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   Chapter 43 Drunkard

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5521

Updated: 2019-11-15 15:30

King's p.o.v

We reached my beach which i called my private island, i stepped out of the boat then helped her out.

"Where are we?" She asked while looking around.

"This is my private island" i answered as Ariana gasped when she saw a beer counter that was ahead of us.

"Well feel free to get a drink, there is a bartender there, his more like an old friend of mine who stays here" i said as she removed her shoes and ran into the water with laughter.

"Guess she was admiring the opposite of what i was thinking she was" i muttered to myself then went to the counter were i found Abu looking at Ariana with a smile.

"I can't believe you came with a lady here, didn't you say that this place was an only men chill zone?" He asked.

"Well Pete was the one who wanted to bring her here first" i answered lowly.

"So you stood in the way because you like the girl right? Now that's something funny" he said as i glared at him.

"Whiskey please" i said while i watched Ariana with a smile as she splashed the water happily.

"Here" Abu said as he handed me a glass of whiskey.

"Still single huh?" I asked while sipping my whiskey.

"Yep, although your lady friend can do for the night" he answered as i looked at him angrily.

"Jeez, it was just a joke, are you sure you aren't in love with her? Your face was aiming to murder me" he said as i gulped down the whole whiskey.

"Easy man" he said as i gave him the glass.

"Another glass of whiskey, and do shut your mouth" i said loudly.

"Right away king" he answered.

"I also want whatever his taking" Ariana said as she sat next to me with wet clothes.

"No" i answer


"Let go Ariana, i can't see" i screamed.

She pulled my hair roughly, i stumbled and fell down face first with her on my back, she laughed loudly.

"Geez!" I screamed while she got off of me.

I stood up angrily then faced her.

"Enough you beautiful drunkard" i yelled as she took off her dress.

"What are you doing?" I asked in shock.

She ran in the water while trying so hard to balance her steps.

I watched while admiring her figure, she had a perfect body i craved for in a woman, she took in a dip as i smiled, i felt scared when she didn't swim back up for some minutes, i quickly ran, dived into the water and pulled her out.

"Tricked you" she said as I felt tears form in my eyes.

"King" she called lowly.

"Never scare me like that ever again!" I yelled.

I stood up and walked to the counter with tears on my face, this was the first time i got very scared of losing someone, my hands were trembling, i quickly got a bottle of whiskey from the counter and opened it.

"Don't feel, don't fall" i whispered to myself as i drunk the whiskey from the bottle.

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