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   Chapter 39 Amusing

SURRENDER YOUR ALL TO ME By Kathrine kayz Characters: 5522

Updated: 2019-11-13 21:13

King's p.o.v

The past week was so amusing, Ariana was very busy with the construction, and she was angry with with me for teasing her, every room she walked in she found me naked making out with different kind of women, the thing she never knew was the fact that i rarely slept around, yes i usually invited some women for a drink while others came on their own to try and fuck me, which i did turn down, i made out with lot of ladies but pulled back when thing's were about to go all the way and get serious, women were fun to play around with but i still felt so uncomfortable about it.

After taking a bath i walked out of the house and saw Ariana talking to Pete, when Pete saw me approaching them he excused himself and left to prepare my car, he knew today we had an important meeting that required my presence.

"Morning" i greeted.

Ariana quickly turned and touched her chest then breathed out loudly.

"Sorry, did i scare you?" I asked calmly.

"No sir" she answered.

"Sir?" I asked with a deep frown.

"Yes, or do you prefer i call you boss?" She asked loudly.

"How about king?" I asked back with a smile.

"Never" she answered.

I was about to tell her to try calling my name when Gloria approached us and stood in front of me.

Gloria was a gold digger, but she was very beautiful, Ariana hated her the most since that day she named her blondy which was so hilarious.

"Babe, i have really missed you, why haven't you been calling me? For a week i was patiently waiting for your call" she said lowly as she curved her arms around my neck.

I somehow didn't want her around, it just felt different from the usual.


"I know its none of my business but to be honest, it did, they are both stupid" she answered as i laughed softly.

I wanted to taste her lips and tease her more.

"No they aren't, i can make you act just like them if i want too, its called sharing" i said as she laughed mockingly.

"Sharing my foot, i can never be like them ever, and there is nothing you can do about it" she answered.

Bingo, that was the exact answer i was expecting from her, i pulled her to me closing the space between us and crushed my lips on hers, she sealed her lips denying me entrance, i moved my hand from her waist and grabbed her ass, when she gasped in shock i slipped my tongue in, she was about to pull back when my tongue brushed against hers, she lowly moaned and responded to me.

I pulled back with a smile, she stood frozen in shock.

"Easy" i said feeling very happy with myself.

"You! You!" She yelled as the men laughed loudly.

She faced towards the ground with a deep blush.

I wanted to kiss her again but i controlled myself.

I turned and went back without looking back.

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