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   Chapter 49 Epilogue

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 6044

Updated: 2019-11-16 14:44

King's p.o.v

I stood still looking at Ariana's friend who was freaking out.

"Pam calm down" Ariana said.

"No way, no way, his the legendary king, i have seen your photos in every business magazine! This is so not real" she screamed.

I smiled in relief, i did well to have booked the whole dinner, she really would have embarrassed us.

"Pam!! I have been gone for a year and some months! And the first thing you do is ignore me and fan girl all over my fiance, really?" Ariana yelled loudly.

"Sorry" Pam answered.

"Jeez" Ariana said lowly.

"Any way mister king i so adore you, you are not only one of the famous young men in the business industry but also one of the richest" she said with a smile.

This Pam was so impossible to handle.

"Thank you but, wouldn't it be nice if you would take your time and talk to Ariana for now?" I asked softly.

"Sure" she answered still looking at me.

"I'm over here!" Ariana yelled as i laughed lowly.

"How about i leave you girls to chat, Ariana you will find me at the hotel, Chris will drive you back" i said then kissed her lightly on the lips and pulled back.

"Pam thanks for meeting us" i said with a smile.

"Wait you are engaged to a hunk?" She asked as i turned and walked away.

"That's what i have been trying to tell you for the past half hour damn it!" Ariana yelled as i laughed lowly.

They seemed to be so used to each other, i opened my car door and got in, then drove off.

When my phone rang i quickly answered it and put it on loudspeaker, then put it down on the other seat without paying attention to the caller.

"Brother" Pete called happily through the phone.

"Finally you have decided to call me, you left with no phone or anything, i was worried you know, but i knew you needed time" i said.


d as she sucked with her tongue.

I sat upright and held her hair backwards, watching her kneeling in front of me and doing her best was driving me closer to the urge to cum, she swirled her tongue on my tip as i closed my eyes feeling the intense pleasure build up in me.

When she moaned out loudly i opened my eyes and looked at her, she was fingering herself while working on my hard on with her mouth.

I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her lightly away from me then claimed her lips as i pulled her on my laps and groped her ass earning a loud moan from her.

"I want to feel all of you" she whispered as i turned her and moved her under me.

She lifted her leg and rested it on my thigh, i kissed her slowly as she responded, her tongue moving together with mine, i positioned myself at her entrance and thrust in slowly, she pulled back and looked me in the eye.

"Love you" she whispered as i kissed her forehead and began to thrust in her in a slow rhythm as she moved her hips to meet my every thrust, her eyes held mine in a locking gaze.

I felt trapped in her gaze, her love and body, i was a prisoner in her love and i was more than happy to be forever that way. . . .


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