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   Chapter 3 Want to feel (18+)

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Caroline's p.o.v

Why did i walk into his house and into his bedroom, why? Was i stupid? No! Was i crazy? Those were the questions going through my mind as i sat on his bed next to him feeling very nervous.

Despite the nervousness i noticed one thing that didn't make any sense, the place wasn't guarded at all, i saw no guards, servants or maids, be it in or outside the house, when i felt a cold hand on mine i tensed.

"Let me get you something to drink" he said then stood up with a smile and walked out.

I quickly stood up and walked towards the balcony, i stood there looking around, the place was totally quiet, i was about to look down when i heard footsteps, i quickly went back and sat down.

Don walked in with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses, he carefully put the wine glasses on the table which was next to the bed, i watched him as he opened the bottle and poured wine in each glass.

"I hope you don't mind that i brought you in my bedroom, and no i don't do this with all the girls i meet" he said while handing me a glass of wine.

I looked at the glass then at him.

"Its not drugged, if i wanted to hurt you i wouldn't use drugs" he said as I took the glass.

He really had a point, why save me on the road if he wanted me dead.

"and you must be wondering, why bring you here if i don't do such, the answer is because you are special to me, you got my attention the very first time i set my eyes on you" he said as he got his wine glass and faced me.

"I just want to share a wine glass with you, which i will take as you saying thank you for saving me back then, so a toast?" He asked as i looked at the wine in fear.

In all my spy days there was only one thing i had failed to handle and that was alcohol, not that i was allergic, the very first time i tried wine i ended up waking up on the road, luckily nothing was done to me, and that was only half a glass i took then.

"Please" he whispered.

I slowly lifted it up and faked a smile.

"To meeting each other" he said as he took a sip from his glass.

I swallowed nervously then gulped down the whole content quickly, the wine tasted divine in my mouth, the flavour had me wanting more.

"See, its sweet right? Want more?" He asked, i looked at the wine bottle then nodded.

He got the bottle and poured for me, i lifted my glass as i tried to look at him calmly, i was beginning to feel weird.

I slowly took a drink from my glass and smiled.

"So, do you stay near the park?" He asked as i took another sip.

I was feeling hot for some reason and my vision was becoming a little blur.

"Are you okay? Let me get that" he said as he got my glass from my hand.

That's the reason why i hated alcohol, it was like my mind was floating and it really was hot in this room, I slowly unbuttoned my shirt.

"What are you doing?" Don asked loudly.

I really wanted to calm down and feel better.

"He can't drug me, his a good man" i whispered to myself.

"What? Let me just tell the driver to prepare a car for you, I'm taking you home" he said as he got the wine bottle and went out.

It really was hot and having clothes on wasn't really helping me, i slowly took off my trousers and pulled off my shirt.

Don walked in then froze looking at me, i unpinned my bra and i was about to take it off.

"Stop!!" He yelled as i froze, his voice was stronger and it scared me, i looked at him with wide eyes.

"Look, i admit i really I'm attracted to you, at first it was because you reminded me of my late mother, then as i observed y

ou closely i found myself getting attached to you, but i didn't bring you here for sex, i brought you here to just spend some quality time with you, perhaps to get to know you better since i no longer see you at the cafe" he said as he knelt in front of me.

"Let me dress you up okay?" He whispered softly.

He was too kind but i didn't want his kindness, sex wasn't on my mind then but now it was, no one would like to die a virgin, i wanted to know how it felt like, Don was the only man i was attracted to, i didn't want to dress up, i wanted to feel his skin on mine, i grabbed his hair making him tilt his head and look at me, he really was sexy.

"Fuck" i whispered then crushed my lips on his in a clumsy way.

It didn't matter how clumsy i was, after all it was my first kiss, he lifted me up as he stood up, i wrapped my legs around his waist while I tried not to break the kiss, he laughed softly then pulled back.

"I was holding myself back for your own sake" he whispered while resting his forehead on mine.

I ignored his words and just kissed him again, this time he took total control, he got on the bed with me and pined me down as he deepened the kiss taking my breath away, he slipped his tongue into my mouth, his tongue explored mine as i did the same, i felt my core twitch in need, his hand went on my bra and pulled it off easily, i moaned out when his cold hand went on my left breast pinching and fondling it.

He pulled back slightly allowing me to breath.

"You are my woman," I couldn't make out the last words, my body was on fire.

He kissed my neck and sucked on my skin as i felt my core getting wet, he trailed kisses on my collarbone then took my right nipple in his mouth sucking and slightly biting it, i warmed up to the new desire i was feeling.

His other hand trailed down on my skin giving me slight shivers, when he pulled down my  panties and rubbed his fingers on my folds i gasped lowly, it felt so good that i shamelessly spread my legs to grant him better access, he skimmed his fingers round and round my entrance causing me to pant as his mouth worked on my breast.

"You are already wet when i haven't even tasted you fully" he whispered then pushed a finger in.

I groaned feeling a weird intrusion feeling me up, when he moved his finger slowly, i lifted my hand to my mouth and bite on my middle finger trying to keep my voice in.

"Don't bite on your finger" he said as i shook my head.

He added another finger causing me to moan out loudly and drop my hand.

"Better" he said as he fingered me, the moan were becoming louder and louder, when he added a third finger i couldn't hold back my voice.

I closed my eyes feeling the best feeling take all over me, when he pulled back i waited patiently for him to continue but all i heard were noises of clothes being torn, i was about to open my eyes when he claimed my lips once small while his hands caressed my body making me relax and feel warm all over again.

He pulled back slowly, i felt one of his hands gently massage my inner thigh, when i felt his dick nudge my entrance i opened my eyes and looked him in the eye, he kept his gaze locked on mine as he slowly thrust in all the way, i cried out when i a felt slight pain, he looked at me shocked for a minute, i didn't know how to react, was i suppose to scream ' surprise I'm a virgin?'

He lowered himself and kissed me softly with a warm smile, i slowly curved my arms around his neck and kissed him back as he began moving feeling me with pleasure.

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