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   Chapter 46 An almost confession

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5459

Updated: 2019-11-16 14:17

King's p.o.v

I was angrily looking at Pete who was standing in my bedroom nervously.

"Pete" i called lowly.

"Yes" he answered.

"Is she gone yet?" I asked calmly.

"She's homeless" he answered while facing towards the floor.

"I didn't ask you if she has a home or not, i asked if you have managed to kick her out" i said loudly.

"King I'm telling you that she has no where to go, she's homeless, she probably stays in the streets" he answered then facing me.

"That's were she belongs, so that shouldn't concern me or you" i said.

"At least help her" he said loudly.

"No, i can't help her, she deserves much worse than she is going through!" I answered lazily.

"Can you hear your self? Yes she did you wrong but she at least regrets her actions, she came here to beg for your forgiveness didn't she?" He asked loudly.

I looked at him coldly, he really was beginning to piss me off.

"To hell with her" i spat.

"Says the guy whose become exactly like she was, you and the past her aren't so different, you play and toy with women's emotions without remorse or care, how many hearts have you broken? How many women have cried for you in pain, you are actually worse than her!" He yelled as i angrily stood up.

"King i know you are older than me, and right now i sound so disrespectful, I'm sorry for that, i understand she did you wrong and broke your heart for years, but she at least wants to make amends" he said lowly as i clenched my hands in fists.

"What exactly do you want from me Pete?" I asked seriously.

"I'm begging you to give her a week, let her stay here, only a week nothing mo

i fall asleep?" I asked while looking at the front seats which were empty.

"Yes, i think you are really tired, you slept for an hour or more, Isabel and Pete have been swimming and having fun" she answered softly.

"Why didn't you wake me up, i had no idea i had fallen asleep, I'm sorry" i whispered lowly.

"Its okay, I'm glad that you have rested" she said then touched the door's handle, she was about to pull it open when i held her hand, she turned slowly and faced me.

"Whats wrong" she asked.

I touched her cheek and leaned in closer.

"Thank you" i said as she moved forward closing the space between us.

"Ariana, i think I'm in lov...

"King! Ariana! Join us" Pete screamed loudly cutting me off instantly.

Ariana was looking at me with wide eyes.

"Lets go, we have to join them" i said then opened the door.

"King, wont you please finish your sentence?" She asked lowly.

"Ariana, lets go" i said then came out and walked towards Pete and Isabel who were happily swimming, when Isabel saw me she waved happily, i sat down ignoring her completely.

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