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   Chapter 40 His past love life

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5623

Updated: 2019-11-13 21:15

Ariana's p.o.v

I was shocked and embarrassed over the kiss king had forced on me yesterday, was i that weak towards him? How could i respond to him that easily.

I was so upsent minded the whole afternoon, when Pete called me for dinner i went downstairs and almost fell down on the steps, i sat down next to Pete while king sat opposite me, we all began eating in silence.

"How is the construction going?" Pete asked softly.

"Well not bad, since i have a crew it will be faster to finish up" i answered as i looked at king who was acting as if nothing had happened.

He was calmly eating his food and avoiding my gaze, i felt my heart ache.

How could he act like we didn't even kiss, i asked myself angrily.

"Ariana, tomorrow I'm going to drive around town, if you want  you can come along" Pete said as i looked at king and found him staring at me, we locked our gaze for what seemed like hours when it was actually a minute.

"Ariana" Pete called.

King looked at me coldly then stood up, i felt like he needed to hear my answer before he left.

"Well i would love to come along but i can't, i will be very busy, maybe next time" i answered quickly.

"What of me? Am i welcomed?" A female voice asked as we all looked at the door, a beautiful tanned slim lady stood leaning against the door frame.

"Karen" king called happily.

She quickly ran to him and hugged him.

I felt anger rise in me, why was i angry for no reason.

"Why didn't you call to let me know you were in town, Pete would have come to pick you up" king said while he pulled back.

I stood up without saying anything and went to my room, i got the work papers and put them on my

ime they became good friends, after a year they started dating, king became so serious with her, he gave her everything she asked for and didn't ask for, he treated her like a queen and proposed to her, in a few months the lady changed for the worst, she started hanging around with bad company and parting late at night, i tried to talk to king about it but he couldn't listen, he was so much in love, as time went on she began bringing a certain man in his house, he saw everything but choose to act like he was blind, he then decided to marry her, on their wedding day she rejected him in front of everyone claiming she wasn't in love with him and that he had a weak personality, she went on to say she was in love with some other guy, she left him standing alone at the alter in tears, he was so broken, for two years he spent his time mostly in his room, one day he just came out acting or different, he began partying, sleeping around and drinking badly, aunty and uncle let him be because they understood how he felt and his behavior wasn't affecting the company, his past ruined him" Pete said as i felt very bad.

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