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   Chapter 42 never your toy asshole

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5423

Updated: 2019-11-15 15:22

Ariana's p.o.v

I woke up early and took a bath then went downstairs, today i wanted only to focus on work, i walked in the dinning room and found everyone drinking tea, i sat next to Pete with a smile.

"Morning" i greeted.

"Morning" he answered back.

"Sorry but who is she?" Karen asked while staring at me.

"She's an architecture working on the construction here" king answered without looking at me.

The maid walked in and began serving us.

"After breakfast I'm going to the lake, Ariana do you want to join me?" He asked with a smile.

Yesterday king made everything clear to me, i was only a challenge, nothing more, Pete was ten times better than him.

"Sure, today i have less work anyway" i answered.

King looked at me then drunk his tea.

"King, today weren't you suppose to go with me and talk to my father about our companies partnering up?" Karen asked while pouting like a little girl.

"I'm sorry Karen, today i will be busy" he answered simply.

"But that's what you said last week too?" She said loudly.

"Because i was busy! What the hell was i to say?" He asked loudly.

"I won't tolerate such behavior king" she answered angrily.

"Really? Karen the fact that i respect you is because we are childhood friends, if you want to throw a stupid childish tantrum here, then please leave my house" he said seriously.

"I don't want to go" she answered lowly.

"Good then behave" he said.

Pete stood up and went out side, i finished drinking my tea and followed him, i found him waiting for me in his car.

"Jump in" he said as i smiled then got in, he turned on the

threaten you" he said as i looked at him in silence.

"How is my office coming up?" He asked.

He just couldn't let me be, now he wanted to use work to make me talk, sadly i had no choice but to answer since it was about work.

"Its coming up nicely, very soon we will finish it and start with the library then the garden" i answered.

"And how is the crew? Any challenges?"  He asked.

"There are no challenges, the crew is very hard working and helpful" i answered simply.

"You know i love reading? I have always wanted to have a library of my own ever since i was a young boy, you could say i was a nerd bookworm with a handsome face and nice body, at first sight people thought of me as a cool guy when they got to know my personality they ran away saying my personality was weak, nerdy and like a girls" he said as i looked away.

"Its a shame we were never in the same town, people who judge others are much worse than the person they are judging" i answered seriously.

"It really is a shame that we didn't meet when i was younger" he said then kept quiet.

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