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   Chapter 53 Preparation

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 6240

Updated: 2020-01-11 02:01

Paula's p.o.v

Today was one of the worst days of my life, immediately i took a bath, my ladies dressed me up, a servant came to inform me that my couraige was ready, i wanted father to see me off but he refused, he was busy with one of his concubines to even say a simple goodbye to his only daughter.

I got in the couraige with Lauren while the others got in the other couraige, when the couraige began moving, i sighed sadly.

"My princess are you okay?" Lauren asked with concern.

"Yeah" i answered then leaned against the couch then closed my eyes. . . .

I was woken up by the sound of loud trumpets, i quickly sat upright and found Lauren asleep, i looked outside the window, it was no longer morning but mid evening.

The couraige was moving slowly in the street were people were gathered and cheering, Lauren woke up and looked at me then at the window.

"We are here?" She asked as i nodded and closed the window.

Lauren quickly fixed my veil that was covering my face, if there was one rule i abided by, was the rule that said i was to cover my face before marriage, only after the wedding was i allowed to choose either to cover my face or let it show.

The couraige stopped and the door was opened for us, Lauren came out first then i followed, i looked at the huge beautiful castle that was in front of us.

Many richly dressed men stood looking at me and my ladies, but amongst the men one caught my eye, he was taller and somehow huge than the rest, his robes were expensively designed and his ring and neck jewelry were the finest, it was the first time looking at men this close, amongst all of them he was the most handsome, his eyes were light green and his hair dark blond, although he was very handsome his eyes were not welcoming but rather cold and unfriendly, the man that stood next to him was a bit shorter and not that la

the screams, he can never get enough of lady grace, every time we walk by we could hear their moans and groans, and at times when the king sits with lady grace on his throne he touches her almost everywere, his not afraid to show everyone how much she means to him" amore said.

"Poor princess, she will be marrying a man who is in love with another, rumor has it that our king only agreed to marry the princess because of the ministers who advised him to do it, he wanted to wed lady grace but the ministers couldn't agree on it"  Cindy said as i sat down powerlessly.

"It seems our princess is really unlucky" i whispered lowly.

"No don't say that" Debby and Miriam said together.

The door opened and Lauren walked in with Bridget and Cleo.

Cindy and amore bowed lowly.

"Its time to start the preparations" Lauren said seriously.

"Yes princess" Cindy and amore answered together.

"Not me, I'm not the princess, she is" she said pointing at me.

Cindy and Amore looked at me in shock, i stood up then smiled.

"Your secret is safe ladies, thank you for opening up to me and my ladies, now if you will help me get ready for my wedding" i said as they bowed.

"Right away your highness" they answered lowly in fear.

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