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   Chapter 44 my past love life

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 4444

Updated: 2019-11-15 15:38

Ariana's p.o.v

I was feeling tipsy but i wasn't really drunk, or was i? Whatever, i just wanted to play a trick on him, i didn't know i could end up scaring him that much, i slowly stood up with weak knees and followed him to the counter were i found him drinking whiskey from a bottle, i sat next to him feeling bad.

"I'm sorry" i whispered.

He continued drinking in silence.

"I hate womanizers"  i said honestly.

"I know" he answered then faced me.

"But it feels different with you" i said honestly.

"Different?" He asked lowly.

"Yes, you see my ex boyfriend the man i loved with my whole heart cheated on me for more than two years, when i realized what he was doing in private it was to late, by then he had already impregnated the same girl, i thought he made an accident so i tried making us work but he told me it wasn't an accident, he told me how he loved her and wanted to raise the child with her, i was hurt and broken apart but i knew i had to  let him go, he needed his freedom, i learned that in life its rare to have someone who would love you completely, nothing last forever you know" i said lowly.

"Ari" he called.

"i was so stupid then, i let him do as he pleased, he got in debt using my name, then i didn't mind, all i could think about was to make him happy, now looking back i wi

ait for your answer" he said as he stepped closer and kissed my forehead then pulled back and walked away, i stood still not knowing what to do or say.

"He finally confessed" king said.

I quickly turned and found him leaning against the door frame.

"You knew he had such feeling's for me?" I asked loudly.

"Kind of, i wasn't sure, i saw how he treated you, i knew he had interest in you but not in this kind of way" he said as he stood upright.

"I think i need to go lie down and rest" i said lowly.

"You should, but first take a bath" he answered.

"Yes i will, king thanks for taking me there, it was so kind of you" i said honestly.

"Don't be too comfortable around me, always remember I'm the jerk womanizer" he said.

"I know" i answered then turned and went upstairs.

I got in my room and took a bath then lay on my bed feeling tired but mostly happy.

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