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   Chapter 48 meeting the parents

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 4938

Updated: 2019-11-16 14:36

Ariana's p.o.v

The past weeks everything was a blessing to me, king helped Isabel and forgave her, he gave her a job, a house and a cheque, she was so grateful, she left happily with a promise to never go back to her wrongful ways, Pete took a trip to cool off his head for a while and think straight, the contraction was nearly done and king was still the same, in a good way though, he cut all ties with all his lady friends personally with an apology, my life was going so perfectly.

I was looking at the men who were busy doing the finishing touches on the office.

"Still busy?" King asked behind me.

I turned with a smile and faced him.

"Not really, whats up?" I asked.

"Come with me" he said as he got my hand and walked back home with me.

We went in the house and into the living room, we found two elderly people sited on a couch, when they saw us they quickly stood up.

I looked at king then at them, both the man and the woman looked alike to king.

"Mother, father, this is Ariana my girlfriend as well as the architecture who is contracting my beautiful office, library and garden" he said as i felt nervous, the woman moved closer and held my hands in hers with forming tears.

"I don't know if i should say welcome to the family or thank you for helping my son pull through a bad heart breaking situation, when he called me and his father some few days ago, we were very happy but somehow sad, we feared he had some bad news to tell us bec

u looked very happy and beautiful, i wanted to show it to you one day" he whispered as i gave him a quick peck.

"How romantic" Lizzy said happily.

"Well what do you expect? He got the romantic trait from me, just like the art talent" Rex said with pride.

"Dad i don't mean to be a heartbreaker but mum is a better painter than you plus you lack in the romantic department" he answered as we laughed softly.

"You brat whose side are you on? We are both men after all, we are suppose to have each others back" Rex said loudly.

"Sorry dad, I'm on mums side" he answered with a shrug.

"I'm in the mood for eating out, mum, dad is that okay?" He asked.

"Sure" they answered together.

"Then let me get my car keys" he said then went upstairs.

"He sure has changed a lot huh?" Lizzy asked lowly.

"Yes he has, his more talkative, cheerful and looks happy" Rex answered while holding Lizzy's hand.

I smiled happily wishing i and king would always be like them.

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