the hunger within him, no one but only his true mate. . .

"You wanted to meet me." Darach said to his brother, ignoring the disgusted look he was giving him.

"Lucia is missing." Connor said, his eyes flashing golden indicating that he was a second away from turning. 'And they say that I don't have any control on my wolf...' Darach thought sarcastically.

Lucia is their sister. In there kingdom females were not permitted to go anywhere until they find their mate and when they find their mate they can't go anywhere without him. It was an unspoken rule of their society. It was surprising that how could she went missing when her mate Jordan was always attached to her hip. . .

"So wha

t..?" Darach asked nonchalantly while sitting on his chair, staring blankly at the wall.

"She's our sister Darach! How could you not care?" Connor asked, anger dripping from his tone.

"Why would you care..?" Darach through the question at him instead of answering him.

"Because unlike you I'm not an ass who doesn't give a fuck about his responsibilities! Who just want to be a womanizer. Have you ever thought how would your mate will react when she will came to know that her soulmate has fucked half of the females in his kingdom."

Connor asked.

"That's funny coming from you, the man who wasn't able to protect his own mate. And last time I checked you weren't on taking terms with Lucia. And she has a mate so it's not our problem if she's missing. I'm sure Jordan can find her after all our beasts love the chase." Darach replied in a bored tone.

It was useless to get involved in their issues. If Lucia was missing her darling mate will find her. It's in our blood to protect what is our own.

"Being living without a mate for so long had turn you into a cold bastard Darach. What if it was your mate who disappeared Darach. She's not the only one who disappeared, a large number of females from this kingdom have been missing as if lost without a clue to track them. Their mates are going berserk on everyone. They are a step away from madness. They want your help Darach. They need their Alpha King for once to act like one." Connor snapped the last line.

If it was any other wolf Darach would have killed him without a thought for this blunt disrespect but Connor was different because it was no good to kill someone who is already dead. Connor had seen his own mate die in front of his eyes.

It is said that the most painful thing in a lycan's life is to lose a mate. If your mate dies you follow! There is no in between. Connor is the only one who survived this loss, no one knows how. . . Even there are bets placed on him all over the kingdom. Everyone wants to know that how long he can survive.

Even Darach wonder how long. . .

"Darach you don't have a mate but I had one, once. I know how it feels to be separated from your other half. It's like someone is splitting your soul and you have no power over it. You are a king Darach, act like one. . . At least do something that your mate should be proud of. . ." Connor said before leaving.

It's understandable that why Connor find this matter so important. He had lost his mate and he knows the pain. But what he doesn't know is that Darach didn't have any mate to make proud. When a wolf's other half is born he can feel it deep in his bones that someone's there for him to protect and provide. Like every lycan Darach felt when she was born. Like a love sick puppy he went to an Oracle. It's hard to find one and they are bat shit crazy but he found one only for her to tell Darach that his mate's dead.

Dead before he had a chance to know her. . .

I'm blessed that I didn't met her before she died. Because in my kind once a lycan meets his soulmate he's bound to her. He can't bed another because his beast won't let him get hard for anyone other than his mate just like Connor...

Darach didn't want anyone to find about her and the sole purpose of hiding her death form everyone is Connor. He doesn't want them to pity him like Connor. Darach's their Alpha King!

He can do what they can't, even overcome his mate's loss. . .

On the bright side Darach can bed any willing female lycan as a distraction from this lonely eternal life, Connor is not as lucky as him. He is living on the memories of his mate more than he lives in present. At least this mission can serve as a distraction for Connor. It's the least Darach can do for him. . . .

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